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Love is Complicated - 24

One month passed Logan and I living together and I am happy that I don’t have to care what people think or say about me. I am concerned for my family. I often call them and every time our conversation ends with their question. When will I come out from this trauma? They talk as if I am ill and need medication. Even Mr. Davis told them that they should accept their son’s choice. In a country like US people also suffer because of the sick thinking. Few are lucky one who had to struggle less for their acceptability but some like me face rejections and stereotypes. But life goes on and now I hardly call them. I want to give them some time. Sometimes my brother-in-law Ayden calls and we talk as before because my decision has made no difference to our relationship. Sarah, Logan and I go out for dinner. As a PR Sarah helps Weston to promote his art shows in California and in other countries. In fact, he has built friendly relationship with Weston and Sarah. Carol is not happy because she says that I have betrayed Elena badly therefore I avoid meeting her. I wonder what if after their marriage she changes Weston also.

Logan searches a place for his paintings as he is ready to open his own art gallery and export-import his paintings. We finalise the place. Evan, today I speak to Simon he says. I look at him. ‘I owe an apology to him’. He didn’t talk much and only says that our dream house will be completed soon as construction work is going smoothly and fast and he is now not interested to keep it. He further says if Evan is ready to purchase then we can talk about the settlement regarding money. I don’t have any issue regarding this but need to do some paper work and Weston opinion also matters. Let’s celebrate the purchase of your place and smile and he smiles back. We go to a restaurant name “fizzy”. They offer fantastic snacks and coffee. We order Irish coffee with grilled sandwiches and muffins. I ask logan If you want, we can move to Georgia. You will make huge profit there. We have a beautiful house here and we need not do money wastage in relocating. He replies while bites his sandwich. Even Simon had a house then why you spend on all this? I ask while taking a sip of coffee. Simon wanted to move to Georgia for his business that’s why I selected that place. But you have your business, family and friends here so we don’t have to move. I am glad that you care about the people who belongs to me. Thanks. They belong to me as well. I always miss my mother. I met your mother; she is so sweet. He smiles. Yes, she is! I smile back.

Today, this place is crowded I say while looking around. But this is a huge place it hardly matters. He drinks his coffee. Then two people catches my attention and they were Carol and Peter. Is she doing her wedding shopping with Peter? Silly girl, I say slow so that Logan doesn’t hear. I wonder what they are talking about? Carol looks serious and even Peter. Peter talks too much and Carol is seriously listening to him. Hope one day Weston also finds Carol seriously listening to him because generally my friend always hears what she says. Still, they are madly in love with each other and we learn to live with imperfections. Because nobody is perfect. What are you watching? he interrupts my thoughts. I point to Carol and he also sees them. Should we go and say hello to her? he asks. No, see they are about to leave and they are discussing some work so we shouldn’t disturb them. I say to him. And he agrees. After few minutes they leave and we also pay check and come home.

At night, I play basketball with Logan in our basketball court. We laugh and enjoy the game. Hello guys! we see Weston standing. Hello! come and join us. I ask him. No, I am not in a mood. We stopped. You must be tired of shopping for your wedding which is after a week on Christmas. Logan says with a smile. Well, I go and get some drink till then you people talk. Logan leaves and we both sit on the couch in the court. You sound shattered, I look at Weston’s face. I am. What happen? Did you people fight? I ask. He remains silent for few seconds and speak Carol is pregnant. Hey! Congratulations it’s good news but why you look sad? Alright, you are not ready to become father right now. I understand after marriage this day will come so why not now? I am happy for Weston. Carol is not pregnant with my child. He looks at me and I sit shocked. What are you saying? Does she sleep with someone else? My tongue loses control.

She has cheated on me and guess with whom? Weston sounds emotional. I hold his shoulder and says her ex-boyfriend Lucas? I don’t know why I take his name as someday Weston told me that she still talks to Lucas as both are in same profession. No, it is not Lucas, he got engaged last year. So, he is not in the picture. Then who? Tell me, I am curious. That asshole Peter Garfield. His mouth turns red and he twitches his fist. My mouth drops open. Logan also listens but he quietly moves inside as he realises that how serious the situation is.

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