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A person standing in the rain with the heavy heart…she doesn’t know where to go..she was standing all alone in the rain which made her what did I asked for? Am I too greedy or I’m just being unlucky…… she went to her house. Her mother looked worried at her… her father was being angry at her for not coming home on time… she ignored them and went to the room, closed the door…crying all alone lying in the floor…she fall asleep in the chill floor..


She invited a guy to house and introduced him to their parents. She said that he’s the one I’m will to spend my rest of the days… he politely explained to them that he is also fell in love…her parents got angry with them and rejected their relationship..

At first she thought they would change...but they were strictly rejected because of their religious…Her father told I won’t marry you to that guy who is not our caste… I don’t want any other caste guys in my family you better give up…Her heart broken but she stood firmly that I want only him, nothing else… Her mother slapped her how could be so lowly like this...This is what I thought can’t corrupt but other caste guys like this you better give up and listen to us…we will do what is right for you… she stood with the tearful eyes.


She was fighting with her parents till now that she will not give up on her love and said please try to understand me… but they were not listening to her... Her father said to her mother I think she will not give up. We have to do something to end this… call the boy and let’s meet him.

He was waiting at a café nearby her house and he was in nervous why they suddenly called me… Are they changed their mind? Should I call her ? no no no.. I’ll tell her after they went… her parent came… he order him a coffee… He also asked do you need anything else? He treated them in a nice manner… her father said I think you are nice guy… You are too polite to us that made him smile in his face… Her mother said even though you are nice guy we can’t accept you because of your caste… the boy replied I can’t leave her for simple issues… I won’t leave her… she was my world which gave a reason to smile everyday… he said them why can’t you change for her happiness… Please but they were no response from them… He understood their reaction and said if it for leaving her please don’t call me… I’m really sorry… I can’t listen to you.. Her mother said imagine if you guys married and someday you visit to our family functions everyone will speak ill of her back of us or in-front of her… Even though she will not express it to you… But one she will start regretting it which will lead both of you to a unhappy life… do you need her to suffer through that pain with you… do you think she will be happy with you rest of your life? That made him silent, he can’t even answer them back… her father said to him she not in the mind to listen to us so better you try to explain to her that her parents will choose which is best for her… his heart was heavy he stood silent in-front of them.. He asked them for a promise that you give her a happy life that she will not suffer from any of the sadness. They promise him that we will our best to their daughter.

She was coming out of the company... She took an umbrella it was raining outside. She was walking alone... She saw him walking in the rain soaked with water. His thoughts were filled with something else.

He was thinking maybe her parents could give her a happy life which I can’t give her. They are right... Her happiness matters to me first.. I should talk to her immediately he took his phone to call her. Are searching for me, dear? A voice raised. He looked at her she was standing with the umbrella in-front of him smiling widely at him. That smile made him to think that his decision may be right. I should tell her. They went to a café located near her office… she wiped the water from his face and ordered him a coffee

He suddenly raised his voice “let’s break up”. She laughed and said you made a prank like this many times. Do you think I’ll believe you this time? He was looking at her sadly with a pain in his eyes. She asked him what was that look in those eyes? Are you serious? Why suddenly? Her hands were shaking, her voice was not clear enough to talk. He said I can’t take this anymore because of your family. So better we can end our relationship, it’s good for everyone. She smiled painfully and gave her umbrella to him my house was near I can go myself; you take this umbrella and go home safely. We can talk after sometimes, I think you under stress…we will talk after. He said no I’m in a right state of mind...he took his ring which was given by her and let’s never meet again.

In her mind, I’m the unlucky person in the whole universe… she started walking hopelessly in the road... Finally she reached the home. Her parents were waiting for her because they already knew this will happen. She went to her room and stood in-front the mirror saying I’m going crazy please someone get out of this. She slept for few days without going out. She dropped the job, stayed in the room like insane person. Sleeping all day and crying all night, this becomes her routine for few days. Her parents were becoming more and more worried but they were preparing a marriage for her. One day her mother enter the room gave her a photo and said you are having engagement with this guy next week…this is the photo of him, she left it in the table. She came and took the photo but she saw the picture of her boyfriend… she ripped that photo and slept in the bed.

