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Searching for writer..... - 27

" i promise to handle your heart with care and treasure it with love, 
There is no pretending 
And i will love you
and if there is life after that

J : priya you are always talking like idiot 🙄. 

Priya : The world does not value the talented 😒. If you have any doubts ask that donkey.

J : donkey ? I don't know the language of the donkey. How donkey can answer my question  🤣🤔 ? 

Priya : haha 😄 Don't you know who is donkey ? 

J : Who are you talking about ? 

Priya : i forgot his name.  He look little more handsome 😍.  But more annoying and arrogant behavior. Someone who will always be with your husband, I only talk about him.

J : you mean varun  ? 

Priya : yaa that donkey 😆.

J : be careful with your words 😡. He is my brother too.

Priya : brother ? Why did you adopt a donkey as a brother ? 😅

J : priya you....

Priya : okay, don't change the topic. J please, I'm damn sure, Charan bro is going to ask you something.... whatever it is accept it for my sake. 

J : okay but i can't understand.  Why singles are always good at love advises  ? 

Priya : haha 😄 because coaches never play 😎.

J : okay coach, I think he is coming, I will call you later.

Priya : Happy sleepless night 😝


Charan : Who's on call ? 

J : priya..... casual talk....

Charan : 😄 okay......

Charan is very nervous.  He hesitated as  how to start the conversation. Janani notice him. Priya's words come to her thoughts. 

J : Why are we here ? 

Charan : we are..... we are here because I had a meeting here so I came here.  I thought you might like this place too.

J : you are right.  It's too nice. 

Charan comfort himself in the bed and He gestured with his eyes for her to come and sit next to him. Janani also take place with hesitate. 

Charan :  J, I don't know how to start this. So I'll come straight to the point. I need something from you. 

Janani blinked at him with big confusion. What he going to ask.... Is it going to happen just like Priya said ? What can i do now ? She bites her nails with nervous 😬.

Charan : You know Varun well, don't you ? 

J : varun ? 

Janani's conscious mind said " you idiot He did not expect anything from you.  You unnecessarily imagined yourself.  Pay close attention to what he has to say " 

Charan : he is my close friend j. And also a good person. You know about him. He lost his parents when he was a child.  Now his grandfather is also dead. He has never fully found love and peace in his life. But He is never stingy in his love with others. Lovely guy. 

J : yaa , you are right.  But why did you say this now ?

Charan : it's need now. Because he truly longs for the love that will travel with him throughout his life. He thinks only she can give him that love. He loves her truly 💗. 

J : OMG 😲 who is that lucky person ? 

Charan : you know her very well. But first promise me. You should definitely help me.

J : Do I know her ? I will do whatever it takes to make my brother’s life better. So tell me who is she ? 

Charan : that's great 😀. She.... it's our pri..... priya.

J : what 😳 ? Priya.... ? Oh my God....

Charan : j please..... Don't just say no.  Varun has never asked me anything.  This is the only thing he asked me. He will definitely take good care of her.

J : oh my God Charan..... its.... its really sounds great  😍. Why don’t I think from this angle ? Charan you are really great 😇. 

She hugged him with joy. He stumbled under sudden force and both fell on the bed. For a few seconds she didn't even realize she was lying on top of him.

The eyes of them met each other. That moment was so wonderful in their lives. This has never happened before. Their eyes had never met so close to each other before. Just a few seconds but the truth is that in those few seconds they forgot this world.

Janani's heart : Are you blind?  Or is there anything wrong with your vision?  Why haven’t you noticed these amazing eyes before ? It was truly magical, look at his eyes, its  filled with magical love 💘.

Janani's brain : I'm your chief advisor,  just lesson to my words. Forget about everything, just fall into his eyes. Listen it's love conversations with you 💕.  That will give you peace of mind 😌. 

J : what are you talking ? 

Heart : I want to be a life time prisoner in the prison of his eyes 😍.

Brain : i want to be his heartbeat 💗. 

Heart : Do you want to be me 🙄 ? 

J : guys just shut up and mind your own business 😐. 

Both the heart and the brain let out a big sigh. They thought " god please save this girl  " 

  The heart begins to pump blood, and the brain begins its regulatory function.

Janani wonders about this. Her brain and heart have never said the same thing so far.  only she wants to kept looking into his eyes as they said.

 All of this was done in a matter of seconds. Then only she comes to sense and get up suddenly. She tries to avoid eye contact with him.

J : I'm... I'm sorry.... i just 

Charan hardly try to control his blush while looking her face. Her face becomes red with blush. 

Charan ( with blush ) : it's okay.... but j... I think this is not so easy. 

J : why ? 

Charan : Varun love her, but what about priya ? She did not like him, right ? 

Her thought waves ran towards their last call. But still she have confidence. 

J : yaa Charan,  but you don't worry 😉.  I will take care of this matter. 

Charan : thank God 😊.  Now only I'm feel relieved 😌. I'm afraid you won't agree. But now all good. 

J  : 😀🙃

Charan : then.... what we do now ? 

J : what.... we do ? Anything else....

Charan : 😄 let's sleep. Good night j. 

J : good night  🙂. 

Charan falls into a deep sleep with his pillow.  But with some excitement she could not sleep well. She rolled over on the bed here and there.  Finally she  got up from the bed and started walking. 

J : oh god priya you confused me a lot, but i respect your words priya. You told me to accept what your brother asked me. Of course I accept and agree with him. But how can I convince you ? Oh god please help me..... 

She was distracted by his cute sleepy face. He sleep like a child and Hugged his pillow. She sits near to him. She tries to take that pillow away but she can't because he hugged it tightly.  

J : you idiot Charan,  I'm your wife.... your love. But  You are hugged the pillow while I am with you here. You have no intention of hugging me ? Wait j.... Is he thinking of pillow as you ? 

She blushed 🙈. 


Days move like a rainy cloud ☁️.  But there is no improvement from priya's side.  But still Janani tries to convince her. 

One day in the middle of the night,

Charan's mobile disturbed his sleep,  he tries hardly to open his eyes, he swipe the call without seeing the screen, 

Charan : hello.....

" Charan.... Charan please help me " 

Searching for writer......


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