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The Stone Blasters - 2

The Stone Blasters

{ PART -2 }

A man from that company said that very valuable documents have been left inside it. It is very important to save them. CJ runs in and after there is a short circuit, the 18000 bolt electric wire falls and it is near the back of that document. CJ tries to lift that bag but he gets a big shock and his body gets stuck completely neither his body is burnt nor he is injured.Celevia and Chromose take him to the Chief, only then Celevia puts that Black Stone in CJ's hand. He thinks that maybe this stone can help him some. CJ recovers after a few minutes of touching that stone Later. Then CJ asked the name of the stone. The Chief said that the name of the stone is Vanyomoen. Cheif told Mereon that you did not listen, its name, Mereon said yes! C.J tried day and night to connect with the stone.A few days later, Celevia was practicing her magic, she suddenly made some mistake and the stuff she was fighting the practice was going to fall on the C.J.Then C.J's stone suddenly shone and he turned into a brave warrior and raised his hand to avoid it, only then an electric ball came out of his hand. And he bumped into that stuff. The C.J is shocked and happy too. The Chief said that all come with me, they have a stone in their hand which is of purple color, its name was - Phexeon stone, so Viavan said who is associated with this stone? Dracox turned to him viavan to understand who he was. Now Viavan and Chromse go to find that warrior they both thought the whole night only then Chromse After reading in Viavan's mind, he came to know that he was going to reach Japan the next morning, then he all packed up in the morning and went to Airport , and from the flight he reached Japan. He took a 6-day leave from his hostel. Chromose came to know from his powers that he was in an orphan hostel in war-torn Japan Lives where there is also a school, and the name of that warrior is Shinohy who is a very good fighter in his school like a samurai.Viavan went and packed the goods. The boy went to both of them, Chromos thought that maybe this boy will be hugged by Viavan. Viavan said brother, how should Chromose say brother ??? Viavan told chromos you need to try more. Yes, my brother and we both are orphans like you and Mereen. Said you there and here how Viavan said my parents died in an accident, Viavan said there was a fight between my parents, they both lived separately and me and my mother in America and my brother And when Papa wanted to meet his mother alone in Japan, Shinohiy wanted to meet his mother, Papa had come to pick him up at the airport to take Papa, a Japanese flight attendant. And we came to know about it from television, then how did you know that this is your brother. In this accident, Papa came on T.V .When he was injured, he said, "Son, your brother lives in Japan and also gave his address." And luckily there is no other shinohiy here. So how did it come to know that you said to his brother then shinohiy said that someone came to me and said that I have come to meet you, seeing this, he is my brother. . That is why I felt that it is a piece of Purple stone. It seemed to me that Imiliac Dracox would take a test for it. Viovan said. So then Cromose said, "You pack your bag, we have to leave tomorrow." Viavan says that we have to go to North America, when all three arrive at the airport by car, then they sit in the Plane only when this Plane becomes hijeck. Chromose said what to do now. Viavan said nothing is going to happen.Chromose said let's change our form in the toilet , now let's use the toilet properly. shinoniy is eating food, both of them go to him. Viavan said we are both going to the toilet. He said that Viavan said at the moment that Susu comes a little to tell. So he goes to the toilet and changes his form and comes back. Hijack terrorists see and start firing. So viavan hit them with his fire ball. A terrorist said to his boss, Bose said, do not destroy the bullets on them, shoot guns on the passenger. They start doing the same, the stone of Chromose suddenly shines and Chromose tries to stop the bullets by itself, when a light comes out and a shield arrives there. Viavan says in astonishment that it is amazing. Both of them saved the passenger. Shinohiy was happy to see it - he was going to them when both of them disappeared. And then Shinohiy see they came out of both the toilets says that both of you have very bad luck. You could not see those illustrious knights, were you fighting amazing, amazing! Chromose said that now let's go through the lead, everyone reaches North America, Shinohiy said to his brother where we are going. Viavan said that now you too will be our equipment and you will read Shinohiy said that Shinohiy thought in his mind that "Brother Chromose would not have been called by this work, only then Chromose did not say you are thinking right. Shinohiy said how do you know what I am thinking Viavan closes the door then reaches the room.And seeing that both of them turned into brave warriors. Shinohiy said what is this ?? how?? When? You ! Viavan said that he all told everything from the beginning, then he set out to go to Dracox the next night. Then they pressed the same branch of that tree, then they reached the place where there were people and there was a strange Alien. He asked them who is this, this is Dracox. Then Mereon was about to say something that C.J hinted and said that he will take his test. Celeva said in her mind that one more jhumura came. Dracox suddenly threw things off a road towards him. When Shinohiy struck a stick from behind him and threw the road to the other side, CJ said, "You have passed. Meveon said yes, there is a procession which will pass so soon, this is the trailer, the fixtures are still my friend. Shinohiy Said what the hell is he doing? Abe yes, right saying Viavan said.Celevia said, idiots don't do a thing to you. What - do you talk nonsense? That's when Chromose teleports the celevia and leaves it on a deserted island. Dracox said bring her back Chromose brought her back. And as soon as she came and said Mereon, celevia went into her room with anger. Viavan said, "Let's get sick." Chromes said I did wrong. C.J said, "No, you have done a lot wrong. All three of you are following that lady." I know that he had done a lot wrong with you. Earlier Viavan said yes Chromose also goes to a quiet place after getting teleported. Shinohiy said that my test will be completed in today's date whether or not Dracox said that I have seen your image, now I will see you tomorrow, Dracox said, "Let's prepare the food in 10 minutes. I will come." Then viavan called Chromose with the help of his stone.Chromose immediately comes, Viavan says to prepare food, Chromos immediately calls celevia, only then Viavan speaks. Why are you calling that disease now? I want to apologize to him. Celevia comes, and speaks who called me, chromose said to celevia, I ran to apologize to you. Celevia said, I don't want to ask you too. Celevia beats Mereon. Mereon said I am not alone Viavan also speaks Viavan only then, celevia Dracox has asked to cook, then Chromose and Celevia prepare the food.Everyone goes to the dining room. Dracox, Chromose, Viavan, Celevia, Mereon, Shinohiy, C.J all eat food. Dracox has eaten food, then he goes to his room and says to wash the dishes. Mereon said that the goat is sitting in front, if Viavan said, then they trap Chromose said friends, this is wrong. Viavan said Abe quiet and see, Viavan told Shinohiy to wash all the dishes Cheif has said. chief who is this? Viavan said 'Hey, we call Dracox the chief. And yes the dishes have to be washed in just 2 minutes. Shinohiy said okay, he washed all the dishes in 1 minute 59 seconds and went to Dracox and said, I have washed all the dishes. Well done but I didn't say Dracox said. Everyone went to their rooms and went to sleep. Viavan started thinking that the joke was enough when Chromose came to his room and said, I am thinking that something very bad is going to happen. vivan said how did you know he said my powers want to give some indication, then dracox calls everyone to the meeting room and says i have to take shinohiy test dracox says you need to do 10,000 push ups in 10 minutes starts doing. And he completes the push ups. dracox gives him a purple stone and says its name is Phexeon stone. Viavan said why all this so soon??? Everyone said yes to him. Dracox said that the time has come for me to tell the whole truth to all of you.

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