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Searching for writer..... - 28

" My heart longs for you
My soul dies for you
My eyes cry for you
My empty arms reach out for you
This life only meant for you 💖 "

" Charan.... Charan please help me "

Charan jumped from his bed after hearing Janani's voice 😳. Then only He notices that Janani is not there.

Charan ( with tension ) : Janani where are you now ?

J : I'm ..... I'm in terrace now...

Call ended.

Charan runs towards the terrace. He could not find her there. He shouted her name with nervous 😬.

J : I'm here Charan.

Charan turned back. She stands behind him with dazzling smile. She had a sculptured figure, a pair of arched eyebrows looked down on sweeping eyelashes. It was a pleasure to see her flowing, moon shadow black hair 😍. In total she looks like a apsara who is stepped on the earth from the heaven without her wand in that blue saree ( mentioned in episode 12 ).

Charan runs towards her. He nervously searched if she had any injuries.

J : Charan relax. I'm alright 🙂. I just scared you.

Charan ( with little bit anger ) : are you crazy ? Why did you do like this ?

J : haha 😄 you are right. I really become mad nowadays.

Charan : what ?

She closed his mouth with her fingers.

J : uushhh i can guess all your questions... please first let me tell you everything.... it is so tough for me...

Charan let out a sigh. " Is there any story she still has not told me ? Why did you hurt me again and again 💔 j ? "

J : Charan i don't know how to tell this to you. I was not clear about myself that what was happening to me... ? There was a time when we had a fight or you were out of town then I literally cried.... in short i was only concerned about you more than me.... I'm much more me when I'm with you. I need to thank you 😊. Thank you for walking into my life and bringing color into my world which was once dark and gray. Do you know Charan ? I hated you so much at the beginning of our relationship. But I have started to love you more and more every time I hate you without even knowing it. Your childishness, your soft character, your patience make me to fall in love all over again. You loved me even though I hated you. I want someone who can be a permanent part of my life, someone who laughs with me, someone who would always want to know how my day went and you are that someone for me Charan. Will you forget all the mistake I made and accept me as your love 💘 ?

Charan's eyes shines while listening to her and Janani's face brightens with little bit smile. Her smile impressed Charan. He look into her eyes that are full of pride. Charan was speechless at the time, he just nodded his head with agree 💝.

Charan can't believe his own ears. The next second Janani hug him tightly with full of love. Charan freeze for a second, he had a goosebumps all over his body, He was little confused because of her changing behavior. Then he realize what is happening.... he relax himself and closed his eyes with smile on his face. He was not in a state of think anything. He cross his fingers behind her back and wish..... please god this is not a dream 😐.

He tries to speak when Janani retreats, but she closes his mouth with her fingers again.

J : uushhh.... Charan you are really talkative. You never let me to speak. Please wait for a minute. One more surprise waiting for you.

Charan : what is that ?

J : close your eyes.

Charan : but ?

J : i said close your eyes.

Charan simply close his eyes.

Charan : can i open now ?

J : wait.... two minutes.

When Charan opens his eyes, he was really surprised. The place was empty a minute earlier. But now that place was decorated with colorful flowers and party lights. Some colorful balloons float in the air 😍💕. In center big strawberry cake was placed with candles.

Charan : wow.... it's so nice. But What's special today ?

Janani hug him from back and explain...

J : it's dec 5. On this day my king was born. Today is a great day cause it's your birthday 🎂. Happy birthday my love 😘💗.

Charan : oh god i totally forgot. Thanks a lot j.

J : let's cut the cake.

Charan blows out the candle, cuts the cake, takes a piece and makes her eat it. Janani tastes not only the cake but also his fingers.

Charan : ouch..... j what are you doing ?

Janani laugh hardly 😆😄.

J : your fingers are really tasty than cake 😂.

Charan : may be 😒. Why are you copying me ?

J : 😁 i want to make your days special from today.

Charan : really j ? Are you sure ? I mean about your feelings for me. Because you Can't take your words back. I never allow that.

Janani moves forward to him, look into his eyes and kissed on his lips deeply 😍. Within one kiss she showed her full love for him 💕.

After that she whispered in his ear "Do you understand my love now?"

It was the most wonderful day of his life. Today he should only have a smile on his lips but instead there were tears in his eyes.

J : hey Charan, what happen to you ? Why are you crying ?

He hugged her tightly with full of emotions in his heart ❤.

Charan : Why did it take you so long to realize this ? Do you know how many days I longed for this moment ? I thought you would not understand my love in this life. It's really hurts j 💔. It's you with whom I want to cry for a bad fortune. It's you with whom i want to laugh and celebrate the beauty of my life. It's you with whom I want to share my each and every emotions of my soul ♥. I thought all this would never happen in my life. But Today I feel like I have conquered this world. It's because of you.

