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Do you face failure for at least a single time in your life? Or,
do you let me know a single successful person who never
failed? I heard you said no, a big NO. My dear! You are all right. It
is next to impossible to find a successful person who never failed.
Here I want you to read the above sentence twice. I would like
you to spotlight the word “successful person”. If someone is never
failed it means he or she never tried to succeed. Nobody is immune
to failure. For a better understanding let’s have an example, to
learn bicycle riding you must be prepared for the injury and the
pain, which you will get as a bonus during the learning process.
But that doesn’t mean that you should not give it a try – to learn
bicycle riding.
What does failure to you? Does it mean not getting success? Does
it mean not scoring good marks? Does it mean to get rejected
from everywhere? Is it mean to not select in an interview? Or,
does it mean not getting what you desire?
That's all is not enough to define failure. What we have discussed

are just a few illustrations that we can term as a failure. It’s all
unfulfilled desired which are not synonymous with failure.
When you Google the term failure, you may get various results.
Google dictionary defines failure as a “lack of success” or a person
or thing that is not successful. Cambridge Dictionary defines
failure as “the fact of someone or something not succeeding”.
Wikipedia explains failure as a Failure is a state or condition of
not meeting a desirable or intended objective and may be viewed
as the opposite of success. But the point is how you consider
According to Google, all those explanations are correct. But
it doesn’t matter. What matters -how do you consider failure?
What is the meaning of failure according to you? What's your
definition? What are your thoughts? What's your understanding?
— That matters more.
Let me make it more easy to you. As we know that failure and
success are two sides of the same coin one cannot exist without the
other. So let me discuss some aspects of success that might help
you to understand the real meaning of failure as well as success.
* * *

Failure is indeed!! What matters more is balancing between failure and success .
The book FAILURE : IT NEVER ENDS UNLESS....!! Is all about dissection of your failure. FAILING always leads you to the door of succes . Just you are a step away from your success.

This book will guide you to move towards succes. Succes is not anything that you get overnight. You have to devote yourself .

This book is the perfect guide for your failure and succes . You just have to maintain balance between that.

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