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12 Things - 5 - Lunch Date

"Hi, Anjali.."
"Hi, Ajay... What's up?"
"We agreed on 12 days, 12 things, right?"
"Yes... What happened?"
"Then the thing for the day is, Date.."
"W.. What??"
"We have been officially dating for more than six months, but haven't been on a single date."
"Hhmm. You are right. Ok. Let's go then." Anjali agreed on the date thing.

As was decided, Anjali reached the restaurant on time. It was an Italian restaurant. Ajay reached just before Anjali's arrival.
The round face of the Anjali was beaming more than usual in the white and blue flower print dress she wore. She was adjusting her hair, when Ajay noticed her coming and an awestruck Ajay was not able to say anything more than "Hi."
"Wow. You are also wearing a blue and white striped shirt. By the way, I like the way you are carrying this shirt and t-shirt combo. You look very handsome." Anjali complimented Ajay who was waiting for her. "Ajay..", she said, calling him again.
"So.. Sorry... Thank you. I might look good, but not better than you. The Chemistry geek is looking amazing today in this dress, especially without her spectacles." Ajay said, suddenly gaining his consciousness.
"Don't my glasses look good?" Anjali asked over Ajay's comment.
"Umm.. Actually yes, they do. Spectacles or no spectacles, you look amazing."
"Wow.. Mister Diplomatic Thanks for your kind words.."
"Hey... By the way, are you able to see things properly without them?"
"Yes. I do.."
"Shut!!!.. I was planning to treat you non-veg, saying that it's Paneer."
"Hey... I will kill you. Is this what people do on dates?"
"You are asking me like you are on a date for the first time?"
"Yes... I am."
"Seriously? I thought that you have been to several, by looking at the way you dressed up."
"I haven't been too.. doesn't mean that I don't know anything."
"Really. What do you know?"
"Hehe... Good. Then do tell me that everything because this is my first date too." Ajay said quietly to her.
"That means, we don't have any plans then?" Anjali asked, being a bit worried.
"Why won't we. See firstly, we will eat. And then we can go for a movie or a game, whatever you like. Since you will be sponsoring for that!!"
"Play.. Play.. I haven't played anything in ages. So let's go with that way.." Anjali replied quickly ignoring the sponsoring part.
"Ok. Then done"

Though the restaurant was known for it's delicious pizzas. But Ajay felt most fulfilled after seeing Anjali gulping the last last bites of spaghetti with the expression of a kid who can do anything for food.
"You do love spaghetti alot." Ajay asked.
"Yup. And You thought I didn't even realise what spaghetti is."
"Nah.. It's me, who didn't know that. I was just pretending to be cool."
Both of them laughed as soon as Ajay said those words.

"Why 12 days?" Ajay asked the question in between their meal.
"Because I am planning to go," Anjali replied, being a bit serious.
"Why date, all of sudden?" Anjali said, changing the topic.
"Because if we wouldn't have, then I might have to take Reema somewhere?"
"Because she asked for a treat this weekend."
"Then you should have told her that you are busy."
"I don't like to lie."
"But, We have already lied a lot."
"Yes... Things just went that way."
"Tell me one thing, Shall I be sorry to you then? Since it's me for whom you lied." Anjali asked.
"Maybe…... Actually No,I am not in the mood to say that it's ok and let's just forget these things." Anay replied with a slight smile.
"I want to keep this going."
"Yes. Our friendship will keep going, don't worry."
"But you are the one who seemed more worried at times."
"Am I?"
"Which game are we planning to play?" Anjali said, changing the topic again.
"I am not sure about the name, but something in the arcade definitely." Ajay smiled a bit and replied.
Both of them went to play some games in a nearby mall where they had played more than five rounds of volleyball, because Ajay could not win any of them. One round of bowling and another one round of arcade games which he lost again. He was not planning to let Anjali go until he wins, but then the late look on her face scared him so much that he packed his bag, and called the cab for them to leave in the next 5 minutes.