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‘Every single bit of negative emotion drag you back in path of life.”

Life is a phenomenal journey of different experience which may be sour or sweet. Mostly we attach with these without our conscious knowledge .

“Mind never knows the exact path which you don’t pretended.”

Our senses, emotions and mechanism of mind play a role in theory of attachment.

1. Our senses when get touch with enviornment it makes feel good or bad. That also store in our brain. but when it gets disturbed we unneccsarily hang in circle of attachment.

2. Mind :- when mind get informed by any means . Information can convert in to short or long term memory in pape’s circuits. If this small part of brain get disturbed , every emotion and information which come through not get filtered well. Ultimately it produce firm unneccasary attachment in our life.

3. Negative emotion :- When we overthink about any untoward situation it disturb path of senses and mind. That make tight knots of attachment .

Lets take one example

john was best sportsman in Xavier collage . he was fine football player in his team. But at one day during practice he got ligament injury. So, he was not able to participate in football championship competition that was very important for state level selection .john want to be a national player. But after injury his aim got destroyed because of negative thinking. He was not able to accept that untoward event with him. So, his moral got down. Now even he was not play football after recovery. His recovery also made slow because his will power gone down. This negative emotion and unneccasary thinking covered his brain that ultimately create circle of attachment. After six month of contionus breakdown he met with one brilliant coach that was also mind trainer who understood whole event that made one storng negative circle in john’s mind . he gave him assurance and guide him well .he explained about how that event destroyed his faith , confidence and made him attached with harmful emotion . after a few months of training john was able to play naturally as he played previously. Now he merely dettached with that event and gained confidence once again. That was happy ending because life always give us second chance to rise again and we probably never miss it.

How to release it:-

1. pretended planning:- In someway we are alone in life. we are the only person that make sense how to live further. So, one make better plan for future that will firmly set our future event. so, it ultimate release some painful attachment automatically.

2. positive thinking :- we must change our way of thinking .so, if any event happened in our life and we firmly believe in positive way our negative emotion come through mind and senses that tight knots gradually release automatically and we walk in presence with our pretended planning.

3. mind training :- overthinking may harm us. Because of that detachment not possible. So, need cool and calm mind to operate. so, meditation and pranayam that cools our central nervous system and sharpen once again our senses. So, we release our attachment very confidentally.

When we dettach with this unneccasry buds, we will acquire the state of freedom and that freedom is sole of success and peace in our life.

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