In the midnight…. She was going to terrace standing in the edge. She called him and he took her call in first ring. She laughed and told someone is waiting for my call. He asked why are you calling me in the midnight. She said I want tell you something please listen silently.

She started speaking….

I don’t usually believe in love but the moment you came everything changed upside down. My life became total mess but I loved it. I don’t know what made you to leave me but I believe in your decision. I trust you fully. Live a happy life said with tearful voice. He asked with a worried voice where are you idiot? Why are you speaking some nonsense? Tell me I’ll come to you immediately…speak something… she said you know in these days I believed you that you will come to me and explain that we can solve it together but you never once called me back… I was waiting like an idiot seeing my phone all day and night… so you don’t want me… said with a heartbroken voice which made him cry… he was going to her house as soon as possible in the car without cut her call. His eyes are filled with tears and telling her I’m sorry,babe. Please listen to me don’t do anything stupidly for my sake. She started to cry loudly and telling that I’m the one who approached you… talked with you… asked you out… so I’m the one will be getting the punishment. You don’t have worry about me. I’ll be alright…

He was rushing to her house but he got stuck in the traffic and it was raining heavily…

She asked him to live a beautiful life… take care of your health properly… I’ll be loving you wholehearted… you never let me down… always made me happy, cheering me all day around when I’m in mood off, taking care of me like a child… that bright smile in your face whenever you smile at me made fall more & more for you… my love for you increasing day by day without any limit. In those day I used to thank god for giving you to me. Now I’m going to thank god for thanks for the beautiful life which he gave to me… he gave a wonderful parents and a forever loving partner…

“Can you stop saying this…as if this is your last moment, please stop say this nonsense…” he shouted in the car with a tearful eyes.

She said… this may not be the last moment but these are the words I want to tell you when we want to separate… and you promised me that you will live a happy life… because my happiness depends on your happy… live a happy life for me.

His heart ached and started shouting… “can you please stop it… I’m on my way to you…we are going to spend our life happily together… so please wait babe…please…”

He finally reached in-front of her house and said that I came so please come to me now. We can deal it together…he was in the hurry, removing the seatbelt…while opening the car door a silent voice he heard… “YOU LOST ME….” And the call hung up

Tears slowly coming out from his eyes… his vision was blurred… a sudden object was falling in-front of his car… he slowly opened the door and seeing down… the blood was reaching his feet… his hands and legs were shaking badly…he went closely and his blurred vision came clear, he saw a white anarkali fill with blood which was the first gift to her. The rain water was mixed with her blood. He don’t have any strength to move forward, he fell down where he was standing. Her beautiful eyes was seeing at him as she gave him everything… her face was with a small smile… he totally went black out by seeing her face…

He opened his eyes and he was surrounded by people. His blurred vision finally came clear and saw his friends… he stood immediately and said his friends I had a bad dream which I never want to happen… they all were seeing in with the tearful eyes… those look in their eyes made him realize what happen was not a dream. He saw his shirt which was full of her blood… he rushed to her home

Everyone was standing in-front of her house… he don’t have the strength to get inside but he want to go inside. Her father came out with a heavy heart and a tearful eyes approached him. He held hid hand and said we only thought about our caste issues but I didn’t saw her smiling that brightly when she was with you…As a parent we failed to keep our daughter happily but kept took care of her with love and joy. We fail to keep our promise to you. Thanks for coming into her life. He eyes was filled tears and went back… her father asked don’t you want to come in? he replied I only want happy memories with her… I don’t want nothing else…

He went to his car… while starting the car… his phone alarm rings… he opened it and saw the one year anniversary mark in his calendar, he started crying with a heavy heart.

A phone notification rings… when he opened it… it was the voice call recording which she spoken to him for a last time…

When it comes to religious/caste some people are still at their own decision… religious/caste will not solve anything. Please be aware of it because of it many people are sacrificing their loved life. Many people may fought for it and kept their loved life but what about the remaining one?