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12 Things - 1 - No Breakup Please

"Hey Anjali, Have you heard of that?", One of Anjali's friends asked.

"Heard of what?" Anjali inquired.

"That girl Reema, she proposed to your boyfriend."

"Ohh. Then what did he say?"

"Thanks. I should go now, is what he said. But I think you should take care of him more often. You know na, that girl Reema is one of the most beautiful girls on our campus."

"Yeah... She is Kind of. Thanks for informing."

Anjali, who seemed to be least disturbed, continued working in her lab, and her friend moved on to some other place, maybe to share this news with other people.

It would have been hardly ten-fifteen minutes after that and Anjali's cell rang.

"Hi Anjali. How are you?"

"I am good. How about you?"

"I am also good. Actually, Anjali, It's been a long time. I wanted to discuss something important with you. If you have time, can we discuss that today?"

"Yeah, Sure."

"Can you come over to the exit gate, then?"

"Ok. I am in the Chemistry lab right now and will be on the way to exit in 5 mins."

"Cool. I am already here and will wait for you then."

Thanks to the news, she had an idea of what this important discussion is going to be, and it won't take that long. So, instead of packing all her stuff. She just left it on the lab desk.

"Will be back by 04:00, in the middle of an experiment, request you to please don't touch this. Thank you!! - Anjali."

Anjali gathered all her belongings in one corner and left the place.

"Anjali... Anjali... Here ", on seeing Anjali near the exit, her boyfriend Ajay called her.

"Hi... Hi Ajay, How have you been?" Anjali inquired.

"I am good. Actually... I called you here because.."

"Yup, I know what you wanted to say. I have heard everything about you and Reema."

"Reema and I... It's not about Reema and me, but it's about you and me.."

"Can you... Can you please postpone this decision for some time? Please. I just need 12 more days of yours. After 12 days, I promise I will not come between you and Reema. Can you reconsider your decision?" said Anjali without even letting Ajay finish what he wanted to say.

"What? Why? I mean, What are you saying?" Ajay questioned.

"Let's stay as is, for 12 more days only."

"And why should we do so? We have been together for more than six months. What change will these twelve days make?"

"Change... I am not sure, but what if I pay you for this?"

"Seriously. I guess you don't know, I am from a well-to-do family, and I have everything I need."

"Ohh. Okk. Then what should I do to make you continue this relationship for 12 more days?"



"Yes. Change things, maybe then we can go further."

"But why now, when we never did that?"

"Because we never did that. And I am not interested in wasting any more of my time in such a relationship."

"No... wait, let me think. Ok, let's do it this way. I am open to change. But it's too tough to change all at once. So, let's go slowly. You can tell me 12 small changes, one each day, and I promise I will follow that.

Let's please save this relationship for 12 more days."

"Relationship... Hhmmm... Ok.. let's do it this way then."

"Thanks! I was in the middle of an experiment, so I will get going. See you soon."


Ajay, who also left for his class, was a bit anxious due to Anjali's sudden decision of extending the relationship for 12 days.

And Anjali seemed to be way happy on her way, as saving this relationship was her only way to stay away from the guy, who has been trying hard to convince her to be in a relationship with him.