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A very warm greetings to my beloved readers.
Hope you are enjoying the new series "FAILURE :IT NEVER ENDS UNLESS...!!"" here we came to the third part of the series which is the 'ROOTS OF ACHIEVER'. Please dont think twice to pour your love in the comment section.😊😊😊😊

When we are discussing aspects of failure, possibly your mind is popping up with confusion. If failure is to overcome these aspects, then what is the base for success or achievement? Isn't it?
What makes the difference? Why do some people achieve so much? Why do some lack behind? What's the main reason for the success of some people?

Is it a family background? Or, wealth? Or, high moral? Or, anything else?


Having a good family is something to be grateful for. But, for your success and failure, you are the only one who is responsible, not your family. I don't think that family background is an indicator of your achievement. Don't you agree with me?


When it's come to wealth, you probably know that the greatest number of achievers come from an average or below average families- means of household. It's never mean that your wealth is
an indicator of success and your poverty represents your failure.


Let's come to the opportunity? What are your thoughts on the opportunity? How the opportunity affects failure and success?
Two people with similar talents, resources, or gifts can react differently to the same situation. One person can consider it as the greatest opportunity, while another can see frivolity. Opportunity is always in the beholders' eyes.
Again, I don't think that high morals are an indicator. I've known people with high integrity who achieve little, and I've known troublemakers who are high makers. I am sure you can relate to
me.Farley, I know only one factor to separate achievers from those who don't is - the perception of and response to failure. Every
person can achieve; to accomplish their desire. Everyone is meant to be shining.
Every single failure of yours represents one step towards your success.

Ask these questions to yourself after failure.

1) What did I learn from this situation?

2) How can I grow as a person from this experience?

3) What are at least three positive things about this situation?

I will be pleasured to hear from you in comment sections.

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Failure is indeed!! What matters more is balancing between failure and success .
The book FAILURE : IT NEVER ENDS UNLESS....!! Is all about dissection of your failure. FAILING always leads you to the door of success . Just you are a step away from your success.

This book will guide you to move towards succes. Succes is not anything that you get overnight. You have to devote yourself .

This book is the perfect guide for your failure and succes . You just have to maintain balance between that.

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FAIURE : It never ends unless...!!!

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