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SirG And Missi - 2

The day were going on and work as well and suddenly som sent a message on WhatsApp to shila saying "miss do you have a Facebook account " and then shila just opened the message but he directly unsent the message and she asked him sir what did you ask and he replied nothing miss it was mistakely send , shila said it's okay sir but the thing was she already know what was on the message but she didn't talk about it , And he asked some officially work and the days goes on. As usual bg days with office work But Shila was dreaming about to go to abroad for studying so she visited many consultancy and finally she decided to go Europe country.She takes leaves from office and she manage all the documents which all required. The days were passing on and she take decisions to quit her job due to her busyness. Office work ,home work and work on documents there were too much stress for her soo she gave resigned and the rule of office was (should gave resigned a month ago and should work for 1 month).She gave resigned and work one month over there in office .Till now also ( som & shila) just had a little conversation with their work only.She was just focused on her work of office and for abroad documents and som was busy in his own work too in his own place .Finally, shila got offer letter form her destination college ,then she complete all the document work and the last day in office was also there .Then again som asked shila for her facebook Id and shila said search it, if you find then i will accept your friend request he searched but din't find it soo shila herself gave him her Facebook ID and now finally they were friends on Facebook and the journey of two bond start from there but in another hand shila's job journey ended over there.Office sir ,ma'am already announced the last day of her office and she went for her last day and she hand over her I'd card ,file and required all,she leave the message on WhatsApp for her team whom she worked together and for all those sir whom she were connected and feel closer and leave message som too and all sir maam give her a good wishes😇 She was really blessed to have a part of Jagdamba cuz she got to experience a lot of things from there . The farewell was there for her that was the saddest moment because she's gonna miss her bond🥺 a lot and all team too.She had a dinner with her bond and make a beautiful memory.Office journey was short but it was too sweet which she never goona forget those days in future .The next morning was different from other day's because there was no hurry for anything she just feel relaxed but miss her bond a lot.The day was different and the journey too...
NOW Som n shila are friends on Facebook soo now there chats were begin on messenger. Som was still saying to her miss why did you leave the job please don't leave "who will help me in my work if I need anything" then shila replied "oh only for that reason I shouldn't leave"

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