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SirG And Missi - 3

Som replied 'No' miss you are the only one girl who give the fast reply and am open with soo.She said 'okay'keep touch on other staff all are friendly over there all will help you in a work.Then conversation were going on, on messenger they share there moment what they did in a day n what are planning to do. Shila like the thing of Som which he used to leave message update his every single day and every second of work ,plan & share information which he used to do like "miss now m going to office see ya ,miss now m Going to field and many more"like every moment 😇etc he just update her all soo she was impress on him for that.In whatever mood will be there but whenever som message forget all the problem n mood swing automatically smile comes in her face.Early morning to night both always wait for their one single message cuz now they feels that without their one message days is incomplete.Only in 3/4 days of chatting they two feel too close and get attachment towards both side Morning to night there chats were on and shila give him a name sirG and som gave her a name missi .
Somewere som already had a soft corner for shila when he saw her for the first time in meeting he like her charming face ,her sweet personality, and now they are too close in chats soo he got a chance to know more about her. Conversation of 3/4 days his feelings for her converting into love. Som cares her a lot about what she like and what she doesn't he always try to keep her in a happy mood which he never fails on that he suggest a song to listen and share a link of song and shila listen it and directly download cuz she believed that whenever she listen to music that will reminds of him.The first song som suggest to listen was 'Gurashai fulyou nepali song'which he used to listen this song every day not only a song shila love to see a drama soo he suggest about a drama too and sometime he used to explain a whole movie for her by himself. 😇
Som has a big brother he is in abroad one day he send a projector for som with some chocolates because it was a month of worldcup he share this thing to her and she said to courrier her some chocolates he takes its seriously and one day he ask shila -'Missi give me your phone number'
She said 'why sirG 'he said just give it to meh and missi give him her number and again som say- 'Missi now give me your address' she said why ,som replied m going to courrier you some chocolates she just refused but he didn't agree and shila gave her address then he packed nicely with a sky blue cover cuz he finds that sky blue has a meaning(symbol of infinity)soo he make it as a favourite colour of him 💙 and did a courrier by air cuz he never fails to make her smile.That was the first time in her life someone is sending a parcel for shila soo she was too much happy,excited,thankful n big thing is blessed to have him cuz if he didn't came in her life she never gonna experience this day . 'Thankyou'🥰
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