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Karan looked at the mobile screen. There were twenty one missed calls. Karan opened the call log. It was Dhriti. Karan made a call to her. She immediately picked the call up & said, "Hello, Karan?" Karan asked, "How're you, Dhriti?" Dhriti said, "Today is Saturday, Karan. You're absent the whole week. Where have you been?" Karan said somehow, "Actually, Baba got an electric shock while pressing." Dhriti exclaimed, "Oh my God! How did it happen?" Karan kept quiet. Dhriti felt Karan's silence. She said, "I'm sorry. I will, we will come there. Tomorrow is Sunday. We all will come tomorrow." Karan said, "Okay." & ended the call.

Dhriti, Sameer, Nikki, Pranav & Ravi reached the room in which Dhanaji was. Karan kept the textbook aside & said, "Come." They stood around the bed. Sushila was sitting near Dhanaji. She also stood up. Pranav said, "That's not fair, Karan. Uncle has been serious for a week & you couldn't make a single call!" Karan looked down. Dhriti said to Sushila, "Namaste, Kaku." Sushila said, "Namaste. You all sit, I'm outside. They don't allow more people." & she left. Sameer asked, "Where's Aarti?" Karan said, "She has gone to her friend's home to study." Soon Sarja came inside. All of the friends moved aside. Sarja came near Dhanaji. She Sprayed some Gangajal on Dhanaji's body, enjoined hands, prayed for Dhanaji's wellness & left. Sameer asked, "What was that, bro?" Karan kept quiet.

Karan reached college. Nikki called him & came to him. They started walking towards their classroom. Nikki asked, "How's uncle now?" Karan said, "He can make little movements & talk a little, that's it! Nikki asked, "These days have been more stressful for you, haven't they?" Karan said, "It is Aai who said that I shouldn't miss the lectures, that's why I came, otherwise I wouldn't come until Baba doesn't recover." Nikki said, "But till then, you would have missed so many lectures!" Karan said, "There are 770 lectures in a year Nikki, but there is only one Baba!" Nikki kept hand on Karan's shoulder & nodded head. As soon as they entered the classroom, Dhriti looked at Karan & smiled. Karan also smiled. Nikki faked ignoring Dhriti's expressions & took her seat. Karan sat near Sameer. Sameer asked, smiling, "What?" Karan asked back, "What what?" Soon Sawant sir entered the classroom.

The bell rang & Karan came to the canteen. Soon he remembered something & he turned back. The owner was in front of Karan. Karan said somehow, "Uncle, I know I have to pay some bills but actually I need some more time. Will you cooperate with me, please?" The owner kept looking for a while & Karan remained in suspense for a while. The owner said, "That bill? That bill is already paid by your friends." Karan asked shockingly, "Friends? Which friends?" The owner said, "Those friends whom you gave the party to." Karan kept looking. The owner said, "And I'm here to ask how your father is." Karan said thinking, "Oh, he's recovering." The owner nodded head & left. Karan kept thinking. Next lecture was of Miss. Devkar. She entered with a set of answer sheets in her hand. Everyone greeted her. She said sitting, "Your performance is not much better. 21 is the highest score." She distributed the sheets. Karan was sitting near Sameer. Sameer had got 18. Sameer checked his paper & asked Karan, "You wanna check?" Karan said, "No. I'm afraid." Sameer asked, "Afraid of what?" Karan said, "Firstly, this confusing Miss & secondly, your scores!" Sameer asked, "What is the problem with Miss? She's smart, intelligent & a little beautiful too!" Karan ignored him & looked at Dhriti. She looked at Karan. Karan asked, "Your score?" Dhriti said, "11." Karan nodded head. Nikki had got 10. Miss. Devkar collected all the sheets & said, "Okay, let me inform you that roll nos. 21 to 40 will report their progress to me. I have your PTT scores on which we'll discuss a little. So, now all of you will come one by one. Firstly, Roll no. 21!" Nikki was sitting behind Karan. She taunted Karan, "Another bad luck, Karan! You're in Miss. Devkar's batch!" Sameer said, "Nikki, don't make fun of him." He said to Karan, "Karan, relax. Nothing's gonna happen." Karan asked, "Are you both making fun of me together?" They both laughed. Soon Miss. Devkar called Karan's number. Karan went to her. Miss. Devkar opened Karan's page & her eyebrows went up. Looking in the register, she read, "Karan Vichare, PTT 1st, AMS-ab, SOM-ab, MEM-ab, EEG-ab & MED-ab!" Everyone, except Dhriti laughed. Karan said, "Miss, my father was sick so…" Miss. Devkar asked in between, "Does your father use your body, Karan?" Karan looked at Miss. Devkar in anger. Miss. Devkar looked in the register for Karan's parents' number. She took her mobile & dialed the number. The mobile rang in that semi private room. Dhanaji opened his eyes. The mobile was distant from Dhanaji. Dhanaji called Sushila in a trembling tone but she wasn't nearby. There was no one else in that room except another patient who was sleeping. The mobile was continuously ringing. Dhanaji forced himself & stood up. The mobile stopped ringing. Miss. Devkar redialed the number & the mobile started ringing again. Dhanji walked to the mobile taking help of the wall & picked the call up. Miss. Devkar asked, "Hello, am I speaking to Vichare?" Dhanaji said, "Yes." Miss. Devkar said, "I'm Karan's teacher. I want to discuss his studies." Dhanaji asked, "Yes please. I'm Karan's father. How's he studying?" Miss. Devkar said, "Look, there was a test last week in which your son was absent. Such absence may affect his final scores." Dhanaji said, "You're right, madam. Actually he was at home because of me. I'm hospitalised & that's why he couldn't attend the test. But he'll never be absent as I'm feeling better now. Doctor & his medicines have worked very well." In an instance, Miss. Devkar's expressions changed. She said, "Karan shouldn't miss classes." Dhanaji said, "Sure." As soon as he disconnected the call, he lost his consciousness & fell down.

