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Stay With Me - 21 - Silent Anguish


Tulika's POV

Splashing of chilled water on my face, startles me awake, my eyelids flutter but I can't open my eyes as they are heavy with droopy eyelids. Within a moment I recall what has just happened as I feel myself tied to a chair and then I snap open my eyes to find where the hell am I?

But it's all dark, only my nostrils fills with strong smell of alcohol and cigar smoke, along with musty smell of the place...which makes me cough..

Suddenly light flickers on, making me squeeze shut my eyes, as they adjust to it, I found myself in an old, dirty and creepy looking cellar, with only weathered, dirty and damp four walls with crust.. the only furniture is the chair, I am tied with. I try to pull against the restraints at my wrists and my ankles.. but they don't even budge.

I stop struggling as I spot a familiar face grinning proudly, he approaches me followed by some other bad looking men, "so.. nice to meet you my step sister..." it was his words or trauma of past events that everything around me starts spinning.. that I have to close my eyes for a moment..

His lips twitches with bitterness, "shocked.. right?" I sarcastically chuckle to myself. "I don't get shocked that easily.." I uttered with utmost disgust in my voice.

It is effect of sedative or what that right now I am overwhelmed and numb, glimpses of the past hover over my mind making me realise that there is nothing left for me. Glancing back at my life, I accept the fact that perhaps there is no happiness in my destiny, cause I have spent half of my life as an orphan, my mom died the same day I got to know her true identity, and Nomaan.. his thought makes me sob with pain.

Pain of betrayal, which fills my heart with immense grief.. no fear.. no hatred.. just eternal loneliness.. at this moment I don't have any single wish to live..I really wish that these people would kill me and end the pain.. tears streak down my cheeks..

Again, splashing of water jolts me awake from drowsiness, drenched.. I shake from cold. That man leans down to my level and about to part his ugly black lips that he is startled away by a deliberate coughing.

I faintly discern the silhouette of a person on wheelchair in dark, as his chair is whisked in by another ugly looking man, I witness bitter smile on his lips and hatred in his eyes, which are staring at me without a blink

As his chair approached me, his eyes scans me from top to toe. He opens his mouth revealing dirtily arranged yellow teeth from smoking "strange.. you aren't surprised enough by listening Nagesh's words.."

His eyes darts towards the person.. who has been stalking me for last few months.. he adds satisfactorily turning his gaze back to me, "finally after these many years it's a pleasure to meet you..umm you are Tulika.. right?" He shots his brows up.

"What do you want..?" I ask furrowing angrily. He lets out an evil laugh, echoing through the cellar, "I want revenge.. I want justice.. I want you to suffer till you beg for death.. " he grits his teeth, his voice dangerously cold.. though he starts coughing, Nagesh gently taps on his shoulder, "relax.. uncle.."

I swallow hard in disbelief and ask furrowing, "What have I ever done to you..?" Well I have right to know the reason behind his hatred, but as I have spoken my last word, Nagesh clutches my jaw tight enough to make me wince in pain, tears stinging in my eyes. he adresses me through gritted teeth, his expressions stern, "your fault is this that you are that bitch's daughter who stole my dad from me.. well she is dead now, so I don't have a choice but to make you suffer.."

My heart kicks up in panicked tempo, I don't know.. how many truths are still left to uncover? And how is it possible that dad didn't give me a hint. 'No.. I shouldn't have to believe this man.. ' my instinct screams and I try to jolt away my face from his hand..

His grip tightens, as he explains, "I don't know how much do you know about that pathetic and lier dad of yours, but let me be clear that it is shameful to say but he is my dad too.. though he never accepted me because of you two.."

The person on wheelchair scowls, "Nagesh.. move away.." and he restrain himself, jerking away my jaw, making me gasp in pain, God I can't feel it.. how dare he touched me.. I exert pressure on my wrists to free them, trembling with anger and pain..

That person on wheelchair keenly observes me with disgust, until I give up my efforts snuffling. He cunningly smiles and utters in dead quiet voice, "you know girl, your dasterd father has fooled us that you and that Grishma died years back, but now you will wish that you would have been dead.. cause what am I gonna do to you is worst than death itself.."

Thinking about the possibilities of what he can do to me? A chilled wave of fear passes down my spine, feeling of frustration, disappointment, and desperation rove over me, I decide to keep my mouth shut, and eyes down, cause there are more than ten men around me..and I notice lust flaring in their eyes..

Annoyingly I close my eyes, and ponder about their words about my dad, did my mom aware of my dad's another wife and son?? was it the reason, he didn't live with us?? why my dad didn't tell me about them?? could it be a reason that he avoided to tell me about these enemies?? omg.. my dad can't do that.. I don't need to trust these people, all of them look like mafia guys..

