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Accidental Love

Accidental Love

(A different love story)

by Vamanacharya

It was early morning at six am. The train was moving very fast and suddenly stopped just before the platform of Raghavpur station.

Apurva, a young woman from Delhi was visiting Raghavpur to see the tourist spots like hills, lake, bird sanctuary, tall trees and varieties of flowers. The train started to move after three minutes.

She got down in Raghavpur station. It was her first visit to the town. Apurva was aware that she didn’t know the local language Kannada and thought she could manage with Hindi and English. There was a big sign board 'Welcome to tourist centre Raghavpur' at the railway station. A booklet containing the information about the tourist spots was given to her.

Apurva had already booked a room through the internet in Hotel Nisarga International.The hotel owner Rama prasad Sharma warmly welcomed her.

"Madam, this young man is my son Prabhat. He is working as a manager and guide to tourist spots. You may take a rest and come back after one hour."

Apurva just smiled to see the grand personality and the style of the young man Prabhat speaking in English. She understands that Hotel Nisarga International became popular due to Prabhat, whose innovative ideas like guide to the tourists, arranging transportation, breakfast, lunch, dinner from his hotel and attracting the customers with novel gifts. People appreciate Prabhat for his efficient hotel management even though he was a school dropout.

Prabhat was ready at nine am with a bus full of tourists. Apurva was waiting for the bus. For every tourist, he charges on a package basis including tiffin, coffee, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Tourists had a feeling of homely sumptuous food. He was a singer and sung many popular film songs for the entertainment of the tourists. Guide service was free. Bus left towards spots well in time. Just after fifteen minutes the bus reached the tourist spots. Raghav Hills, Pavani Lake and Raghavpur bird sanctuary situated in one place. The birds were flying above the lake towards the sky with different voices. The tourists got down from the bus and viewed the natural scene. Tea and snacks were arranged. Prabhat starts explaining about the spots.

"This bird sanctuary is a paradise for bird lovers and nature lovers. The area is spread over in 0.50 sq.meters . It's a nesting ground for about 150 species like painted stork, kingfishers, crane, cuckoo, dove, hawk, jay and hummingbird bird. Boating facilities provided to the tourists. The Pavani lake never dried up even in summer. The different varieties of flowers are lotus, jasmine, sunflower, daisy, tulip, magnolia and lavender. The tall trees have added natural beauty. Please do not enter the lake."

All the tourists had lunch under the shade of trees. The tourists were happy and enjoyed the beautiful nature.

By the time everything was over by four pm, suddenly, Apurva fell down due to giddiness and she was unconscious. Prabhat and others were in panic. Prabhat took her to Durga Multi-Speciality hospital, Raghavpur in the tourist bus with the help of lady tourists. All the tourists were upset and returned to the hotel.

The doctor examined her and started treatment immediately. She gained consciousness and felt better after half an hour and asked,

"Why am I here in the hospital?"

The doctor on duty said,

"Madam, you must be thankful to Prabhat, who brought you here immediately for treatment. If there was a delay, your life would have been under great risk."

She realised that after the long journey of twenty hours in the train, the rest for a day was essential.

She saw Prabhat standing beside the doctor. Apurva was emotional and her eyes sparkled with joy and overwhelmed with love. Noticing that, Prabhat approached her and shook hands with her lovingly.

She said, "I wanted a person like you, who comes into my life by accident and stays on purpose. I fell in love with you, accidently, unexpectedly and wholeheartedly."

Those present there were clapping hands continuously and wished the lovers a very happy life.

The surprising fact was that Apurva was MBA and awaiting an executive job in the reputed company, whereas Prabhat was a school dropout just managing a hotel in a small place.

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Ashok Kaushik

Ashok Kaushik 2 months ago

Nice narration. Some more dialogs, instead of a running text, would have made the reader feel a part of the story to a larger extent.

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Mahendra Makwana 4 months ago

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