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False hope is a version of mind reading. It refers to behavior claiming unreasonable expectations about the speed, amount, and consequences of changes you want to make in your life. Victims make an unrealistic goal to change themselves. They quickly become trusted and quiet.
However, they still want to change, so they make another attempt to keep the same — impossible goals. It's a vicious cycle of frequent attempts to change and failure because of unrealistic goals. When you get a piece of information, your mind interprets it as either a good or either bad is going to happen. Sometimes you don’t have control over your mind. When these unreasonable expectations are not met, you are likely to feel frustrated and miserable, and give up. However, when the alteration is too difficult, or one's expectations are out of line with what can be accomplished, self-confidence may turn to overconfidence, leading from hope to self hope. Moreover, false hope reflects a motivated desire to believe. We develop false hope because we want to believe them. To replace false hope with real hope, you need to learn the difficulty of self-modification to establish realistic goals, make reasonable planning, and a good cooling skill to cope with setbacks.

Thus, how your goal becomes more appropriate and leads you to prosperity. What is the Correct Value of Your Resolution? To stick to a resolution, it has to be aligned with your core value. For that, you must be clear about the correct value of your resolution. You should know why that resolution is important for you? What changes does it make to you? And why that change is significant to add up value to your life? Your why should be strong. That will help you to stick to your resolution. To feel depressed while chasing a goal is quite natural. But, to get over the depression and keep motivating you to chase a dream is the sign of great achievers. Give reasons for yourself to stick to your goal. For that, you did not need to jump in every likelihood that passes by you. I know we live in the “go -big or go — home” era. But, it doesn't mean jumping in every chance and getting nothing. You have to find what is right for you. Finding the right opportunity at the right moment is the most sophisticated task ever. But remember, you can do it if your “why” is strong enough. Make Sure You are Not Over-Ambitious. Is it possible for you to become an IAS officer? Can you shed off your weight? Can you be more attractive? Do you promote higher studies? Are you able to be financially balanced? At first glance, your response is yes I can do it.” Wait!! What if I said all this you have to do overnight? Is it possible for you? Probably, you say, have you lost your mind?” Or are you in your sense?”

That is exactly what you do with yourself. You fixed a goal. You make a plan to achieve it. It seems very excited for you. You are over-excited. And then you become over-ambitious. That is a resemblance to false hope syndrome. The achievement will never come overnight. You have devoted yourself. Success is not an event, it's a voyage — a voyage of dedication, hard work, and enthusiasm. So, the question is what exactly do you have to do? And the answer is you have to chunk your goal. Take the example of the founder of Facebook. In Jan 2016, the founder of Facebook — Mark Zuckerberg — declared in a post that he had resolved to run 365 miles — equals to 10 marathons, No? But then he clarified that 365 miles are just one mile per day. That took only 10 to 12 minutes, of daily running. He broke down his goal (unrealistic goal), into bit sized chunks (realistic goal).

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