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12 Things - 2 - Call

"Hello. Hi Anjali?"

"Yup, Who is it?"

"It's me, Ajay"

"Ajay?? ... What happened? It's quite late, are you okay?"

"Yes. Its day 1."


"Day 1 of your promise... The 12 changes."

"Ohh... Yes", a rather sleepy Anjali came to her senses and said.

"Ok, then what do you want?"

"Call me.."

"Ok, Do you have a low balance or something? I was not aware that this kind of issue still exists."


"Nothing... Ok, let's just hang up, and I call you, then you can explain to me what you want."

"No... No... This is what I want."

"This... what?? Are you sleepy or something?"

"Am I?"

"Yes.. seems so."

"Let me call you in the morning then, I will explain to you what I am saying."


It was the morning of their day 1 when Anjali's phone rang, and it was Ajay again.

"Hi, Ajay. How are you doing?"

"Hi Anjali. I am good."

"I am suspecting that you have chosen the task for me, and that's why you called me."

"Yes. Anjali"

"Tell me then, hope it's easier than the physics lecture that we have today."

"Call me.. "

"Call you? As in again, is it that lengthy?"

"No... I am telling you that your task for the day is to call me.. call me often. We are in a relationship, but we hardly manage to talk to each other once a week. I want you to call me more often. Maybe when the lecture is over, maybe at lunchtime, or maybe after you had your lunch. Whenever you are even a bit free, just call me."

"Hhmmm... I can do this, but I have an important practical today, so I may not be able to call you in between the lectures but will call you once it finishes. I usually don't like lunch, so I mostly take up some experiments at that time. But I will definitely call you once I finish it. Are we good?"

"Hhmm... I guess so."

"Cool. Chlo then Bye. Have to rush to college. I Will talk to you later.. no will talk to you in some time."

Anjali did promise Ajay to call often, but she was so busy with her stuff that she could not get to call her.

It was the second last lecture when she reminded herself of the promise she made to Ajay this morning.

"Why can't I reach him?", Anjali murmured to herself while sliding earphones in her ear.

"Anjali, What is this? If you are not interested in listening, You can leave class." Anjali's professor noticed the earphone and scolded her due to her act.

"Sorry, Ma'am," Anjali said.

Soon the lecture ended and Anjali called Ajay almost three to four times. But either he was busy talking to someone or was unreachable.

"What the hell, Why did he ask me to call him, when he keeps himself so busy with the calls." Anjali was talking to herself when one of her friends came and sat near her.

"What are you doing here? That girl Reema, is trying hard on your boyfriend. Do you know she gave him a present in front of the whole of our class? By the way, Why don't you take this lecture with his class, he is after all a Physics Major."

"Hhmmm. Wait, Present what? What is she trying to do?"

"Well, I guess giving a birthday present is an easy way to make him buy dinner. He was so shy, when he received the gift, but couldn't help and promised to treat her soon."

"Birthday Present!! Oh no..", Anjali murmured to herself and walked out of the class without saying any other word.

"Oh, God! Why would he want to stay with me, when I don't wish him on his birthday!! Where would he be?" Anjali said to herself while sitting on the floor outside her classroom, thinking about what she should do now. Suddenly her phone rang, it was Ajay.

"Hi. You called?"

"Hhmm. Yes. I wanted to follow what you said."

"Ohh. "

"But I guess, I was not good enough. But You can spare me as this was just our day 1, right?"

"Yeah. I guess so. I might not have any other option..."

"By the way... Happy Birthday!!! If I had known earlier.. "

"If you would have known it earlier, then?"

"Then, maybe I wouldn't have cursed you so much when you didn't pick my call."

"Heehe... You did, what?"

"I was actually..."

"Anjali... Sorry. I am getting another call, I will call you later."

"Yeah. You better do it. Because I am done for the day."

"Okk Sure.. Bye", Ajay said with a friendly voice along with the little tingling of the big smile that he had on his face.