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Love is Complicated - 2


It saddens me to remember that Sarah recently lost her father and I and Evan were not there at that time when she needed us because we had to go to France and after our return, we were told that you left for Australia. Weston explains the situation. It’s okay guys uncle Ben and aunt Victoria were of great help at that time. I was feeling lonely because few years back I lost my mother and now my father. Therefore, I decided to take a break and thought that change of environment can do something good and moved to Australia. I could clearly see the sadness in her eyes. It seemed as if she is going to cry. Oh dear! Weston and I suddenly stand and sit around Sarah. You need not to feel alone when you have a family. I console Sarah and Weston asks her to join our company because she is excellent in dealing public relations and told her not feel solely because we are your family too. Victoria wipes her tears. But meanwhile I notice Elena and Carol face and introduce Sarah to both of them. Sarah, she is Elena my girlfriend, and she is Carol my sweet heart, Weston says with a big smile. Hello Sarah! It’s nice meeting you. We never knew they have a childhood friend like you! Elena says while looking at my face.

I know Elena for two years now, and could easily understand her expressions. She hates when I hide things from her. I wondered what Carol was thinking as much as I know her, she is not that possessive but today she looks weird. Sarah! Carol my life, is a superb event organiser, she organises h-town celebrity parties. Weston saves the situation by praising her because she loves to be praised in public although it is a lie but doesn’t matter because to my knowledge, she once organised Tom Cruise party because of my connections. She basically organises business parties and marriages for common people. What about you Elena? Asks Sarah? You must have heard my name I am a big name in the fashion world famous ‘Elena Patterson’. She finishes her drink in one sip. I don’t know much about fashion industry Sarah replies. No problem, Sarah you will see the magic of Elena very soon as she will gift you a dress on your birthday which comes next month. Elena is triggered at once hearing this but I enjoy the situation.

Then it is decided that Carol will organise your birthday party and Elena will gift you a dress from her latest collection. Weston holds the drink and everyone cheers up. As dinner comes to an end, my mother Victoria, plays a song and father Ben raises a toast and the air is filled with love. My mother plays her favourite George Benson song on piano:

Nothing's goanna change my love for you
You oughta know by now how much I love you
The world may change my whole life through
But nothing's gonna change my love for you

I really wonder that how my mother loves my father endlessly from her childhood apart from having such differences in their relationship. she never gives up. She is a brave woman. I remember the days that how my father was addicted to alcohol in his young days because of bankruptcy. He always humiliated my mother but still she managed and convinced him for a rehab treatment and slowly she tried to make things better. And eventually my father realised that he is incomplete without her. Now they have been together for thirty years of life. Sometimes, I think would I be able to love Elena that much. Suddenly, I get distracted by the applaud and come back from my past memories.

Dad, today I met Simon and next week I will be going to Georgia to design his new house. Go Son his father and I were great friends. You must give your best and I have no doubt on your talent. He hugs me and my mother kisses on the forehead. They also shower their love on my other three friends. Sarah you are always welcome in our company as PR and never forget that we are always there for you Weston says to her. Seeing Weston’s attitude towards Sarah, Carol is jealous and I thought in my mind that after reaching home he will be chopped into pieces and tries to hide my smile but Sarah refuses to join as she wants to fulfil her past responsibilities for now. She says that we both are great friends to her and in future if she changes her mind, she would let us know. You are always welcome Sarah! We will meet on your birthday next month and I hug her and we all leave for our home.

After a long silence, Carol shouts that how dare you promised her a birthday party without asking me and explodes on Weston like a bomb on the road. Darling! she is our dear friend and we were trying to make her happy. She seems to be more than a dear friend and Elena also joins Carol while looking at me.