Mysterious Treasure - Part-1 books and stories free download online pdf in English

Mysterious Treasure - Part-1

It’s a beautiful morning. In the winter season, the morning atmosphere becomes pleasant. Laura is studying in her final year of archeology. She is very brilliant in her studies. She is very interested in discovering ancient scriptures and hidden treasures. Laura has a bright image in all professors and students because of her intelligence. A young man named Richard also studied with Laura. He is just as intelligent as Laura. They became special friends in the school due to his hobbies and a keen interest in archeology. In addition, Laura and Richard's family have been friends for many years. One day while searching for a book in the library, Laura came across a different book. The texture of the book was so different that it became the center of attraction. Laura took the book with her. The name of the book was 'Mysterious Treasure'. As college was coming to an end, she hurriedly picked up the book and went home. Since Richard and Laura's house is close to each other, both go home. On the way, Laura talks to Richard about the book.
At night, after dinner, she starts to read a book. In the initial chapter it was look normal book, but then something different starts in the book.

The new chapter has a map drawn in it. It also contains information about many kings. Laura is also interested in history with archeology. So reading the information about these kings made him a little skeptical. Laura began to draw information from various history books to reconcile her mind. The map drawn in the book seemed very old-fashioned.
A further examination of the other chapters revealed further information.
Laura finished reading the book by ૪ o'clock in the morning. There was no rush to go to college as there was a holiday in college the next day. The next day, Laura goes to Richard's house to talk about the book. Richard was shown those drawn maps in the book. Richard was also amazed to see the maps shown.
Richard looked at Laura and asked, "What are your plans? Richard and Laura have known each other since they were children. Richard and Laura are special friends and love each other. But the two did not tell each other.
"What if we go to that place a few days after college," Laura said in a low voice.
Richard smiled and said, "I guess there would be such an offer from you."

A few days later,
Come on, college is over now. Laura said to Richard in an excited tone.
I know that book is still in your mind, said Richard. During this time Richard has done a lot of research on the space shown on the map. From his research, he has estimated so much that no book or any place in the world has mentioned this place. Richard is an expert in archaeology as well as remote sensing. He can easily find the rare remote location he has made a remote sensor locator.
From the survey conducted by Richard, it is known that the place of treasure is not an ordinary place. From the survey conducted by Richard, it is known that the place of treasure is not an ordinary place. Many difficulties are described in the book. Both Richard and Laura seem to be getting ready to move in with the permission of their families.