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SirG And Missi - 1

*Chapter 1
It's a real story about the girl and boy who meet only one day in the office meeting .Soo story begins like this-
A boy name Som and Girl name Shila they were from different places a boy from Jhapa and the girl from solukhumbu she used to live in kathmandu.Girl complete bachelor's and she was in search of job.She saw the vaccancy of Tellecaller so she send the cv and after some day's phone rang she picked up"hello is this Shila" she replied " yes" and said it's me Roshni from Jagdamba credit can you attend interview tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock she replied yes sure.And tomorrow morning she ran for her interview she gave interview and return home. After 4 days she was selected for that job.And from sunday she decided to join and she went office for the first time for the first job she was excited and nervous she meet all the staff of there and felt all were friendly and kind hearted.She make friend over there and make a bond of 3( soni,sarala and shila) . Where she was working that was the head office and there were many branches over all the nepal and Jhapa branch is also the one.So,now let's talk about the boy he is from jhapa and he was working there for almost 1year .days were passing ahead and one day head office boss announce that they were hiring a meeting where all of the jagdamba office staff should attend.We all were happy to meet our all whole team staff of our office soo that day come soon We all were in formal dress (shirt,formal pants and with I'd card)we all visit that meeting hall and we see many crowed and we greet all of them and the meeting begins.After some time lunch break happen then we all went for that and then some of the staff came over and start to give there introduction and we introduce each other and had lunch together. Again came some sound let's go meeting has started soo we all went into meeting hall. Finally meeting ended again we all greet all and went our home.and Shila still didn't meet to Som even see don't know him. Tomorrow morning Shila went office and see all the staff whom she meet yesterday in the meeting all were over there and greet morning to all.After some time someone came near me and said miss what's your name and I said hello namaste sir its me shila and he replied I am Sam.Then he went away and she still dint realise anything and she came back to the work and all the staff of out valley they went back to home.In office there we use WhatsApp for all the work and after that meeting after someday the girl shila birthday came and all were wishing in WhatsApp from that day The boy som got the number of girl and he suddenly send a message 'Happy birthday miss' and shila replied Thank you sir as normal.From that day he used to send a message miss I want help of this work and she was always ready for that and do all the work days was passing like this and suddenly he write a message miss can I have your....

Please wait for the upcoming parts.As this is my first try to write a story and in the story (I myself thought shila as me.)If possible like it and rate it please provide your valuable feedback on the same .Thankyou...

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