A hoarse voice, startle me awake from my thoughts, I hear Nagesh is asking with concern, "so what have you thought about this filthy wh**e?" His uncle's mouth curles deceitfully as he speaks, "well.. well... well... looking at the pain and suffering this filthy caused to you and to my poor sister.. she should be sold to black market... we'll get high price for her attractive body, and her tight c**t.." terror spikes inside me, I angrily try to free myself, I want to kill that bastard for uttering those words for me..but alas.. I am helpless.. though I shout angrily, "Just mind your tongue, cause if by any chance, I will get free then I will kill you.. all of you.. you rascals.."

All of them wickedly laugh at me, but the face of man on wheelchair gets tensed, his jaw clenched as he slaps me hard on my face.. that my head twists by its force, my cheek flares with pain, my vision burns red, a whistle rings in my ear and corner of my lips start bleeding, I gasp with pain and agony.

All his men stopped and stood stunned, but Nagesh tries to ease the atmosphere uttering, "Yeah.. we'll have our revenge and money too.. it's like killing two birds with one stone.. right my dear uncle.." and he laughs devilishly joined by everyone in the room, breath seizes in my chest, I shiver with anger, "how could you think anything like this? I don't even know you people and observing your demeanour.. I am not convinced that you ever have been through any pain.." I yelled out sarcastically.

And as expected the man on wheelchair smacks my face again, harder than before. I am afraid prints of his four fingers are glowing in red on my cheeks.. I bite my lower lip to restrain my tears and rush of bitter words..

It wasn't enough that adding to my pain, Nagesh grabs my hairs tightly and pulls them to make me look at him, "listen to me carefully you f**ing wh**e.. we don't owe you any explanation so just keep your long tongue behind your teeth cause it was your s**t mother, because of whom that Vishesh abused my mom and then betrayed her"

I grimace with pain, trying hard to loosen his grip, though I howl with anger, "then your mom is equally responsible for ruining our lives, so I think I should punish you the same way.. so get away from me, you f***ing moron.." and I face another slap from Nagesh.. for a moment I feel dizzy, on a verge of passing out..

When their hell like torturing comes to an end, I am left with soaked clothes, bleeding lips, messy hairs, burning face and immense pain.

But soon I realised, it isn't over yet cause I tremble with fear as I hear the man on wheelchair giving orders, "give her dose high enough to make her sleep for long time, but be careful I don't want her to die, and I don't want any troubles until we reach Oman, send our men to make our jet ready.." he pauses then adresses, "Nagesh.. contact all the rich buyers, I want biggest auction for the s**t, afterall she is golden chick for us..." he chortles, "I am so happy today, now that bloody Vishesh will taste the fruit of his deeds.."

That Nagesh keenly observes me, pulls out a big vial and syringe-needle unit from his pocket. He playfully winks at me, as he draws vial's watery liquid into syringe, and moves slowly towards me with wicked smile. I start panicking, blood pounding in my ears, I make violent efforts to free myself, until I feel strong burning sensation at my wrists and ankles, I clench my fists tight enough to stuck my nails in my palms, in helplessness..

The needle in his hand reflects in silver light, he flashes a winning smile, "so.. step sister this day onwards you will be walking dead, don't worry you won't feel anything, I have seen, how they hardly leave any clothes on their body, how they always drug them, how they touch everywhere and even play with their bodies, sometimes punish them too.. " bile rises in my stomach just Listening to him..

I close my eyes as if not interested but he adds maliciously, "but you don't worry I will be there..." he takes a deliberate pause to study my face then speaks with wicked chuckle, " to make your high resolution video to send it to your beloved husband" and he twirls the needle in his hands playfully..

'Nomaan..' his very name makes me tremble with pain.. I flung my head to the chair,close my eyes, but can't control tears escaping from the corners.. 'oh Nomaan.. where are you?' My inner voice screams.. I suppress it forcefully and let the misery consume me...


Narrator's POV

At Nomaan's farmhouse

Ruhi almost screams with disbelief, "Viansh..?" Then adds with disappointment, "I should have known a bootlicker like you must have been here to spoil my plan.. but if you wish you can help me escape and have your revenge too.." she adds carefully, "yeah I know you had feelings for that villager.." her eyes busy studying Viansh's face.

Viansh's body trembles with anger as he utters, "shame on you really are a cold blooded serpent, how can a scoundrel like you understand the feelings I have for Tulika.. and it's my feelings for her that I am here.. so without wasting any time just spit out, where is she? And I don't want any manipulations, cause either way you know that you are dead.." Viansh snatches her cellphone.. as she answers with a fear in her eyes , "I don't know anything about her.."

That Nomaan and his dad approach them, both of them are fierce, Nomaan shots a thankful look to Viansh and addresses to Ruhi, His voice taut and cold, like no one has heard before, "and you.. old friend of mine.. just tell me those goons' location, the place where you plotted against us, against my Tuli.." Nomaan's voice quivers with emotions, his eyes got wet..

