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Love Till Eternity

Beautiful Moments Come Unexpected!

Two individuals from extreme ends, got tied into a sacred relation for the sake of a other's happiness. Will they ever be able to find their own happiness into each other?

Meera, who is engaged to someone else, now has to marry Vivaansh Malhotra for the sake of her father's business. Whereas, Vivaansh who has nothing but only Business in his mind, will he able to give Meera some space in his life!?

Will her heart ever be able to accept him as her soulmate?

Will he ever succeed in making his own place in her heart?

The knot tied as a business alliance will ever have Forever After?


Character Sketch:

~Vivaansh Malhotra. (25 years old)
Rising Businessman and only heir as well as owner of Malhotra Group of Industries. He lost his father at the early age of 9 due to a car accident and took over the company at the early age of 19.

He Is the most responsible person for taking Malhotra Group of Industries to the another heights in the very short span of time after he acquired the business and also won the first youngest entrepreneur award of the year.

His Badi Maa Is everything for him. He can not take even a word against her.

~Meera Maheshwari . (22 years old)
Beauty with brains. Combination of chirpy and mature girl in one. She loves her mother the most and closest to her. Kindness in her heart and bravery flows in her blood. Got engaged to Rehan Goenka two years back in the covers of business alliance.
She had completed the course of fashion designing from the best university of Mumbai. Has a best friend Anishka who is more like a soul-sister to her.

~Rehan Goenka. (23 years old)
Another businessman and only heir of Goenka Industries. Got engaged to Meera Maheshwari which is a pure business alliance.

~ Radhika Maheshwari .
The most understanding mother of today’s era. She is more like a friend to her daughter. Her daughter’s happiness is everything to her. Her world revolves around her husband and daughter. She loves Anishka as much as she loves Meera.

~ Virat Maheshwari .
Loving father behind the face of strict businessman. Owner of a Maheshwari chain of Companies. His business is comparatively small yet has prominent place in today’s market. Loves his daughter but fails to express in words.

~ Tejaswi Malhotra.
Vivaansh’s most loving mother anyone could ask for. Was handling the business after her husband’s sudden demise but now retired as Vivaansh took over the company.
Due to the responsibility of handling business, somewhere she got detached with her son at his early age, but still he respects her and she loves him.

~ Sheetal Malhotra/Randhawa. (Badi Maa).
She is Vivaansh’s bua (father’s sister) but he always calls her as Badi Maa. She was the one who took care of him and gave him all the motherly love in his childhood when Tejaswi was busy in handling the business. Vivaansh, for once can ignore his mother’s words but can never go against his badi maa.
After her husband and three year old son’s demise in a car accident, she came back to Malhotra family and since then taking care of Vivaansh as her own son. She always loved Vivaansh like her own son. She is a bit of old fashioned and orthodox in nature.

~ Anishka Iyer. (22 years old)
Meera’s best friend and soul-sister since childhood. They were neighbors for seventeen years. Two years back her family shifted to their native Chennai, but she stayed back in Mumbai. Always wants Meera’s happiness.

~ Anhad Mehra. (25 years old)
Vivaansh’s only friend who understands him in and out. CEO and only heir of Mehra Industries. Very close to Vivaansh. Always wants best for his best friend.