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The cake had been cut by the principal & the cultural activities had started. Nikki, Dhriti & Karan were sitting on chairs. Dhriti said, "Karan, you had missed the last PTT. Your sessional work had totally depended on this one. How were the papers?" Karan said, "Rest all definitely will be above twenty but…" Nikki asked, "But?" Karan said, "MED was tough." Soon Sameer reached there. He said, "Karan, Miss. Devkar is checking MED's papers." Nikki asked, "She's not in the programme?" Karan ignored Nikki & asked Sameer, "What's my score?" Sameer said, "Wait, wait, wait! She's checking from the last number & she's at number forty now." Dhriti asked, "Forty? It's you. What's your score?" Sameer said laughing, "You'll go into depression if I tell you my score." Soon the anchor called Sameer's name. He asked Sameer to come on the stage. Karan asked Sameer, "What're you gonna do?" Sameer said smiling, "Stand up comedy."

Karan & Dhriti entered the classroom. Dhriti took her bag & turned to go; soon she stopped. Karan was so close to her. Dhriti asked, "You scared me, Karan." Karan was just looking. Dhriti adjusted her glasses & asked, "What?" Karan asked, "Are you happy with me, Dhriti?" Dhriti smiled. She looked into Karan's eyes & said, "Karan, I feel blessed with you. Like never before. This feeling can't be explained in words." Karan kept his finger on Dhriti's lips. Dhriti kept looking. Karan said, "Your expressions talk more than words." Dhriti asked, "My expressions?" Karan asked, "Do you know, your eyes are so deep that one may lose his consciousness looking into them? Do you know, your hair is so silky that one will find pleasure in playing with it. Do you know, your lips are…" Dhriti had closed her eyes. Karan moved closer to her. Soon Miss. Devkar entered the classroom. Karan & Dhriti both turned their backs to her. Dhriti closed her eyes tight. Miss. Devkar smiled & said, "This is a class, isn't it?" Dhriti ran out. Miss. Devkar said to Karan, "Look here." Karan turned to Miss. Devkar. His glance was down. Miss. Devkar said, "Good choice." Karan looked at Miss. Devkar. Miss. Devkar said, "By the way, your score is fourteen." Karan said, "Fourteen! Thank you, Miss." Miss. Devkar said, "There's no need to be happy. Fourteen is not enough. Now listen to me carefully, you're progressive but I want more. Your PL is from 1st to 15th of November. The practical is on 16th & theory papers are from 20th November. What're you scoring in other subjects?" Karan said, "There's no problem with them. I can cover 60 to 65 in all of them." Miss. Devkar said, "Good. And coming to backlogs, is there any problem with MED-2?" Karan said, "No." Miss. Devkar said, "If there's any problem, you can ask me anytime." Karan said, "Sure, Miss." Miss. Devkar said, "Then promise me, Karan, that you'll clear all the MEDs this semester." Karan took a long breath & said, "I promise you, Miss! I'll clear all the MEDs this semester." Soon a peon came and said, "Everyone is asked to gather for lunch." Miss. Devkar said, "Go, Karan." Karan asked, "Aren't you coming?" Miss. Devkar said, "No, I'm on a diet."

All the doors of the classrooms were crowded by students. Everyone was in a rush. Some were revising the syllabus & on the other hand, some were relaxing their minds. After all, it was MED's paper. Sameer kept his bag in the rack & said to Karan, "Karan, It's MED!" & started laughing. Nikki said, "Sameer, don't tease him." She turned to Karan & asked, "Karan, have you done?" Karan kept the book in the bag & said, "Don't know." Sameer asked, "Dhriti?" Dhriti said smiling, "Same condition." Sameer said, "You know, you're just made for each other type of guys." Karan said, "You've said this many times before. Say something else." Soon the examiner entered. Sameer said, "No time to say." They all entered the classroom. After some time, Miss. Devkar entered the classroom. She came to Karan & said, "Paper is easy. There's no mistake in the paper. Stay away from confusions & draw well. All the best." & she left. Karan found it strange that Miss. Devkar didn't talk to the class. He took his question paper. According to Miss. Devkar's advice, Karan took question no. 4 to draw first. Details to assembly. The options were machine vice & screw jack. Karan said to himself, "Screw jack! I've drawn it on the sheet. I can draw it." He closed his eyes & concentrated. His brain cells started working. He started reminding all the lectures of Miss. Devkar. He started reminding the concepts he self studied. Conventional representation of petrol & cement concrete, offset section, straight knurling, break for rectangular section of wood, surface roughness symbols, welding symbol, welding drawing, auxiliary view, projections of lines, intersections of solids, details to assembly & assembly to details. Karan drew the last line. Miss. Devkar was standing near him. She asked, "Finished?" Karan said, "About to finish." His drawing table was near a window on the entrance wall. Miss. Devkar said, "Good job, Karan." & patted him. Karan smiled. Miss. Devkar left & Karan started filling supplements' total. His glance was down but he felt someone passing through the window. A red Saari, a golden crown, golden bangles, free hair! Karan looked into the window instantly. There was no one. Karan got confused because his drawing room was the last in that wing. The only room one could exit from was his room. Dhriti asked in gestures, "What happened?" Karan nodded head to no & came to the examiner. He submitted the paper to the examiner & signed on the attendance sheet. Everyone was looking at Karan. Karan came out & took his bag. The wing was long enough but there wasn't anyone. Passing through every classroom, Karan was peeking into it. There were male supervisors in every classroom. Karan came to the staffroom. Miss. Devkar's chair was empty. Karan asked the professor sitting near, "Sir, Miss. Devkar?" Professor said, "She received an appointment call from Government Polytechnic & she accepted that job." Karan asked shockingly, "What? When did this happen?" Professor said, "Yesterday. She's joining Government Polytechnic today." Karan asked, "Had she come today?" Professor said, "Absolutely not." Karan came out of the staffroom. He was totally shocked. He started thinking. He started remembering all the incidents. The fan started when Miss entered the class. In the drawing hall, Miss asked to close the window when sunrays fell on her. Miss was absent in the period of Navratri. Dhanaji, who wasn't able to move a little, stood up on his legs when Miss called him. Karan started laughing at himself. He shouted loudly. There was no one whom Karan could tell this to. He ran out of the building & jumped to the sky in happiness.


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