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12 Things - 3 - Let's meet often

"So, how was your birthday eve?" Anjali asked Ajay over the phone.

"I am not rich enough to celebrate Pre-Birthday yaar." Ajay laughed over the question.

"Sorry... I mean your birthday evening." Anjali quickly corrected herself.

"Nice. I even received a surprise in the evening." Ajay said with a smile.

"Wow... She even planned a surprise for you, she is really something." Anjali said with a surprised reaction.

"Who?" Ajay questioned.

"That Reema girl of your class. I heard that she gave you a present."

"Ohh. You do kya (Hindi word, meaning what)? Tell me one thing, are you spying on me or something. You always have updates of what she did."

"That's because You are my boyfriend. I promised to save you from all bad things."

"Haahaa. You are funny!!"

"Arre ( Hindi word for Hey)... I really promised.."

"No, the first part was funny. By the way, she is a nice girl."

"So do you think of saying her yes, after this 12 days thing?"

"Aren't you interested in the second thing, I am going to say?"

"Hhmmm... You can say that. But tell me, let's see what you have in store for me."

"Meet me.." Ajay said.

"Why?? Are you gonna beat me or something?" Anjali questioned him.

"Hey... Hey... Wait, let me at least finish. I am saying that Miss Anjali, we are in the same College, the same year. The only thing that differs is our majors. But then, this should not be an issue. You should meet me often, at least in college." Ajay said in a pleasant tone.

"Ohh.. that way. Ok, Boss, Mission targeted. Chlo yaar... Now I am feeling a bit sleepy. I am going to sleep. Bye.." Anjali replied.

"Bye... Will see you soon then." Ajay said.

"Yeah." Anjali nodded.

The next morning, Anjali was so cautious about completing her task, that she kept murmuring to herself. "I have to meet Ajay often. And obviously, I can as we both go to the same college. But what should I do?"


"Hey. You..??", a rather surprised Ajay asked.

"Do you really have to sit in front of the teacher's desk, can't we move somewhere more at the back?" Anjali asked while taking the seat next to Ajay.

"I can... I mean... We can move at the end, but it doesn't matter, I get attention every now and then." Ajay explained.

"Yeah. I know you are handsome. But it's not a time to brag about that." Anjali said.

"Ohh... Is it? I was just saying that I am class representative, so our professors ask for me more often than others." Ajay said with a big smile on his face.

"Ohh. Do we have something like that in college too?" Anjali questioned.

"Yes... I am pretty sure, your class would also have one."

"Ohh.." Anjali said changing the shape of her face.

"Yup. But tell me this, What are you doing here?" Ajay asked curiously.

"You said to meet me often. So, I am here to meet you and attend the lecture with you." Anjali replied.

"You know na that our teacher takes attendance for all lectures.." Ajay questioned again.

"Yes, I know but the attendance is to check who is absent, not who is extra present."

"Yes.. and what about your lectures then?"

"They won't matter soon."



Anjali and Ajay were talking about things when the professor arrived.

"Shut. She is our English teacher too." Anjali murmured to Ajay. "If she sees me here, I guess, I am gone."

"Try to stay behind this guy", Ajay advised, pointing to a guy who was sitting ahead of both of them.

By staying all quiet, Anjali somehow managed to hide herself in the lecture, and as soon as the professor left the room, she moved to Ajay and murmured, "How often is often? Should I come again after this lecture?"

"No!!!!", Ajay answered too quickly. "By the way, you can stop murmuring now," he added.

"Why? I thought you would be happy to see me, as I followed what you say?" Anjali questioned teasingly.

"I kind of do, but what I want is not to change your way of life for me. Instead, just let me be part of the breaks and time when you are free."

"Ohh. What if you are not free at that time?"

"Hhmm. Then sometime when both of us have high probabilities of being free, like Lunch?"

"Ohh. Something like that, I mostly spend my lunch in the lab but I guess, we can spend that together too."

"Cool.. then, see you at lunch."

"Yeah. Bye. See you..", Anjali said as she left the room.

"Ohh. I forgot. Where is Reema, at least let me see her?" Anjali asked after rushing back to the classroom.

"She is out sick today."

"Ohh... Sad. Promise me that next time you will show me, who is she?"

"Only if you stick close to me?"


"You should leave now, our teacher might come anytime soon."

"Ok. Bye"