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Revenge of the Ghost - 34

Shashtriji somehow managed to reduce the speed at which the jeep falling and managed to save everyone in the jeep. Ravindra’s heart was crushed heavily and he just hugged Shashtriji like a child and cried his heart out. He had lost every drop of hope. Baba was no more, and he could not find any way out of that situation. They both stayed like that for a while and then gathered enough amount of courage to take a look at Baba’s body. But there was a surprise waiting for them.

There was no body over there. There were patches blood at the same place, but no body and that giant dog was also not there. Both were dumbstruck and equally surprised. Shashtriji said, ‘Ravindra where is Baba’s body.’ Ravindra was equally surprised, so he suggested, ‘let us check the hut, might be possible that we will find a clue about that.’ Both decided to reach there as soon as possible. But before that Ravindra had to take care of something. A constable was dead, and his body was lying the jeep. He could not just leave at that time.

All the police constables and other members of that police station were there and were very sad on the death of one of their own. Ravindra understood that pain and despite of his wish to find Baba’s body, he had to stay there for the moral support of the team. One of the constables started necessary procedure for the same and he called Satya’s team for the post-mortem. Ravindra was trying very hard to stay strong but, there was a war going on inside of him. And he was not winning that war. The entire police station was in shock due to unusual and supernatural circumstances. They were equipped to fight the people but, not equipped to fight ghosts and evil spirits.

Ravindra could not find any words to console the entire team and he was just there as a silent spectator to the entire situation. The dead body of that constable was being moved carefully by Satya’s team and suddenly the landline phone of the police station rang. Everyone was taken aback by that sound and got spine chills due to the same. Somebody ran quickly to pick up the phone and came out in the same speed to call Ravindra and said, ‘Sir, commissioner sir’s call. Please come and have a word with him.’ Ravindra with a heavy heart went inside as he could foresee upcoming events. He lost one of his team members and he was answerable but, how to explain something so sinister.

He went and picked up the call. Commissioner sir was not aware of the murder yet, but he was planning to come for a visit in the afternoon. This was a tricky situation as Ravindra wanted to solve the puzzle of Baba’s body and ultimately find his beloved Satya. There were a few hours left before the visit so, he decided to take a look at the hut before Commissioner sir arrives. He finished the procedure quickly and went to Baba’s hut as quickly as possible. The aura around the hut was as it is. There was no change at all. Ravindra and Shashtriji entered the hut and to their surprise no one was there, not even that mysterious man who was serving Baba.

Both were completely bamboozled. Ravindra had to go back to the Police Station due to that visit but, still he tried very hard to find any clues, but there were none. They decided to check the surroundings also with a hope to find any sort of clue. Ravindra was never there at the back of Baba’s hut. He could find a strange tree over there and under that strange looking tree there was a very small temple of Lord Shiva. He was surprised to see the neatness of the place, but then it struck his head that who kept this place so clean. That proved that someone was regularly taking care of that place. But the burning question was who.

Ravindra was carefully studying the surroundings as well as the design of that small temple. After a while he sat there and started to pray. He prayed and then after a while opened his eyes. He found a strange liver just beside the right door of the temple, which was not actually looking like a liver, but Ravindra’s sharp eyes managed to find that out. Ravindra pressed that liver, and his phone rang.

What will happen next? Where is Baba’s body? Will the visit of commissioner add salt to Ravindra’s injuries? To find all the answers please read the next parts of the series. Please provide rating and reviews whenever possible. Thanks.