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Love By Accident - 1

Hello friends! This is my first ever novel. It may have some flaws as I am not a pro writer.. But I will try my best to entertain you.

So the story starts with a 20 year old boy named Arnav. He lives in Bhubaneswar and studies in the CEAT college. It is his 2nd year in Computer Science Engineering. He is quite handsome and studious too, but a bit careless. He goes to college by his Bajaj pulsar. He has a good friend circle. Many girls in his college adore him but he is single because he doesn't believe in all that. He thinks that all the relationships in these ages don't last long and end up in heart breaks and a lot of dramas. But who knows that he is going to step in the cobweb of love from which he can't escape. So let's begin.


"Arnav! Wake up beta! It's 7.30am already. You are Going to be late. Your college will start at 8.30. You only have 1 hour. WAKE UP......" Arnav's mother shouted from the kitchen.

"What mama! Why are you shouting this early?" Arnav told her in his half asleep mind. He searched for his phone with his closed eyes on the side desk. He switched on the phone. He has a habit of switching off the phone before going to bed. After a minute of intro when the wallpaper popped on the screen along with the clock, his sleepy mind got shocked. It was 7.40am. He suddenly came out of the blanket and rubbed his eyes to get a clear view. Then a word came from his mouth "Oh fu*k." But he restrained himself from saying it loudly as his parents were downstairs. Then he rushed towards the bathroom. He washed his face and brushed his teeth and then went to the toilet. After 10 mins. he took a quick shower and came out freshly. By then his mom was in his room.

" How much time should I tell you to wrap your blanket and clean your bed after waking up? You are twenty now. How could you be so reckless?..............." She continued. She continued to give her lectures for about 5 mins. Arnav didn't put his ears to hear a single word. Instead he started to wear his college uniform. In about 10 mins. he is ready. Then he went downstairs.

His mom from the kitchen asked him to sit on the dining table. But it is already 8.10am. "Mama, I am in a hurry. I will eat in College. Don't worry. I have to go to college fast. Or else I will miss my attendance." Arnav said in one breath. He is searching something in the drawer near the dining table.

"What are you searching for?" his mother asked.

"Mama, my bike keys. Where did it go?"

"Keys don't have legs, Arnav. You had hung it on the wall near the entrance. And don't be so irresponsible next time. AM I CLEAR?"

"Ok my Lord."

Arnav went outside towards his bike with his college bag on his back.

It was the office time. And the streets of Bhubaneswar were very crowded. So he rode his bike at medium speed. After 5 mins of struggling in the traffic he was on the main road. He rode at 50km/hr. He thought there would be low traffic. So he didn't slow down. When he was about to turn left at a turning, a scooty from the opposite side came on his way. Arnav suddenly moved his bike towards the right but the tyres slipped and he fell on the ground. The bike slipped to a sand hip and got some scratches. The scooty got crashed into a tree and the front part was totally damaged. The scooty driver fell on the ground. It was a one way road. And that person had blown the horn and the indicator. So it was totally Arnav's fault. He suddenly rushed towards that person. Actually not a person, she was a girl who had covered her face with her scarp. He went near her and helped her to stand and made her sit on the roadside. But some blast was going to happen.........

So friends, how do you like the first part? Please tell me in the comments. If there are any mistakes then forgive me. and yes don't forget to rate......

With my Happy Wishes...