Janani wiped his tears.

J : today is your birthday. I never let you cry after this. I'm always here for you ❤.

A small and simple smile appeared on his face. Charan stood on the knee with roses in his hand and said...

" what happened in the past was over we can't change it but the future is in our hands. You are my pride. No matter how hard my life gets, i will never let sadness touch you. In the end, your smile is what matters to me most ♥. I can't imagine my life without you. One love, one life wanna be with you 💖. Will you stay with me until my last breath ?

Janani nodded with full of joy and also a happy tears in her eyes ❤.

Charan lifted her with both his hands and walked downstairs.


It was only after he went into the room that he realized he had left his mobile in the room. He notices that His mobile screen is filled with many missed calls from different people. He call them back and get their wishes too. At the same time janani falls into sleep. It's already 2 o clock. But he didn't feel sleepy. Quickly he goes towards her and was attracted to see her beauty while sleeping. Her face was quite like a calm ocean and her hair covered her face. Charan continuesly looks at her and with his fingers he withdraw her hair from her face. He called her name in husky voice And ask her " are you sleeping ? ". she simply said " Hmm ".

Charan : j please wake up, I'm getting boring.

She opened her eyes slowly.

J : Why aren't you sleeping yet ?

Charan : 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

J : what did you decide to do in this midnight ?

Charan : let's do some fun talk 😁.

J : are you serious ?

Charan nodded. She slowly wake up and comfort herself with pillows.

J : okay.

Charan : then tell me something or ask me something....

J : okay...... Why did you love me this much ? Tell me the reason.

Charan : 😄 you want to know the reason ? But baby, i also don't know the reason. I thought you didn't need to be beautiful, perfect, strong or whatever.... you just want to be mine. That's enough for me.

J : Charan.... can i ask you something ?

Charan : anything....

J : can you call me like baby, dear, darling.... ? I badly miss it 😢.

Charan : but you don't like it right ?

J : i just lie to you. Please....

Charan : oh c'mon dear. Leave it. It's my turn and the question is..... When did you start loving me ? I mean i want to know everything from the beginning.

J : haha 😄 how can i explain 🤔 ? Okay i have an idea. I think the way I have stored your mobile number on my mobile will help you to understand my love.

Charan : sorry, i can't get you 🙄.

J : no problem, i will explain. I had one bad habit, I always change my contacts according to my mood. I mean first I store their name, then give them pet name as per my mood. For example priya's contact number in my mobile is like " adviser " and athul's number " womb mate ". Most of the time I do this for you 🤣.

Charan : how did you save my contact ?

J : actually at first i don't have your number but kaviya already store it on my mobile. The first time you called me to go out was when I noticed your number. That night I change it Charan to monster 😅🤣....

Charan : what ? Am i look like monster 😳 ? But my mirror always said " hey Charan you are really handsome today "

J : haha its say the truth. You are truly handsome ❤😉...

Charan : then why did you do like that 😒 ?

J : cool honey, the first time i meet you i had no idea you would be so important to me... without any reason I'm angry with you. I thought you had come into my life to separate me from my family. I thought you were going to spoil the little happiness I have in my life. At first i hate you a lot more than anything in this world. Even you spoil my peaceful sleep and added tears to my night. That's why I do like this 😣😖. ( episode 4 and 5 )

Charan : but not me. I started to fall in love when I first saw you. After that again and again i fall in love 😍 with you.

J : love you 😍❤

She offered a hug for him.

Charan : next next

J : Next i change it monster to stranger 🙃....

Charan : am i stranger for you 😤 ?

J : actually i want to change it as "alien from another planet " 🤣🤣

Charan : alien is better than stranger...

He mumbled.

J : stranger means, i don't mean a unknown person. You always do strange things that's why I give you that name.

Charan : what i do strange 🤔 ?

J : everything ( episode 7 to 11 )..... do you remember our first day out ? The whole day you just irritates me, but i never feel uncomfortable with you. Not only that.... our coffee shop conversations, our first night conversations, flight conversations, rani ma's story, your love for Rohan, Varun bro's story.... everything was so strange. I had never seen the person loved by everyone around him before. But its you....

Charan : oh c'mon dear.... There is nothing wrong with living in peace and contentment. We can only be happy if those around us are also happy 🙂.

J : you are right 😍....

Charan : what's next....

J : i think it's magic man 🪄.

Charan : 🙄 jee poom baa....

J : yaa...

Charan : quite interesting.... when ?