Karan entered the semi private room. Sushila was helping Dhanaji in drinking water. Karan said, "Leave the glass, Aai. He can drink the water." Sushila said, "He's saying he can't." Karan looked at Dhanaji. There was an injury on Dhanaji's forehead. Karan asked, "This injury?" Sushila said, "I had gone to bring tea for him. When I returned, he was on the ground, with this injury on head." Karan confusingly asked, "One minute! How did you get up from the bed, Baba?" Dhanaji said, "It was your teacher's call. There was no one here to receive so I did." Karan's confusion got worse. He asked, "You picked the call up? I thought it was Aai!" Dhanaji continued, "Yes. I was standing on my feet during the call. But as soon as the call disconnected, I felt like I've lost the power of my body." Karan was shocked. Soon Aarti entered the room. Karan asked, "Where's Aaji?" Aarti said, "She's outside." Next moment, Sarja & Karan were in front of Pujariji. They were in Pujariji's temple. Pujariji lit the lamp. He enjoined his hands & closed his eyes. Sarja & Karan were observing Pujariji's meditation. Pujariji went into a superconscious state. He was in a dark room in front of a chair. Pujariji said, "Mata..." The chair lit up & Miss. Devkar looked at Pujariji. She stood up & moved to Pujariji. Pujariji was sitting on knees enjoining hands. Miss. Devkar came to Pujariji & kept her right palm on Pujariji's head. Pujariji opened his eyes. Sarja & Karan were looking at him. Pujariji took a long breath & said, "We'll do Matarani's Jagrata." Karan kept looking at him.

