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A Theft That Never Happened


                                                 Story - A Theft That Never Happened  



Those were days when there were no cell phone and  internet services . One had to communicate by letters or landline phones . It was not easy to get landline connections . To get a landline connection from the general quota , one had to wait for years . Fortunately STD was available by then at public booths and  with many vendors  . Vinod went to a public booth to call all his three children . But he could talk to his eldest child , Ganga , his daughter . The younger daughter Yamuna and the youngest kid Ramesh could not be contacted . Ganga lived just next to the booth and the booth wala asked her to attend papa’s call . Fortunately all the three lived in the same city Ranchi , so Vinod thought Ganga might be able to convey his message to her sister and brother .  

 Vinod asked Ganga to come and meet as soon as possible and convey the same message to Yamuna and Ramesh .

After retirement Vinod used to live in Bihiya, a small town in Bihar while all his children were in Ranchi  . He lost his wife a couple of years back and he was not keeping good health . He wanted to distribute his properties equally among his children in his lifetime . 

After two  weeks all  his children came . Vinod equally distributed  among Ganga , Yamuna and Ramesh whatever moveable and immoveable properties he had . But Yamuna was not satisfied . She said “ After my marriage I helped you more than Ganga . I supported the expenses on  Ramesh’s education . I deserve a bigger part . “ 

Vinod was adamant on his decision and didn’t budge an inch . He said “ Unfortunately at the time of Ganga’s marriage I couldn’t afford to spend more and got her married to a  family  laden with heavy loans . Her husband had to look after four younger sisters also .But I was in a position to get you married with a bank clerk who belonged to a well-to-do family . “ 

Yamuna was not happy  and she left quietly. But since that very day she was very angry with elder sister Ganga and stopped talking to her or having any contact with her. Ganga used to write letters frequently but remained unanswered . 

Years passed by . Ganga’s husband had joined a big multinational company and posted in Indore . By then  both Ganga and  Yamuna had landline phones at their homes.  One day suddenly Yamuna rang up Ganga and said “ Di , my daughter is going  to Indore for studies . I want her to stay with you , if you allow “  

“  O my God . What a pleasant surprise . It will be the happiest moment of my life . It will be my pleasure to see you again after a long time . Your daughter can comfortably live with her Mousi as long as he wants . “

After a few days Yamuna along with her daughter came to Ganga’s house . She stayed there for a week . 

Next morning Yamuna was scheduled to leave for Ranchi . Before leaving she started searching her wrist watch . Ganga also  searched it thoroughly at her house but it was nowhere to be found . Yamuna said “ It was a new Titan watch with black belt. I bought it for Rs. 600 / “ 

Ganga was also surprised . This was the first incident of theft in her house. She had a part time maid  and a part time male cook . Incidentally both were present in the house at that time . Both her domestic help were trustworthy . When she asked about the watch , the maid  swore at her kids and husband and said “ No mam , I  have not seen any watch and  I don’t know anything about the watch . “ 

Next was the poor cook’s turn . He was hardly sixteen years old . He also said “ No madam trust me  , I  didn’t steal it nor I know anything about it . “  But Yamuna started beating him  and said “ You are the only one who can steal it . “ 

The poor boy kept pleading innocent but Yamuna was not ready to believe him . She  continued blaming and abusing him . When Yamuna tried to beat him again , Ganga stopped her from doing so and whispered in her ears “ What are you doing ? We have no proof that he has stolen . Even if he did steal , we can't behave like this .You know they have a union , if they complain to the police about our touture we will be in trouble. Stop beating him. I will try to get the watch back if he had really stolen it . “ 

 Ganga also felt insulted for theft in her house .  She was confused and her heart didn’t believe that the poor boy could be a thief . She said to Yamuna “ Ok.  accusing  him. Don’t worry , you are leaving in the morning . You will get your watch before that  .I am going to this boy’s house and get your watch back  if at all he has stolen it . Even if I don’t get it I will punish him , I will deduct Rs. 600 / from his wages to teach him a lesson  . ” 

The poor boy kept silent . Ganga asked him “ OK, you come with me . “

She went to the market  with the boy . She said “ Sorry boy , I am sure you have not stolen the watch . I will get a new watch from the market and give it to my sister Yamuna .” 

“ It means you are proving that I stole her watch  .”  The boy said 

“ No dear , don’t worry . I would make up a story . I will tell Yamuna that I had kept it in the kitchen wardrobe and forgot . While cleaning the kitchen late at night before sleeping I noticed  your watch . “ 

Ganga bought a new similar wrist watch for her sister and handed it to Yamuna late in the night saying “ Sorry dear . I had taken your watch to the kitchen to get time while cooking in the pressure cooker . I forgot about it . I don’t know what happened to my memory . I noticed it only while putting the sugar bowl in the cabinet .“ 

Next morning Yamuna left for her home . She rang up Ganga the very next day and said “ Di , I am terribly sorry . I forgot to wear my watch and I left it here at my house itself. I am so sorry for my poor memory . It means the poor boy was really innocent . I think  you bought a new watch for me . I will return it when I come to you  next time . “  







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