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The Agents - 4

*The Agents*

It's a wonderful day, think about it, Div is having fun in his dreams when he falls from his bed and sounds like Dhamma. Then Div shakes his head and then opens his eyes and sees that it is morning, Sikandar takes his bath from the bathroom of his room and wears black jeans and white shirt from the room's wardrobe. Vikram was completely ready and was waiting for everyone sitting in the hall below, Shiva and Ashoka were also getting ready and coming down the stairs that they both stop immediately. He was just standing and looking at Vikram, when Div came out of his room and was coming down the stairs while playing the city with his mouth that he saw hey these two madmen, why are they standing here? He laughs and stops near both of them and says that he was sitting intoxicated in the morning itself.

Then Shiva says that now we both do not know, but Vikram is definitely sitting, then Div says, brother, have you gone mad, how are you talking nonsense, then Ashoka says hey, you look at Vikram below. Sikander is about to go mad when he comes out of his room and starts calling someone while walking, but his phone does not ring and he also goes down the stairs and he sees that these three are standing on the middle of the stairs and below Vikram first calls someone by being himself and the other phone kept next to him rings and Div himself picks up that phone and makes his voice like a girl and says hello Vikram, how are I just yours Was waiting for the phone then Vikram speaks from his phone in his real voice Good Anita ji I would like to apologize for the delay, tell me how are you?????

Just then Miss Anita is coming out of the kitchen, Sikandar sees all this and he speaks in a loud voice Vikram is good, since when is his brother sitting down with Anita ji, Vikram hears Anita's name and put her phone down immediately. Cuts off and says was just waiting for all of you.

Then Miss Anita tells all of them that let's go to the university for admission of all of you. Then she says well I forgot my phone here, have any of you seen it? ,

Then looking towards Vikram, Div says that we have seen everything or not Vikram. Then Vikram says that yes, yes… this is what it is, just keep it on the table. So Shiva stares at Vikram and says Miss Anita, Vikram was using your phone. Then Miss Anita smiles and says in a way that you do not know that my phone is very secure, I am a RAW agent… It is not an easy task to open the lock of my phone.

Then everyone started looking at Vikram, those variables started to feel that Vikram has become a master in opening the lock, because Vikram used to play games by opening the lock of all these phones, then they used to think that this is the lock of our phone first. Takes a look and then opens. But Vikram opened the lock of a RAW agent's phone today, this means that he has become a master. Then Miss Anita says come on or else we will be late........

Then all of them sit in the cars standing outside, these five sit in a car. And in the car ahead, Miss Anita sits, Sikander speaks in the car. How did it break the lock of the phone? Then Sikander agrees with Div and says yes this Div is absolutely right, you did it on the phone. Then Vikram sighs and says hey, I tell you the whole thing, just keep calm first........