There was MED's practical in the classroom. Some students were completing their drawing sheets. Miss. Devkar turned a page of the textbook & said, "Okay, the students from the first three rows, please come here." Sameer asked Dhriti, "Can you guess how many times Miss. Devkar does say 'okay' during a lecture?" Dhriti said smiling, "I don't know." Some students, along with Sameer & Karan, came to Miss. Devkar & stood up around her. Miss. Devkar said, "Okay see, today we'll discuss 'details to assembly'. This chapter weighs 20 marks out of 100 & these marks are of yours if you understand this topic. It's not that hard. For example, this universal coupling! The different parts are dismantled & given here. All we have to do is just decide which part fits where & assemble them in a single drawing as on the next page." She showed the next page & said, "That's it." Sameer taunted, "That's it, let's go." Students laughed. Miss. Devkar said, "You go, Sameer." Sameer said, "Sorry, Miss." Miss. Devkar said, "Go, Sameer." Sameer left. Miss. Devkar said to the remaining students, "Okay see, you'll draw the assembly in the same scale as in details. It is okay if the assembly looks big. In our drawing sheets, we'll draw in half scale because of the space limit, but in the exam, you must draw in full scale. And one more thing, in the whole assembly, you won't mention any dimensions or any names. The assembly should contain only limit, feat & tolerance symbols. The list of details will be in a corner. Okay, that's it. Any questions?" No one questioned. Miss. Devkar asked, "Karan?" Karan asked, "Miss, as we have to draw assembly from details, we should be familiar with that object, shouldn't we?" Miss. Devkar said, "Actually this is all about your imagination, but I agree with your point. Yes, we should be familiar with the object." Karan asked, "The world is fulfilled with objects. How can we be familiar with all of them?" Students laughed. Miss. Devkar said smiling, "You won't need to travel the whole world, Karan. You'll be asked for the objects in your syllabus only." Karan said, "But Miss, the syllabus is too vast. Can we…" Miss. Devkar said, "Okay, you meet me in the staffroom after college. We'll discuss that time. Anybody else?" That group left. The sun came in the left side window of the classroom. Sun rays fell on Miss. Devkar. Miss. Devkar said to Arun, "Arun, please close the window."

The bell rang for lunch. Packing her bag, Nikki called Sameer again but Sameer left with Dhriti. Karan came to Nikki & said, "Let's go, Nikki." Sameer & Dhriti moved to the canteen. Sameer asked Dhriti, "Did you understand 'details to assembly'?" Dhriti said, "A little bit. You?" Sameer said, "I just understood that Miss was angry with me." Dhriti asked, "Why don't you be serious at least in serious environments." Sameer asked, "Serious environments?" Soon dust went in Dhriti's eyes. Sameer said, "Let me help you." He opened Dhriti's eyes & blew it. Soon Nikki separated them & shouted at Dhriti, "Hey, you stay away from him, okay?" Sameer asked Nikki, "What happened, Nikki?" Nikki said, "I know what is happening." Dhriti said, "Nikita, he was helping me to…" Nikki cut Dhriti's sentence, "You shut up please." Karan asked, "Why are you being so rude to her, Nikki?" Nikki said, "Better you don't ask for the reason, Karan." Sameer asked, "What're you trying to say, Nikki? Make it clear." Nikki said, "Clear! Listen then. I feel jealous when I see you both together." Karan asked, "Jealous?" Nikki said, "Yeah, I mean that." Karan said, "What is there to be jealous of, Nikki? Dhriti never feels jealous when she sees us both together." Sameer exclaimed, "What?" Nikki got confused. Karan tried defending, "I mean, I mean..." Dhriti was just looking at Karan.

Miss. Devkar was reading a book. Other Professors were busy with their work. Karan came into the door & asked, "May I come in, Miss?" Miss. Devkar said, "Come in, Karan." Karan came to Miss. Devkar. Miss. Devkar opened the textbook & asked, "Tell me now, What're your doubts?" Karan kept asking questions & Miss. Devkar kept clearing Karan's doubts. 30 minutes passed. Karan said, "Thanks a lot, Miss." Miss. Devkar asked, "It took much of your time, didn't it?" Karan said, "I've got much more in return." Miss. Devkar asked, "Has MED become interesting now?" Karan nodded head in negative & said, "But it will." Miss. Devkar nodded head. Karan came out. Dhriti was sitting on the lawn. Karan went to her, sat near her & asked, "Still here?" Dhriti said handing a manual over to Karan, "This didn't let me go." Karan kept that manual in his bag. Dhriti said, "And… I wanted to talk to you..." She looked at Karan. Karan was looking at her. Dhriti asked, "Why are you looking like this?" Karan said, "Usually you don't object to my glance at you." Dhriti said, "These eyes are looking different today." Karan said, "Thank God! At least you know the language of the eyes. Tell me, What do they say?" Dhriti said, "They're dreaming to make the impossible possible." Karan said, "But I've heard that everything is possible." Dhriti said, "Everything is not possible, Karan." Karan held Dhriti's hand. Dhriti tried leaving. Karan said, "Don't leave. Face the situation." Dhriti said, "I'm not daring enough." Karan said, "A small dare can make your life." Dhriti said, "This can't happen." Karan asked, "Can you say the same looking into my eyes?" Dhriti kept looking. Karan kept looking. Dhriti rescued her hand & she left.

(To Be Continued...)