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Come Back to Leave Me... Again - 24 - DESTROYING MEMORIES

One week passed and Hritisha did not talk to me properly. I used to see her online but then she was ignoring me. She used to read my messages but did not reply to it.  I was pretty sure that she was busy talking or texting Avinash.

Why should I be jealous?

 Hritisha clarified that she would not be able to take our relationship ahead.  I was quite lucky that at least she had accepted my friendship's proposal. We both knew that it's tough to be in any relationship after a breakup, whether it's friendship or anything else.

I tried various things just to get her attention.

'I want to get drunk' I texted her over WhatsApp.

She read my message, but instead of answering, she changed her profile picture and status. She did not bother to reply or pay heed to my text.

'Whiskey or vodka?' I sent again after half an hour.

'Hmmmm' She replied.

What the Fuck! I still remember when we were in relationship and when I used to tell her that I want to get drunk, she would shout at me;

She did not talk to me for the whole day. Her attitude was changing towards me.

'Ask Avinash Jiju to join me for the drink.'

'No, he is already drunk, let me handle him' within a minute she replied.

I felt like I was the biggest ‘fucker’ that time. Why my heart and brain were not accepting that she did not care for me anymore; she did not love me anymore? Why was I still thinking about her? I did not have any answer to these questions.

'Good good, I am happy for you. Enjoy!’ I replied.

I asked Dipen to join me for a drink. We both went to the disco and I asked Dipen to take my pictured with the glass of whiskey and cigarette in my hand.  He clicked.

I sent the picture to Hritisha and was waiting for her reaction after seeing me with the glass of alcohol and cigarette. However, she did not respond. I realized that she did not care what I was doing. She was busy chatting with Avinash. I ordered a half bottle of a whiskey got drunk and got stoned. I was not in my sense.

The next morning when I woke up, Dipen hugged me. I asked him why suddenly he was showering his love on me. He informed me about my deeds last night, after getting drunk. I laughed, danced and I cried a lot in the Disco. I fell down on the road while we were coming back to our home.

'Dipen, my bro, woh khush matlab me bhi khush' I was continuously saying this line to him, which meant that I was happy because Hritisha was happy with her new boyfriend. 

Dipen could not see me in such situation and pleaded to forget Hritisha. However, it was next to Impossible for me to forget Hritisha so quickly.

‘What you did last night?' Hritisha texted me.

'Nothing. Why?' I replied.

'You got drunk and behaved like a street drunkards, right?'

'Who told you?'

'Dipen messaged me and told me each and everything.'

‘Dipen? How did he get your number?’ I asked

‘He told me that he copied my number from your cell phone while capturing your photos’ Hritisha explained.

‘What? It’s impossible’ I said.

‘It can be possible because you were drunk; you were not in your sense. It is good he copied my number. Otherwise, I would have never come to know about your street drunkard avatar’ She said.


'What hmmm? Don't you understand I have moved on? I will never come back in your life. Stay away from me please.'

I got angry. I felt this girl had no heart in her body. I messaged Avinash on Facebook.

'Dude, Stay away from Hritisha, she was my girlfriend. Stay away from her.'

'Excuse me! Who the hell are you?' Avinash replied.

'It doesn't matter. You just stay away from her. She is not a nice girl for you, she will also leave you soon'.

I had lost my senses that time. I was disrespecting the girl whom I loved the most.

'Tell me about your past, I mean the relationship between you and Hritisha' Avinash asked.

I explained him everything. Starting from how I met her in Dubai, how we got close to each other, how we expressed our feelings to each other, how we gathered in Delhi after three years, how we had spent the four days in Delhi, how we broke up. I informed him each and everything.

'Sex hua tha?' Avinash asked.

'What kind of question is this?'

‘Just tell me, you guys slept or not?'

'Do you love her?' I asked.

'You just give an answer to my question' He replied.

'Okay if you want to know then I would like to inform you that we never had any physical relationship, we had the heart to heart connection which is more important than the physical relationship, I guess.' I lied.


'Hmm. and yes if you love her, it should not matter to you. It was her PAST' I said.

'Don't tell me what to do and what not to do, but, just don't message me again.' Avinash said.

‘Tell me. Do you love Hritisha or not?’ I asked him

‘No. I do not love her, I am just using her; I fuck her daily. Anything else do you want to know?’ Avinash said.

My blood was boiling inside my body. I wanted to slap that bastard. I decided not to reply him.

'How dare you message Avinash?' Hritisha called me and screamed.

'I did what I thought right at that time' I said.

'Why don't you leave me alone? You Moron.'

'Excuse me, mind your language.'

'You also mind your business mister. You fucking irritating and illiterate person.'

'Stop shouting' I said.

'You just shut up man' she said.

'I can shout louder, louder, even louder than you.' I increased my voice and shouted at her too.

'You had just spoiled my life; it was my biggest mistake to fall in love with you. You selfish girl' I said to her.

'Hello mister, how did I spoil your life? I told you a long time before that I could not marry you, as I cannot go against my parents’ wishes. You were the only one who begged and cried in front of me to keep a relationship with you as a friend. I was behaving like your friend, but you were on the wrong track, man. Therefore, it's your problem illiterate man, not mine. Understood?'

Hritisha was right, I lied to her that I have moved on. She was very clear about our relationship. I had the intention of love, I realized the things later. I told her so many bad and inappropriate things, which I should not have.

I told her that her parents did not treat my family well when we went to Delhi for the family meeting. If her father did not agree then why they played the game of fake meeting? I also told her that she never loved me; she was just playing with my feelings. She never actually loved me. I blamed her for my financial loss as I spent almost fifty thousand Indian rupees during my Delhi trip including my flight charges, my parent's flight charges, hotel fees, diamond ring, gifts for her and loss because of my unpaid leaves.

Hritisha disconnected the call by saying that I showed my original personality to her, which helped her more to forget me. She thanked God and her parents for not approving our marriage and she told me that she would pay me all money, which I had spent. She felt that she was the luckiest person on the earth as I would not be in her life anymore.

Shame on me!

I crossed my limit of anger. I removed all the gifts, which she gave, and one by one, I destroyed all of them.

Firstly, I removed the Diamond ring, which I offered her while proposing. I went to the loo and flushed the diamond ring.

Then I removed the red T-shirt on which ' Hritu... will you marry me... pls...’ was printed. I took the scissors and cut the t-shirt into the small pieces, including her photo, which was also printed on the T-shirt.

I also cut the yellow shirt, which I bought from Delhi as per her choice and the Pink T-shirt of 'Being Human' brand, which she bought specially for me.

Then I remove the mug on which our photo was printed. My blood was boiling when I read 'You are my only forever' on the mug. I threw it on the floor, and it broke.

The last turn was the Greeting card and handmade cover. I tore both of them.

I clicked the pictures of all of the destroyed gifts.

'It's over. Goodbye,' I texted her.

'Thank God. I am the happiest person in the world today' She replied.

‘Note down my words Ms. Hritisha Jain; you won’t be happy in your life. You broke my heart; you disrespected my love; you cheated me. You will not get true love in your life. I would also be the happiest person in the world if I would come to know that you are Sad, unhappy.’ I cursed her.

That was it! Hritisha blocked me again. I could not see her activities through social media.

December 25, 2015, the Christmas day, became the separation day for both of us.

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