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Love By Accident - 2

Arnav made her sit on the nearby cement chair. He went and bought a water bottle from the side shop. He didn't say anything to her. He started inquiring whether the girl had got any wounds or not. While doing that he noticed there were some bruises on her right elbow. Then he said to her " Are you ok? You have got some bruises on the elbow." He was very calm and quiet. But that girl didn't say anything. But he could see anger and pain in her eyes. She was wearing her scarf so he could not make out what she was up to. But he was sure she was going to kill him. After washing her wound and covering it with her handkerchief, she stood up, went near her scooty, and examined it. The headlights were damaged and one mirror was broken. Except that there were several scratches on it. She then glared back at Arnav who was making his bike stand. She went near him and said-
" Hey, you! Can't you ride a bike or are you learning? Who gave you the license? What do you think of yourself? Huh! Are you a racer or what? Don't you know the traffic rules or should I teach you? Can you imagine what you have done to my Activa? Can you understand what will happen to me when my parents know about it?" Her voice was angry and very rude.

Arnav turned his head towards her scooty and saw it was lying underneath a tree in its worst condition. He knew he was going to cost his that month's pocket money. He was already late for his college so he told her that he would pay whatever the cost would be. The girl seemed a little bit eased. But her right arm was aching and she couldn't go to the garage in that condition. She went near her scooty and took it up scooty from the ground. She made it stand very difficult. Arnav, on the other hand, was fixing his bike mirror. He then turned towards her to ask if she needed his help. She denied it angrily. Arnav was watching her struggling with her scooty and went near her. He gently pushed her to the side and hold the scooty and started walking with the scooty. Upon watching this that girl asked him
" Hey! What are you doing? At first, you stroked my scooty. Secondly, you are pushing me aside and stealing my scooty? What the hell is going on? Hey, Mr. What are you? I am talking to you."
Arnav was walking silently. But that girl was shouting at Arnav nonstop. He didn't bother to listen to those shits. But she continued, " Thanks to you, I am going to miss my attendance. And no amount of money can fill it. You stupid brat. I am dying with the pain. At least look at me."

It was sufficient for him. He stopped there. And said " What are you thinking of yourself? A queen or what? I know it was my fault. But you are evenly faulty. You are coming from the wrong lane. How can I see that someone is coming? Even after that, I am helping you. And I am paying for the damage. And what are you thinking? HUH? My bike also got damaged. One side mirror is broken. And I have also got scratches. And what are you saying? You missed your college. Like I was going to play cricket. For your kind information, I too was going to college and for you I missed it. So it will be better if you walk quietly with me to the garage. Understood?"
Arnav was really irritated. After all, he was right. Although he was riding at a great speed and the accident was his fault, that girl was equally involved. That felt those words. For the first time after the accident, she observed him carefully. She noticed that his shirt was torn in many places. And one of the hands of the shirt was drenched with blood. Upon seeing that she became tensed and went near him. "Are you okay?" She asked concerned with her eyes on his hands. Arnav looked at her for a moment then at the road but said nothing. When she didn't get any answer she moved her hands towards his hand. When she touched his hand suddenly, Arnav screamed out in pain. She suddenly moved away her hand. Arnav disgustedly told her. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" And looked towards her. For the very first time, both of their eyes met. For the first time, Arnav saw concern in her eyes. After the accident, she was shouting at him continuously. So he was ignoring her. But now she was calm and in this calmness, he witnessed her beauty. The raw beauty. For the very first time, he felt a tingling movement in his stomach and he didn't understand what was it. He then came out of her imagination and said " It is a mere scratch. Don't worry about it."

But she was tensed about him. For the next few minutes, they walk along the road silently. There were not many vehicles. And as it was morning time so nature was fresh. The air was relaxing. They both didn't know each other's names. They both wanted to ask but didn't dare to break the silence. And they walked.

After some minutes they arrived at the garage. That girl asked him about his bike and how he was going to go home. He told her that his friend will bring his bike to this garage. And he would go by bus now. By that time, she noticed that his bleeding had not stopped. She asked him to unfold his shirt so that she could see his wound. After resisting a lot, he finally failed and unfolded his shirt. She saw that there was a deep wound and the blood wasn't stopping. She quickly pulled out another handkerchief from her bag and wrapped it around the wound tightly. Arnav was only watching her carefully doing that job. After that, he thanked her and again said sorry. But this time It was something different.
" Don't say sorry. At that time I was angry and I said many things which I should not have told. I was equally faulty. So don't blame yourself. and after going home please get some ointment and bandages. And you don't need to pay anything."

Story continues. Sorry readers. I accidentally put this novel in the story section so I have to complete it in short stories. But I assure you that you will enjoy it. In the next chapter, we will get to know about her name and untangle some cases. So till then rate and write your comments.
Thank you.

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