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Broken Heart Got Beautiful Smile

Broken heart got a beautiful smile

Rouni and Preeti were best friend from their school days. Both took admission to the same school. Both were living in the same colony. Rather than both live in another home but both spent their time together. Their homework, their lunch, breakfast and everything happened in a same home. Sometimes Rouni reached her home and sometimes Preeti reached his home. Their gossips, their fighting, their study was at a high level. They went to school together. Both sitting and studying together in the school and library. Both were not only best friends, but it seems like both were made for each other. Due to their behaviour, everyone said they are love birds and one day everyone will see they will fly in the sky leaving behind their parents. In this way, time passed with its own speed and they grew up with their own speed. Finally, they completed their 10th and 12th from their childhood school. Now they have to go for further studies. Both want to live together forever. So both wanted to take admission in the same stream and same college. But their guardians had its own thinking and perspective about their studies. One side of Rouni’s father didn’t allow him to take admission to the private medical college. Other side of Preeti I’d father didn’t allow her to move from her Hometown. Finally, their dreams are broken by their fathers. There was no choice left for them. Now it was fixed that they have to separate from their long-lasting togetherness and the same thing happened too. Within one month, Rouni’s father sent him to study in Patna university and Preeti’s father didn’t allow so, she took admission to the BCA programme in the Kishanganj. But sometimes you will say that you can move distances physically but you can’t move more distances from your heart. So even both were present in another two different cities, but the distance between their heart couldn’t be minimised. Their long-lasting talk on phone and heart-warming messages weren’t stopped. Whenever they reached at one place during the vacation, everyone can see their old friendship. Their playing, laughing, walking by, keeping hand together. All were, old but when they came together on holidays, their old days again started from the beginning. And all these things started in such a way that it seems like they were in a dream world.

They continued their relationship until one year of their new college. But sometimes it happens if you lost your trust from your relationship then nothing could happen further. Slowly, slowly, relationship will come on the verge of breakup and at that time you can’t do anything. Just like relationship between Rouni and Preeti. And the everlasting bond between them were broke in this way.

One day when she called him. His number got busy for several times. First day, she didn’t say anything to him. And the same thing happened with her various times. Now she lost her temper, and she also lost her trust in him. When she asked to him for this. He couldn’t say anything to him. Now her temper became high enough. In this way, their talking hour and bonding slowly started decreasing. Even when he went to Kishanganj, she had no response after his arrival and even when he came to her home, she totally ignored him. After seeing her behaviour, he felt awkward, and he asked from her about her changing behaviour. Then she asked him about his long duration calls. After a lot of instances from his side finally she became cool. But it was a heart which can’t be sewed easily if it got some injury. She was normal, but she always thought only about his calls. Everything was smooth in their life. Both were busy in their studies and, due to their busy schedule, their relationship was also on the verge of extinction, but it was more from Preeti’s side. With passing time, her behaviour changed day by day. She started ignoring him. Several times she didn’t pick his calls. Various times she saw his messages but didn’t reply. After seeing her behaviour he started thinking about her conditions and he tried a lot to manage such worst conditions of their life but he couldn’t. He cried in front of her. He promised various times in front of her, but she had no feelings for his conditions. It looks like her feelings were died for him.

Slowly, the distance between them started increasing. In this way, their relationship was about to last, which was from various years. Now, whenever he called her, she started blaming him for this. She started explaining various things in front of him. Several times, she blocked him from everywhere. Whenever she blocked him, his pain started increasing. He cried a lot about this. He didn’t eat for several days, but she had no effect on this. And one side he was mad on her. With every passing second, he tried to call her, but all went into vein because she blocked him. She only called him when she need him the most. Even she called him only for her own work, but whenever he talked to her for a few minutes, his heart became light and she started feeling well and his heart felt like a bucket of emotions for her. He started thinking only about him. Even if he saw any dream, then in her dream too, only she came. But all these things were only illusion which were not known by him. Even about illusion, he knew it was reality. But one day came in his life when he got news from her about her new relationship. That day she thought about dreams for which he thought it was reality, but that was only illusion. After hearing about her relationship, he became numb for sometimes. Even he became so mad at her love that he attempted for suicide. But by the sake of God, Doctors could save him. Even, after knowing his conditions, she had no effect of this. When he asked about this, she said only one thing: that now we have grown up and we can’t be one because we are of another caste so it is not allowed in my family. If I will do that, then I have to lose my parents which I can’t do in my life whether I have to leave my love.

Finally they set apart from each other. But she requested him to live with her like her best friend. He couldn’t say anything about this. After their break up, he was behaving like mad. But if lost your happiness, then it is not that you can’t get happiness again in your life. Happiness and sadness both are shadows of each other. Yes, after 3 months of their break up Rouni’s broken got a beautiful smile. He got a smile on his face back after the arrival of Ruchi in his life. He knew her from early days but their distance came closer 1 months ago and their relationship started from initial talk and it started increasing day by day. Both started sharing their happiness and sadness with each other. Both started sharing their past and present with each other. Slowly their bond of relationship became closer. It came so close that they started meeting together at different places whenever they got time. Sometimes you see love happens suddenly and you can say it happens without knowing each other and it happens in a fraction of seconds by their eye contact by knowing and reading their emotions. But sometimes it took time to know each other and thinking and feeling about each other. So here second things happened to them. After several meet together they passed. It was a time of departure of Rouni for his college. She started weeping in front of him. He expressed her emotions in front of him. She couldn’t resist herself in front of him. And all these things were sign of fell in love with him. Finally, she proposed to him. He accepted too. She promised him now I am yours. And I promise to you till my death I can’t leave you alone whether what will be the situations in my life. I will be always with you. After listening to her words and lines, he was on clouds nine. He also couldn’t resist himself and both hugged each other for a long time and started feeling the warmth if their body. After sometime train arrived on the station. He departed towards the train by hugging her finally and saying good bye and take care of her. She also said goodbye to him by wiping her tears, which flows from her eyes continuously.

Condition was worst for him for some days. He got heartbreak but finally his broken heart got a beautiful smile after gaining love in his life.

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