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She Lost__Incomplete love story - Part 2

At last one night Manav held Amy's hand and pulled her towards him.Anu said while trying to get out of his grip,"what are you doing?"
"Right now you don't have to he right to love me like this."
"What did you mean?"Manav said after listening to her.
"We are not married yet,"Anu was not ready to surrender before marriage.
Manav said while expleaing to Anu,"We are not married but are engaged.If ee have grown up ,we will get married one day.What difference does it make if both of us have to become husband and wife.We make physical relationship before marriage or after?"
Anu thought on Nana's explanation.What difference does it make when she is to be married to Manav.Physical contact is made before or after marriage.And this idea came to to mind and Anu surrendered.
Sex is also an addiction,like smoking and alcohol Once addicted,it does not stop.After that night ,Manav and Anu started living as husband and wife She was believed that marriage is a ritual to show society.If a male woman wants to live like a husband and wife without performing ritual. Now the courts are also recognising such relationship.
And slowly the cycle of time started. Anu was happy with Manav.Her days were spent laughing and smiling. One day Manav returned from the office,then there was a young girl with him. Manav said before Anu could ask anything about that young girl.She is Shreya.Today she has joined my company She has come from Delhi. She will stay with us till there is no arrangement.
Shreya was more beautiful and flamboyant than Anu.She was more modern and open minded than Anu.Shreya was attracted to Manav in her first meeting.
Manav used to leave to house with Anu earlier but now he started coming with Shreya.
Anu's ears became alert on seeing Manav's growing affection towards Shreya.One day Anu said while exploring to Manav,"We are engaged.So it is not right to take intrest in Shreya."
"You know very well she works with me in my company.She is staying with us.If she comes with me. What is wrong in this?"
Anu had explained Manav with love several times,but Anu's explanation did not affect him. Anu understood,Manav,Manav by taking more interest in Shreya and seeing his day to day activities.If she doesn't do anything quickly then Anu will get out of his hand
What to do?How to separate Manav from Shreya? After much thought,Anu took leave and went to Delhi.
Anu did not hide anything from her mother.After listening to her daughter Radhika talked her sister Nita.
Nita went to Manav's house . She talked Manav's parents.After long discussion and after a month wedding day was fixed.Anu called Manav but she did not pick-up her phone.
And she returned to Mumbai.And she reached house after reaching near the door she stumbled.The lock was hanging on the door.
Then Anu came to Vibha house.
"What you saying?"Anu surprised
"Manav and Shreya have gone to honeymoon"
"But after marriage
"You are right"Vibha said,"yesterday they both married in court and went for honeymoon at night"
Listening the truth the ground got out from Anu's feet
Anu felt cheated.She was badly defeated by surrendering to the faith of marriage.

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