J : on my birthday night. ( episode 12 and 13 ) Actually you made my days interesting. Your surprise visit, your proposal, your 24 awesome gifts, new life, everything makes me surprise.... i forget all my dreams for my family. My father always said " I have enough money to buy you chocolate but you ask me to buy you a chocolate factory." More or less middle family girls face this situation. They can't get anything they want. They sacrifice their dreams for their family. But my all dreams become true because of you Charan. You understood my mind just with my eyes. You are my mood changer . Did you know ? You fell asleep that day but I kept looking at your face all night without falling asleep. Your calm face give me some peace. I want to know something. Didn’t you worry that day ? Because i don't give you my answer that day.

Charan : not at all. Because You do not accept my love at the same time you do not deny it. I believe that you will accept me soon. Okay it's past. I'm waiting.... what is next ?

J : thanks for your patience 🙂. Next magic man to hubby ❤.

Charan : hubby ? Thank God you finally accept it 😅🤣🤣.

J : I had to struggle more to understand that fact. Did you know when I change it. On aarohi's birthday. She plays her worst game in our life. But Today i want thank her and of course i want to apologies you. Really sorry for that day Charan.

Charan : hey j, just forget it... it's all over.

J : no Charan I can't. ( episode 16 ) That day she really behave bad. She said " i already spent lots of nights with Charan ". That kills me inside.

Charan : did you believe her words ? 😥

J : no Charan. But her words.... i become mad that day. Still i don't know why i behave like that ? 😕. I thought again i lost my life. It's all fate. It took me a while to understand that it was possessive. But before I knew it the accident happened and I was the whole reason for it.

Charan : no dear, it's just an accident. No one expect that, right ?

J : may be.... but i know one thing that hurts you badly 😢💔. I'm really sorry for that 😔. You were thinking of me without caring about yourself even when your life was in danger. Yes Charan i heard your conversation with varun bro that day. Then only i understand my mistakes. I cried a lot, that day I thought it would have been nice if I hadn’t been born.

Her eyes filled with tears 😢. She started crying. Charan put his hand on her shoulder, she hugged him.

J : I'm really sorry.....

Charan : stop it j, why did speak like this ? Now only it hurts me more.

His fingers runs into her hairs with concern 😟.

Charan : okay it's enough, let's sleep.

She wiped her tears.

J : no I'm okay.... let's continue....

Charan : but j....

J : it's okay my dear hubby.... next i change it hubby to the person who loves me 💗.

Charan : haha 😄

J : i hope you remember our beach day ( episode 19 ). The day you allowed me to leave you. That day i really didn't want it. But I thought of leaving you and making you happy rather than bothering you with it. Thank God... i meet subi that day. She make me realize how I'm stupid.... If I had not meet her that day, I would have lost a true soul of my life.

Charan : really that day was hard for me too. Do you know ? I easily told you to leave. But the next day i can't concentrate on anything. That evening i run to home to stop you. But when i reach home you are not here 💔. Almost i dead that day.

J : all greetings goes to subi...... do you know what is funny in it ? Next day when i entered into office my mobile loudly announced that " this is a call from the person who loves you ❤. " I was ashamed when everyone in the office looked back at me 🙈.

Charan : you are truly crazy dear 😜😘.

J : yaa i know.... and the next one is " my distance star "

Charan : 10 day trip ? ( episode 20 )

J : yaa 😁.... that 10 days moves like a 10 centuries. That lonely days teach me how you're important to me. I swear... the first time I meet you i had no idea you would be so important to me, the days i spend with you are the most memorable one, our eye contact, the way you care me, our fights, your cuteness, made me to get mad in you.... but you don't even call me 😒😒😤.

Charan : Janani i already told you, right ? Its varun...

J : yaa i know... 😒 and the next is " my strange hero "

Charan : 😄 yaa it's me... but again strange 🤔....

J : you are always strange 😁...

Charan : why this ?

J : Actually Varun bro said you will never apologize when there is nothing wrong with you. But you always make apologizes to me without your fault. That makes me feel strange....

Charan : what can i do ? You are cousin sister to capsicum 🤣.....

J : not at all😒....

Charan : next next

J : " Monsoon "

Charan : Monsoon ?

J : don't you know the meaning of Monsoon ?

Charan : 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

J : Monsoon is like a season in India. Its more or less rainy season. Season of romance and love 💘. My favorite period too. Monsoon always give happiness to everyone ❤.

Charan : okay 🙄

J : do you remember that day our discussion about Varun and priya ?

Charan : yaa....

She explains her eye contact experience with him with same blush 🙈 ( episode 27 ).

J : and the final one is.... i change it before 2 hours. Do you want to see ?

Charan : yaa...

Janani shows her mobile to him.

It represents " my control room "

Charan : hey, what is this ? When i control you.

J : always ♥

Charan : change it right now 😶.

