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Revenge of the Ghost - 35

Liver = Lever – correction.

Ravindra got startled and taken aback as the nearby big round stone creaked heavily and a small crack started to appear in the middle of the round stone. Ravindra did not check the phone as he was very anxious and alert as the crack was getting wider and wider as if it were a door. All the senses of Ravindra were being beamed on that crack and he was very alert for any unwelcomed circumstances. His phone rang again, he knew it would be from his Police Station, but he decided to ignore. As his heart was still missing and the only person who could have saved her was dead.

Crack was big enough for a person to enter. Ravindra was about to enter but Shashtriji stopped him and asked, ‘Wait here Ravindra. Let me go and check first.’ Ravindra was hesitant because of the incident with Baba but he knew if something supernatural was there, Shashtriji was better equipped to fight that compared to him. He waited outside and allowed Shashtriji to enter. Shashtriji was not completely fearless, but he was supremely cautious. He knew that the enemy was too powerful to be handled alone but he had to avenge Baba and save Satya.

As soon as he entered a very dark and a narrow corridor with almost zero visibility. There were creapers across both sides of the corridor and a very pungent smell was there because of the closed atmosphere inside that supposed cave. After a few feet the corridor opened into a square room which was very cosy. Four oil lit torches were placed in the four corners of the room. There were 4 different entrances also in the room and possibly leading to a different trap. Shashtriji was unable to decide, so he thought of calling Ravindra inside. He tried to leave the room and there was a faint sound coming from east entrance. He was in a dilemma whether to go inside and check or to call Ravindra and go with him and check.

A few moments passed. It was a war going on in Shashtriji’s mind. Finally, he decided to call Ravindra, and he went back to call him. Meanwhile Ravindra was waiting anxiously and pacing outside the cracked door. He kept on checking time, and he knew that he would be called again and again till the time he picks up the phone. But he decided not to pick up the phone as he wanted to find his Satya as early as possible. Shashtriji came outside and they both went inside together. They entered the square room and waited for a while to hear that sound. It was a tensed silence, but both were motionless. Moments passed and the tension was paramount.

They heard footsteps, somebody was coming there or passing by. It was hard to decide. And Ravindra’s spine got chills as he saw two red eyes appeared in the one of the entrances. Shashtriji was ready with that special powder and his chants. The red eyes got closer and closer. Suddenly the eyes vanished, and both were perplexed and asked themselves what had just happened. They were straining their eyes to look better to find any hint for the same. There was absolutely no sound in the room apart from two engines which were beating like bullets from a gun. The hearts of Ravindra and Shashtriji. At last, the mystery man appeared at the entrance, and both had a sigh of relief.

That man just kept staring at these two as if they were aliens. They stood still and stared back. That man nodded his head and asked them to follow him without uttering a single word. It was mysterious and scary. The only question was whether to follow this man or not. As it could be one more trap. Both were clueless. The only assurance was that he was with Baba and might be his loyal servant. Finally, they decided to follow him. They followed him through the narrow passage. The ambience of this passage was different. It was calm and soothing just like Baba’s hut. A very sweet fragrance was there too.

The passage opened into a round but slightly bigger room and well lit too. Every wall of the room was painted with some sort of signs, markings and sigils too. But in the centre of the room the biggest surprise was waiting for Ravindra and Shashtriji. It was Shankarbaba’s body which was placed on a slightly elevated rectangle shaped bed. That mystery man was standing over that body and chanting some mantras and the entire body was covered in some sort of thick paste.

What will happen next? What was that mystery man doing with Shankar baba’s body? Who was that mystery man? To find all the answers please read the next parts of the series. Please provide rating and reviews whenever possible. Thanks.

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