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Can't see anything around me
It is dark
Want to move forward but can't
I don't see a mark

Is it a well?
That is unfathomable
Want to get rid of it
But I am unable

Been trying to get out of it
But the hands of misery pulls me back
No matter how hard may i try to free myself
Its grip is strong that I can't hack

What kind of situation it is,
I don't know
I want to break myself free
Here, i can't grow

Falls the flurry of ill-omenes
Do i really deserve so much to suffer
I haven't dealt with the devil
Yet i am incurring the pain for not being his Chauffeur

This darkness
I want some light
Some hope
To put some fight

It is maybe the high time
When I have to act
But again how
This is the fact

I am gonna stay here forever
So I think
But with a hope of a light, I'm gonna keep my eyes open
Not gonna blink

Days are passing by
Seasons changing
But seems nothing in my life is ever going to change
Every this and that i had thought of doing are just hanging,

In between unfinished projects
In which i see no progress
It seems like some hard-level video game
Where no matter how far i go at the end of the day i have to regress,

In the same condition as before
Feels like boundaries are going to break me
Have to stay at the same moat which looks like a tiny pot
Shackles of my circumstances are fastened to me so tightly which won't let me flee

I am afraid, i will erode
As a moat toad
But as long as i breath
I will keep the boat of hope to be on the surface float

I will keep on fighting this devil of a time
With the grit that i have
I am ready to incur all the pain
To get what I want to have

Humanity is losing its value,
What matters is power,
Who has money, has power,
Power brings arrogance which corrupts the mind,
Man who has this loves to crush,
Doesn't matter for him if it is poor or a person in dire need.
In other sence he becomes blind,
He stops seeing the right thing but sees what is corrupt
He crushes so many innocent people
That they begin to curse him
And when they do, begins his demise
God is all in all he sees everything
As you sow so you rip,
Such a man dig his own pit
By choosing the wrong path,
Soon his own arrogance sink him down,
Then life don't even give another chance to restart.


We look tiny to them
So they think us weak
They are so blind of their own glem
That in front them everything is obsolete.

money and power has made them blind
That they are underestimating us
But however hard they may grind
All your efforts will be blown away with a little gush.

They think, they can frighten us
With the show case of their power
But they have seen that we know how to make our enemies hush,
To the rodents who act little but roar louder.

In reality they are not even men
But little rodents like rat
Who always try to sneak into other's home, thinking their own den,
But when they get caught they can easily be dealt with a simple bat.

Don't think us weak our soldiers are brave
They have strength, spirit and determination
That is enough to dig the enemies grave,
They are always willing to sacrifice their lives to protect pride of the nation.

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