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Love is complicated - 3


She has lost her parents and is feeling alone, so what friends are for? We were just trying to make her happy and you should feel good that your lover is sensitive, Weston kissed her cheeks while saying. I am not in a mood to continue this conversation says Carol. I know Weston is more emotional and sensitive than me. He always tries to make his dear ones happy. Sometimes, I think if Carol leaves him how would he manage because I know he loves her so much. I stopped the car as we reached Weston’s place, they wished goodnight and went inside. After few minutes when we reach home Elena bangs the door of the car and without saying a word she slips into the bedroom. At once, I understood that this is silence before the storm. I closed the door and our dog Nubby come and hugs me. I spend some time with him and went to bedroom hoping that clouds may have passed silently.

As I entered the room, she closed her eyes and pretends to sleep, leaving her nighty unbuttoned and even she doesn’t remove her makeup. I put bedsheet on her to make her comfortable and kissed her forehead. But suddenly she opens her eyes and turns face towards me and asks about Sarah that why I didn’t talk about her earlier? I took long breath and reply that it is more than two years that I didn’t see Sarah. That’s why didn’t find it important to tell you about her. Anyone who is attached to your life is important for me to know. Understood! She shrieks and don’t ever try to hide anything from me. Alright, my love I kiss her lips and her anger melts and we both in one bedsheet and she hugs me tightly and closes her eyes. I ask her to remove makeup and she says that I remove it with my skills and I understood her intentions in her cunning smile.

Next morning, Elena leaves early. I was having breakfast and reading newspaper when my phone rings Hello Evan! Simon. I have sent the details of my home project through an email. I am going back to Scotland. You enjoy some fresh air of Scotland and I will be in Georgia next week only because I have some business commitments here for this week. Evan, actually my partner Logan is in California right now for work. I want you to meet with Logan and you will get to know more about our home project and soon you can start the work. Simon explains the situation. Your partner can come to my office and we can detail the plan because I can only manage to come next week. Alright Evan! I understand and Simon hangs up the phone.

So, Weston you have come one piece, I thought you would be in a hospital after what happened last night, I tease him. Oh! Come on man I love her and she loves me too. I will be happy even if she cuts me into pieces. Elena is more possessive than Carol and I wonder how did she react after you asked her to design Sarah’s birthday gift? Weston asks. Well, she is, but she understands that Sarah and I are childhood friends. She just didn’t like that why I never told her anything about Sarah before and I promised her that this will never happen again after all she loves me and I love her too. While saying I felt as if I am testing myself though I know I love her but…. I love her! Weston, lover boy, concentrate on work now. You have to handle Norway project because I will be going to Georgia next week for Simon’s project so we need to take meeting with the whole team. Yes, I know, but after few minutes we have lunch says Weston Meanwhile, I get a call from reception that Mr. Logan wants to meet me. Ok, send him in. Who’s logan? Weston asks. Simon’s Partner. Is he a gay? I don’t know I reply.