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Stop Child labouring

Once upon a time, a girl name is repenzul she's mother has been deadth before 3 years when she's at the age of 10 years . She's step mother treated has been like a beggar . She has no room to sleep. She will sleep only in kitchen . She has no cloth to sleep in floor . When she ask to her stepmother for a cloth , her stepmother gave a dirt kitchen cloth . She has gave a smile and go , but she has cried a lot in back of life . She had a high fever but her step mother and anyone in her house didn't mind her . She's stepmother will gave a small bowl of food 2 times per day . When she have fever her step mother has gave a cold curd rice . When repenzul has been going to heat the rice . Her step mother has pour the rice , and scold her for a simple thing . And repenzul has been crying and go for sleep . She was very hungry . When her step mother goes to sleep . She has done a medicine in midnight with high fever and cold and vomiting . Suddenly she has vomit when she has see the sky. She ask to God has why God you have gave birth to me . Why ? Why everyone has seeing me like a beggar . Why ? You have gave me a lot of trouble ? Like than she was seeing the sky and asking to God . Next day morning she has no strength to wake up in the morning and her fever and cold has been increased . Her stepmother keep on saying to work her and scold . When a guest has been come to she's home . The guest is asking how is she ? The step mother says she is servent . Repenzul has been says I will go to bathroom and come . When she goes to bathroom she cries a lot . After she wash the face and come . Her step mother and guest says we are going out you stay here . Finally she has cried a lot !
She has done a last decision she had eat all tablets and die . When her step mother after finishing the party when her step mother has been coming in car her step mother suddenly crying and thinking about her's mistakes . When she reach home and open door repenzul was die on floor by eating tablets . Step mother cried so hard . Moral : - every child's are god's other face so stop the child labouring .
Number of child labours in India during 2021 ?
Child labour rises to 160 million – first increase in two decades .
Written by Aksharaa.s
Published in matrubharti as akshu books
On 9th January 2022
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Nowadays parents give the technology to the child's hand. But there are not watching the children when there are mobile.parents are requested to spend time with children but not in technology.

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very beautifully has written for those who have no sense and concerns for children. i like to read your story well massage for society


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