Ruhi feels the pain as if her heart is being torn.. She declares in a dreadful voice, "I don't know where they'd taken 'YOUR' Tuli.." she delebretly emphasized the word 'your'. She continues, "but I know the place they used to live.. so let's make a deal, I will escort you all to their place and you will let me go unharmed.." her eyes darted between Viansh's and Nomaan's face, flickering with fear.

Viansh's fists clenched angrily but Nomaan composes himself as he utters flatly, "okay.. deal.." a minute later, his Gran and Tulika's dad join them, both of them breathless.

Panting for air, Vishesh asks to Ruhi angrily, "what did my daughter do to you.. huh? That to avenge yourself, you mingled with her enemies..? He covers his face with his hands, anxiously mumbling, "Nomaan.. you don't know them, they are heartless beasts, oh god please save my daughter.." His heart aches in his chest as he loses himself on ground, sobbing..

obviously his heart is not strong enough to digest this news, though he is trying to stay calm, as he doesn't want to add up in Nomaan's troubles.

Being aware of his dad-in-law's condition Nomaan suggests him to go home with the others, as he, Rishi and Viansh alongwith Ruhi move next to his car.

Viansh grabs key from Nomaan's hand, "let me drive.. you know that I don't trust your driving skills whenever you are angry.." Nomaan gives a short nod of approval, his mind busy in sorting things.

Nomaan slips in backseat followed by his dad.. and gets occupied in making call to instruct his men to join them.

As Viansh streaks down the empty street.. Ruhi sighs deeply, little embarrassed and little angry, her eyes darts to Viansh, "since when you were following me?"

Viansh wistfully smiles to himself, and gazes out at the road stoically, revealing the truth, "I have never trusted you, I used to double check things done by you, and when Nomaan'd fired you, my men were always there behind you.. so you can say we were always one step ahead of you.. but it didn't click in our mind that today, you just wanted to distract Nomaan so those rascals can abduct Tulika.." he looks at Ruhi, his eyes welling up with hatred and his expressions wavering.

Then there's a strained silence, everyone busy with their thoughts about Tulika.. well may be except Ruhi..

Nomaan ends his last call, rests his head against the window, clutching his hands into tight fists, Rishi reassuringly squeezes his shoulder, "She will be alright.." Nomaan heaves a wearily sigh, turning his gaze to his dad, "I hope so..'s my fault that I can't track down that stalker at first place.." he exhales angrily, "you know na.. me and Viansh were trying hard but couldn't explore, where that rat was hiding.." he slams his fist gritting.

Ruhi slightly twists her head to side eye Nomaan, and something in her changes, as her demeanor turns to worried.

Nomaan continues, his tone complaining "And my brave Tuli.. she just kept to herself that someone was bothering her.. it was, when I saw her drawing of him, then it all made sense to me.. though I couldn't protect her.. dad.., she is in their hands.. " He winces with frustration..

Rishi stares his son uneasily with the helplessness, he has never seen him this vulnerable and frustrated, Viansh too can't keep his calm, he accelerates car to its highest limit.

Rishi clears his throat to hid away his tension. He squeezes Nomaan's hand as he adresses, "Viansh... Nomaan.. things are still in our hands, it's time to act with great prudence and Nomaan, who else know our Tulika more than you?, she is the toughest girl I have ever met, I am sure, by now.. even those villains have come to realise that... so.. " He can't speak further as his voice quavers, recalling that sweet, innocent smile of her.. and deep down he is uncertain too.. though he keeps talking about random things just to raise their spirit..

It is two hours later, passing through narrow alleys, their car reaches to an abandoned place, a massive old, gray building looms before them from distance it's a only two storey building among the ruins of raw houses..

Viansh slows down the car to stop short distance away from the building, as all, except Ruhi, disembark to the ground, Viansh shares an understanding look with Nomaan, and within five minutes other three cars join them, more than twelve black suited men with weapon exit the vehicles.

Two of them creep up on, to survey the whole area. They easily knock out two of enemies' guards.

As they signal that everything is clear, Nomaan instructs his dad to bring the car to the back side of the building, and to be prepared for emergency escape, as well as to keep an eye on Ruhi..

The armed escorts silently but swiftly slip towards the entrance, scanning the ground floor for any guards.

While Nomaan alongwith Viansh trot up the stone stairs, hardly making any noise. First they scan the corridor, just to find there is no one. Annoyed they both descend the stairs to find their men waiting for them.

Viansh utters with sinking heart, "they are not here.." but Nomaan's heart starts racing faster, as suddenly he spot a narrow passage with a staircase leading to the basement.

They slink down the stairs in darkness to approach the basement door gleaming under blurred yellow light of zero watt bulb. Nomaan's eyes glint with hope as he hears noises. They stood still, their expressions waried.

One of Nomaan's man, asks for permission with his eyes. Nomaan inhales deeply, as he nods.. all of them move backwards as the man prepares to breach. Nomaan can hear his throbbing heart in his ears, as he steadily gazes at the door with anticipation. Nomaan mumbles to himself "For Tulika..." as the rotten door flungs open..!


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