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Revenge of the Ghost - 36

Hello guys, and I sincerely apologize for being late in publishing the next part of this story. But I got stuck in some important things at work and could not find time for the same. But I promise to publish a part every week from now onwards.

The sound of chanting grew higher and higher creating a completely mystical environment which made everyone stuck to the land they were standing on. Shankarbaba’s body which was covered in thick paste was now covered with some sort of green fog which made things quite unclear for Ravindra and Shashtriji to have a clear look. Both were just amused and frozen. Their brains were completely blown by the things happening around them. They did not have a single clue of what was happening there. They just wished it to be over so that they could make heads or tails of the situation. They were stressing their eyes to the maximum level to see what was happening.

Suddenly, every sound just died. It was pin dropped silence, and the only noise was of racing hearts and speedy breaths. Every eye in that room glued at Baba’s body and something happened. The green fog was cleared, and golden aura was covering Baba’s body. Baba’s body was whole, and it was breath-taking. As it could not be possible with the limits of science. But it was happening right there, and it was not a bad dream. The golden aura around Baba’s body was entering slowly into Baba’s body from every cell in his body and after a while Baba opened his eyes.

That was not possible, Ravindra and Shashtriji were completely taken aback, and they were bamboozled with the situation. It was not possible and still it was there. The question was how. Baba was looking weak and took the support of the mystery man to stand up. Baba looked at Ravindra and could see that the face of Ravindra was painted with millions of questions plus the distrust of the unbelievable things he just witnessed. Baba waved and called him nearer to him. Ravindra took a couple of steps and went to him. Baba took support of Ravindra and walked towards a wall of the room. There was nothing on the wall, but if anyone tries to look a bit carefully there was discrepancy on the wall.

The wall at the centre was uneven. Baba pressed that part and a small door opened in the corner of the wall. The door was not big so, everyone has to bend a lot to enter the room. Ravindra, Baba, Shashtriji entered the room one by one. The room was medium sized and well lit. There was a study table in the far-right corner of the room. The walls of the room were painted with symbols like symbols outside of the room. One thing was clear, the room was used by someone but there was no one in the room. Ravindra assumed that it was of Baba’s. Baba set on the chair like structure in the middle of the room. Baba asked everyone else to sit. Everyone sat and quietly waiting to hear how part of this entire event.

Baba spoke, ‘Ravindra and Shashtriji you have witnessed something today which is not possible to make happen just by anyone. I died in front of you both and now I am alive. This is a mystery, and I am going to tell you how that can happen. This room belongs to my Guruji, and he is no more now. But before he died, he taught me the art of “Parkayapravesh” meaning how to enter someone else’s body. Just before the ghost killed me, I left my body and entered an owl’s body nearby which was sitting on the nearby branch of the tree. Owls are considered to be the sacred birds who can view both the worlds simultaneously – the world as we know it and the paranormal world. After that the ghost killed my body only and left the place after Shashtriji fought back valiantly. Shashtriji and You both were in tremendous pain and distracted. Taking advantage of this situation, Nagesh brought my body over here and placed on the holy place where my Guruji left his body and his soul left for heaven.’

Ravindra looked surprised with the name “Nagesh”. Baba smiled softly and told, ‘Your mystery man Ravindra. He is my disciple and a great friend. He is the one who is fending all the attacks by the ghost on us. So, once Nagesh brought my body over here, I flew here within that owl. He knew the entire procedure with all the necessary ingredients, so he started it and that’s when you found this place, Ravindra. Chanting allowed me to leave the owl’s body and enter my original body which is now healed. But now it is high time that I finish the remaining portion of the story and that will wrinkle out all the confusions you have been having in your brain plus it will help you to fight the ghost and bring your beloved Satya back.’ Ravindra was overwhelmed and a torrent of tears rolled down his chicks and he just kept on looking at Baba’s face without uttering a single word, but in that specific moment all the languages cumulatively were not able to say what was said by those sad and warm tears.

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