7 LAYERS OF FREEDOM - 4 PDF free in Spiritual Stories in English



“Your behavior reflect your total identity.”

           Behavior is like an alphabet, as step by step we learn it ,we react right and at one stage established mature person within us will come out. this damn behavior depend upon our growth environment ,attitude, grasping and own acceptance.

‘Nothing to accelerate us without our well behaved agenda.”

         Your family, friends & collagues all appreciate us with our good behavior because it reflect our image in society. Behavior , a well behaved system of communication comes from following steps.

1. Enviornment :-  play a major role. your surrounding give you a hint to compete with rest of world very nicely. it is like a cucumber that you eat, crack,& digest it well. So if  we dealt with our  surrounding soundly all who come in your life appreciate the truthful behavior. Here we take an example

Mr. Albert was very fond of making friends but he was very shy in nature. He tried a lot but not able to open up confidently with others. This loneliness dragged him back in life. He read many books , joined a class so he could communicate well. But condition didn’t improve. he lost hope ,but one day he met Dr. Smith and dr. Smith saw what was going on in Albert’s mind. Because he was senior proffessor in one of the repuated university. Then he told Albert to come at his clinic where he took detailed history and he knew all about Albert. Then he knew the actual cause of his loneliness. The root of Albert’s behavior placed in childhood. Where he lost his confidence because he failed in high school once, His parents pressurized him in studies .but he was not able to study well. After that incidence his confidence gradually decreased and he felt depressed , so he was not able to mix with other friends. So, Dr. Smith advised him three changes that was changed whole life of mr. Albert. Think, feel and react . dr. Smith told if you correctly applied this three magical formula it will change your whole life. He applied it well and today mr. albert has many friends in his life.  

. 2. communication :- It makes great outcome when our communication  become strong. You have  better level of behavior as time goes.

3.Analytic mind:- As you analysed well your self & surrounding events, you better modify your behavior.


‘A Dream that we seen before show our attitude thereafter.”

        Our passive & shining attitude provide shield to our aim. our positive attitude towards any condition give us a kick for better tommrrow. As with this we control our surrounding & make best possible outcome for us.

Here we see one example

Mr. X is over confident in his promotion but not able to get at right time what is the cause behind this? His attitude to see the things right that is not favourable to him. So in both way you are over or underconfident it directly show  your attitude and it makes great impact on others to see how you are as a person.


“ If you want to win the battle, you grasp the things right “

                              If we have certain situations those are challenging for us, then we truly grasp & understand it well. so, we can overcome with our challenges and make our path crystal clear to reach our milestone.

Enviornment, IQ, EQ and our judicial power are neccassary tools for our personal growth. As we pick right, grasp nicely & accept the circumference well then we have better knowledge what to do. Sometimes we have some situation where we are not able accept then  loss or failure that make great impact in our life. So, this failure become our main hurdle for further loss in life. So, acceptance is necessary to clear our path & achieve our dream destination.

So, our wise behavior, shining attitude , judicial grasping & clear acceptance make apart all hurdles miles away. So,all these magical keys  give better level of freedom to us for future occurran