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  When  we are straight thinkers we create crystal clear path ahead. Past, present and future all three are in unique mode created by nature, we never change anyone of it but we can able to modify our way to live, feel, communicate and manage any drastic situation. As pendulum of clock click at each and every second, our thinking may flauctuate , so, consistency is more important than any other. our consistence thinking on one object give us a better clearance ,that is called unique formation of brain pendulum. how it affect since early life now we understand….

1. conception to mature fetus :- these whole process start since conception. As we know, this conception in womb converted in to baby tube. so, healthy tube formation must be needed for better devlopement of different part of body of fetus , so we can  rule out congenital anamoly during pregnancy. Every fetus get stimulated by their mother’s physiological, emotional and psychological response. Even they hear and respond accorading to voice and activity of mother. so, precise planning and behavior of parents should be needed during pregnancy period for better brain function.

2. Infancy and toodloorhood :- As per newer data, up to the age of 3,  90% brain devlopement occurs. so, infancy and toodler period needs more attention. because every neuronal cells get boosted during this period. Trillions of nerve cells and millions of synapses get beautifully formed but it is just a physiology. here every information has their own path. As child achieve their milestone it is supposed to not easy to get optimal milestone for better brain pendulum. This pathway has four gateways.

            1. get 2.store 3.access 4. Express.

What shuld be needed, To get right information in good surrounding ,which is well stored ,access it nicely and express it optimally. these precise gateway is needed for better brain Devlopement. So and so we consider exact milestone that child achieve.

3. childhood :- When child move to socialize, they need full emotional, psychological support and full care to gain  their confidence. here we say at childhood gateway 1 and 2 established and we further begin to go towards gateway 3 and 4. So, for  healthy mind parents and teachers should understand their roles and responsibility.

4. Teenage :-Hormonal burst occur in this period. here gateway 3 and 4 get established .so, they access and reflect right consider healty thinking process. In this age each cells in body get enerzied and if we deviate it in to right direction optiomal output can come in teenage period.

5. Adulthood :- At the age of adulthood brain function get fully established and remain same till the end of life. Millions of information get stored in our brain which is not possible to accurately access even  by world’s best computer. but as compare to  computer, we don’t have recycle bin and permanent deletion .because once we get some information it remain store as a file like open or hidden way in any level of consciousness in our brain. it is quite difficult to erase but possible by mind training , meditation and ancient yogic technique.

Neurons, synapses, cranial nerves  and different parts of brain like hippocampus ,gyrus, sulcus , papes circuit, many nucles, grey and white matter of brain these all physical parts of brain create sound cerebral system that will help us in establishing unique thinking process. As we achieve adulthood our brain pendulum get well set, so we acquire one thinking way, one process and one perfect outcome to happen in life.

Unneccasary attachment occurs due to disruputed thinking process. So, we need sound  and precise thinking  process for complete freedom….

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