J : don't you like it 🙄 ? okay fine 😉.

She Change it and show it to him.

" Mine 💗 "

Charan : 🙈😉 sounds great. But I have no habit like you. I'm the same from the beginning.

J : wait wait i guess 🤔 dear, darling

Charan : nope

J : baby, j, janani.....

Charan : noooo

J : wife, wifeyy...

Charan : no baby 😁.

J : then what ? show me your mobile.

Charan shows his mobile to her.

" Life line 💗💖 "

Janani's heartbeat was raised and her eyes filled with joy tears, she jumped on him, they fall on the bed. Janani was on the top of him, their eyes meet each other. Again that magical moment occurred in their life but this time they don't want to end it 😉.

Charan : hey j, why....

J : oh god, you are a question bank Charan. You are always asking a question about something.

Charan : baby please, one last question....

J : yaa tell me...

Charan : Why haven't you done these naughty things of yours before ? I mean... I have never seen this type of janani before.

She laughed 😅.

J : due to scare.

Charan : Are you scare of me?

J : no Charan. I scared of this society. Not only me every girls are be like this. They never show their weakness to others. Because our weakness becomes strength for someone. Women will protect their heart and body for someone who come into their life. They only show their real face to that guy. The girl did not want to cry in front of everyone. Because She knows where her tears are valuable. You are that person for me.....well my craziness is only for you my love.... so.... whatever i do you have to adjust 😁😝. Okay can we sleep now ?

Charan : yaa.... you can.

J : me ? then what are you going to do now ?

Charan : i don't want to sleep. I'm so scared.

J : for what ?

Charan : What can I do if everything become a dream in the morning ?

Charan : Charan 😄 you are truly crazy. Okay..... We do one thing. Come and hug me tightly. See that I am close to you in the morning and know that none of this is a dream. How is my plan 😉... ?

Charan : haha 😄 not bad 😍.

He nodded. She hugs him as per their plan...... Even the wind is jealous of their intimacy ❤.


In morning 🌄

Charan closed windows with little bit anger. That's because the sun's rays touch his wife 🤣.

Charan : how dare you to touch her 😤 ? Mind your own business. Otherwise I have no idea what I will do to you. Stay away from her. Be careful....

Sun : what's wrong ? I do this every morning bro🙄.

Charan : so what ?

Sun : Are you jealous of me ? 😅🤣

Charan : 😒😒

Charan watched her angel's pretty sleep. Of course he don't allow her to sleep for the whole night. So now he let her sleep and left for morning walk. When he downstairs, he notice rani ma was standing there.

Charan : when did you come back ?

Rani ma : in morning, many more happy returns of the day sweetheart 😘❤. Be happy forever 💖.

He touched her feet and get her blessings.

Charan : thanks ma...

Rani looks him without blinking.

Charan : why did you look at me like this ? Is there anything wrong with me calling you Ma ? You are also like my mom so....

Rani ma ( happy tears filled in her eyes ): no Charan. Nothing is wrong in it 😀.

Charan : ok ma , i will be back soon.

Charan went to the park which is near to his house. After a small walk he comfort himself in the near by bench. Feel that morning atmosphere with a cute smile on his face. Birds sound, flowers with snow, that place was not much crowded. So some peace occupied that place.

His mobile rang to disturb that silence. It's his sister kaviya...

Charan : hey sweety...

Kaviya : sorry sorry sorry thousand times sorry 😞😐. Many more returns of the day my dear bro , keep rocking always ❤.

Charan : thank you sweety

Kaviya : are you mad at me ?

Charan : really not.... of course I'm little bit disappointed but it's okay. Because i have to thank you for all. Now I'm really happy only because of you.

Kaviya : anyways finally its happen, right ?

Charan : hmm...

Their conversation extend little more. After that charan close his eyes and take a deep breath. His thoughts spread wings and flew 5 years ago. That memories give a small smile on his face.

Charan : hey guys, yaa I'm talking to you..... you know all about Janani's story, her past everything. But what about me ? Don't you want to know about me ? My first love, do you know that girl who is so close to my heart and soul ? This happened 5 years ago.....

Searching for writer......


Hey guys,
I hope you all are enjoy 😉,

I think I am checking the memory power of my readers today 😅😆. I'm not much good at explaining but i try my best to express their feelings in words 😌. I hope you all are happy for them. But This is not a end of this story. It contains 2 or 3 more episodes because of two reasons.

One is Yet I have not revealed the truth why i named this story as " Searching for writer.... " . Another reason is still charan's " secret Diary " is closed. We have to open it to know his secret love story but reading others diary is not a good habit, right ? 😅. But don't worry guys, Charan has come forward to tell us his secret love story.

So... let's see....

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