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Emotion Morphosis

Emotion Morphosis. This is the suitable title to this article, at least according to me. Now, after does some experiments on myself, I have come to a conclusion that emotion morphosis can be of two types.

So, now, I would like to take lemonade as an example to explain emotion morphosis, since it is the easiest thing to make, and most of you would know how to make. When you meet someone, your emotions for them are as clear as water. Neutral. Now, in this example think of lemonade as a bitter feelings for someone you love/loved. It is a bitter lemonade. Lemon is sour, but it is exciting, and here it stands for drama. Everyone has their own choice of lemonade, I personally like the lemonade more sweet and less sour. Sweetness here, crystals of sugar, stand for love. And salt, well, salt is the blender here. The secret behind the taste of lemonade, without which, the lemonade’s not the same good.

For example, after pouring the lemonade, you realize it’s bitter. Cause the drama, was bitter. The fault was in the lemon. So, most of us try to add hatred to the lemonade. But the thing is, it will make it more bitter. And you can’t just drink the bitter one. Nor can you just let it be. It will just make it worse. You can’t throw it away, cause throwing it away won’t blip it out of its existence. It will still exist, you can’t change that. What you can do, is add the right ingredient. You can’t add crystals of sugar (love), cause it will take forever to dilute and by that time, the lemonade might get more bitter. You have to choose the powdered sugar. Positive emotions, like empathy, sympathy, hospitality. You have to decide what should be added. Cause those are your emotions. And instead of spending forever with a bitter lemonade, you can just add a pinch of sugar, and live in peace.

Emotions are like chemicals. Your hatred can change to love, you just have to add the right emotions. Feel the right things. You think you can’t control your feelings? Well, you are wrong. Cause there is one thing more powerful than them, your brain. Which can control your thoughts. Your mind, as they say. It has the leash around its neck. Which you just have to hold. Some believe love doesn’t exist, well, it’s up to your brain. You can make it exist. Emotions are unreal. Abstract nouns. You can only feel them. And you can stop yourself from feeling them.

The other type of emotion morphosis, is adding the lemonade to another drink. Transferring your emotions for X, to Y. You hate X, you don’t want to, you add all those hatred in Y’s cup. You exchange your perspective for X, with your perspective for Y. Your force yourself to feel towards Y, and believe me, once you hate Y, your lemonade X, will itself become less bitter. Because there is a limit till which you can produce any emotion. Your emotions are your guardian dogs, but sometimes, instead of protecting your soul from negative emotions, they can bite you. I am using metaphors to explain my points. Cause it always comes down to you. And you are the only person who can hold the leash and restrain your mind. Thoughts affect emotions. And emotions affect your actions.

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