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Revenge of the Ghost - 43

Baba stepped out of the car with an energy of a youngster. Nagesh was surprised to see that energy burst. But it was not an energy burst it was a nagging feeling about Ravindra’s safety and adrenaline rush which pumped Baba’s blood with an energy burst. Baba walked towards fainted Ravindra and asked everyone to give them some space. Baba checked for the talisman, and he felt a deep shock to his guts as it was not there. Ravindra was in grave danger and in his current situation no doctor could help him. The ambulance arrived at the gate. Constables lifted Ravindra and put him on the stretcher. Baba knew this was a fruitless exercise as this was not a medical issue. The ghost had done something to Ravindra, and it was out of the boundaries of medical science to understand what was wrong with Ravindra.

Despite of Baba’s protests the constables put Ravindra in the ambulance and the ambulance started its journey towards the nearest hospital. Nagesh understood what needed to be done and he also started his car. Nagesh was chasing the ambulance and they were on high alert and looking for signs around them or the ambulance. Ravindra was accompanied by the same constable who worried and saw something unexplainable. Ambulance took a sudden turn because of a stray dog and Ravindra opened his eyes and they were blood shot eyes. It was not humane. The constable was stunned and frozen at his place and every fibre of his body was shivering with fear. Ravindra stared the constable and spoke in a ghastly voice, ‘where are you taking me and where is he?’

The constable was jaw locked and was unable to utter a single word. Suddenly Ravindra stood up and started to choke the constable. The constable was taken aback with sudden attack and could not process what was happening. Then his police training kicked in and he tried to stop Ravindra. In doing so the door was opened and they both fell out of the moving ambulance. Nagesh was behind them, and he was driving at a high speed. He applied brakes as hard as he could, and the car halted with a very hard jolt. Every joint in the passengers of the car was almost dismantled and they were dizzy and unable to process the reality.

Baba came to his senses the earliest and stepped out of the car and looked at Ravindra who was about to kill the constable. Baba pulled a talisman out of his bag and slowly sneaked behind Ravindra. Ravindra suddenly looked back when Baba was about to put the talisman on his neck, and he left the constable and pushed Baba with an evil force. Baba almost flied a few feet in the air and fell on the ground with a thud. Baba was weak and he could not bare this trauma and about to lose his consciousness. Baba shouted for Nagesh, and he came running towards him, but he was too late. Baba fainted with an almost fatal blow. Nagesh was very angry, baba was everything for him and he was there fainted. Suddenly, he saw something in his hand, and he picked up. That was the talisman for the protection of Ravindra. He immediately realised the situation; it was not Ravindra who was doing all these.

Nagesh was there between Baba and Ravindra. The constable was trying to breathe some air and trying to get the sense of the situation around him. He was unable to comprehend what was going on with his Ravindra sir. He recalled those blood shot eyes, and a shiver ran down his spine. But he was a policeman, and he knew how to overcome his fear and fight for the same. He saw that Nagesh was trying to save Baba from Ravindra.

Meanwhile Shashtriji stepped out of the car after recovering from a herculean spine shattering jolt. Shashtriji rushed to help Nagesh as he knew that together they could fight the evil force driving Ravindra. Baba was still unconscious and that was not good. Shashtriji pulled some sort of powder(bhasm) from his bag and chanted some mantras and blew that powder towards Ravindra. Ravindra closed his eyes immediately and shrieked in agony. Ravindra started to fill dizzy after three four blows from Shashtriji and fainted. Nagesh and Shashtriji took a sigh of relied temporarily. Nagesh quickly tied the knot of the talisman around Ravindra’s neck. Ravindra was safe for a while as per Nagesh and Ravindra. But they were completely unaware of the grave situation as Baba was unconscious there was no one to guide them too.

Nagesh, Shashtriji and the constable lifted Ravindra and Baba one by one and put them in Nagesh’s car. The constable was aware of the situation by now and he knew that the doctor would be helpless in this situation. The car was destined to reach to that secret place, and it was supposed to be eventless till that time.

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