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No Policy In Love-Part 13-Self control

Naomi's POV

I was, as always, with my gang, in the canopy of Phal, the fresh fruit juice stall outside on the lawn, with rabbits hopping, squealing, and burrowing at the silent corner far away from us. We sat in a circular arrangement around the white table whose legs stood crossed on the floor. It was around mid-October yet long shades of sunshine covered us that afternoon.

With my notes at the center of the table, I was busy explaining the topic of search warrants which Akshat sir had taught. I saw the girls nodding and Tanvi noting the important points as I spoke. However, Karan found it hard to stop his eyes from shutting. He slapped himself every time he yawned. He was resting his head on his black water bag which he hugged like a spongy pillow.

He had passed with the marks as minimal as possible, in our first internal. We were scared that his grades would go soarer this time. I thus decided that he ought to get a little more attention than my other friends.

“Summing up, as lawyers, that's what we must be aware of search with and without warrants, police search during investigations, and general principles of search. Did you understand?”, asked I. Again, my girl students smiled and nodded happily, especially, Vyomi, my bestie. I turned at Karan who, looking at me, swallowed his yawn.

Love is so blind that it just happens unexpectedly.
You may fall for anyone!
Would you let go of your policy if you fell for someone you shouldn't? What would you choose-your policy or your beloved?

When I shrugged at him and gestured him to sit erect, he smiled and leaned back on his chair, closing his eyes, extending his arms, and yawning so loudly that a string of Tanvi’s guitar broke for she sat right next to him. Vyomi, Diya, and I sat opposite them yet had to close our ears on time, to survive the lion’s roar!

“Karan, study you idiot!”, scolded Vyomi, frowning at him.

“Akshat sir taught so well including real-life examples of court cases in class. Another revision is necessary as our next internal is fast approaching. I just explained the important points that Akshat sir had discussed and look at what you had been doing! Have some seriousness, Akshat!”, warned I.

“Akshat?”, exclaimed my friends at me; this time, Karan seemed extra active-his sleep disappeared as he bulged his eyeballs and grinned.

I looked around to see that all four pairs of puzzled eyes were on me. Vyomi winked at me while Karan threw out his whooping cough.

“I meant Karan...Have some seriousness, Karan!”, corrected I, at which my friends cheered an Oh and I blushed. I gestured for them to stay quiet and focused. I clarified,” Just a slip of my tongue, guys…It happens..”

“No way!”, exclaimed Vyomi, getting up from her seat.

“You are thinking about him...Missing huh?.. He will come tomorrow-it’s his morning class too!…”, my friends began to tease me although I continued denying them.

“Brinda ma’am!”, said a male voice, interrupting us.

Our senior Rahul who had passed out by then came walking towards Brinda ma’am who sat tables away from us, sipping a bottle of fresh lemonade, at the other corner of the inn. She handled the law of taxation that semester. She looked up at him who blushed at her. As she, in her yellow saree and black coat, stood up surprised at him, he knelt in front of her and extended a rose up at her, proposing,” I love you, ma’am!”

“Aww! So cute!”, whispered Vyomi. I shrugged at her.

“You again?”, exclaimed Brinda, sharing an awkward look at our only gang at Phal.

We felt awkward and looked away from the scene.

She turned back at her proposer and continued, frowning,” What the heck, Rahul? Isn’t this the second time you are doing this to me? No-no-no-never…Go away now!”

Rahul rose slowly and described, blushing at her,” Ma’am, you must have given it a second thought by now, I felt…See, the last time I was unemployed and was still your student back then. Today, the last time two years ago, you told me that I had to first settle in my life. But, I am a confident graduate and a team leader at a leading MNC as well. I mastered coding after my law degree for I had always loved it. It is less likely for you to reject me this time….”

She took her phone whose screen she had been scrolling as she sipped her cold coffee till then, shook her head at him, and began walking away. He blocked her way, insisting,” Say something, ma’am…”

“Shut up, Rahul. There is a difference of seven years between you and me. How do you expect this to happen? I am elder…”, she spoke out.

He caught her hand and shrank his eyes at her who still frowned. He suggested,” Ma’am, it's completely fine. I love you and you too love me, I can feel it…why should you hide and run away now? I am settled and so are you. The age gap is not an issue at all. Calm down!”

She denied that she hadn’t loved him and he denied her. Just as she stumbled on one of the tables and moaned as she was about to fall back, he caught her by her hip. They were engaged in each other’s eyes then.

As Vyomi aww-ed again, I refused at her, telling them that he troubled Brinda ma'am and we had to save her from the awkwardness. Brinda’s eyes went on us. She pushed Rahul and rushed towards the outlet which stood to my right.” So, coffee today at 5 PM?”, offered the romantic guy. Before stepping out, she turned behind, smiled at him, and left. He too jumped and ran out.

“So cute! I never thought Brinda ma’am was in love!”, complimented Diya.

I shook at her. I stood up and condemned,” Dude come on…Guru Devo Bhava! Our professor is our god. How could he fantasize about her? Such a flirt.”

“Why not?”, argued a voice behind me.

I turned behind. Hogging from a packet of Lays chips, he neared and stood closer to me. He offered me his snack but I refused. He questioned,” Naomi, why shouldn’t a student and the guru fall for each other? What’s wrong with the thought?”

My friends supported him. However, I stuck to my point of view like a passport-sized photo sticking to an application form.

“No way, Akshat sir. It's wrong. A student must respect their professor..”, said I.

“How come? Does it mean that a student does not respect their professor anymore if they love them?”, interrupted he.

“Akshat sir, Guru Devo bhava!”, repeated I, adding,” How can a student even dream of their professor at such an odd angle?”

Chewing his snack, he laughed, shrugging,” So what? Love and respect are interrelated. Won’t one respect whom one loves?”

I grabbed my bag on my shoulder and argued,” No way, Akshat sir. What sort of ill-mannered behavior is that? A student must have self-control…”

He chuckled, blushing and highlighting,” Looks like I should lecture you not only on law but also on love. Kiku, love is out of one’s control. How can the poor student or even the poor lecturer control? You cannot control your feelings for someone or decide whom you should love…”

He stepped closer and continued,” Thus, anyone can love anyone!”

He brought his meek and hesitant eyes towards me. I noticed that his eyes were a little brownish too. He blushed and concluded,” Love just happens with anyone anytime! It happens at an unexpected hour of your life. By the time you open your eyes, it will be too late.”

I neared my eyes towards his, looked inside, and resumed my argument,” That’s wrong. One must be able to control oneself at any cost, may it be anger, stress, tears, or anything else for that matter. Similarly, one must control one’s emotions of the love for someone whom one is not supposed to fall for.”

Vyomi intervened to us,” Guys, please stop! First of all, tell me if you have ever fallen in love before?”

Haha! Will Naomi control her love when she falls?

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