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Love Till Eternity - Part 1

Vivaansh Malhotra: The person, whose beautiful life is always a dream for others. But is it the same for him? Every coin has two sides and for gaining something, you need to sacrifice many other things.

Everyone can see his success but no one can see how much failure he faced and how much sacrifices he did to achieve that leading life.

And though he has no hope on anyone to understand that what life he is leading, he also wishes for someone to come into his life and read him like an open book.

The one who can understand him by just one look in his eyes and him without speaking even a word. The one who does not fall for his luxurious life but for his beautiful heart.

Let’s see if he has someone in the lines of his destiny, just like the way he wants her to be.

“Mr. Malhotra, that branch is no more generating profits. And the cost of running that branch is way more than the profits we are currently earning from there. We should disband this branch.”, One of the shareholder proposed and Vivaansh looked into details but immediately nodded in no.

“This branch is from where my father, Shekhar Malhotra started his business. This branch is the oldest of Malhotra Group of Industries and even though it does not generate profits anymore, this branch is base of our business. I won’t disband it at all.”, Vivaansh immediately dismissed the idea and it did not settled well with many shareholders.

“You are thinking emotionally, Mr. Malhotra. And in business, there is no place for emotions. Just because that branch is from where your father started the business, does not mean we will continue to bear the loss. This is not only yours company but everyone present here holds the right to take decision—“, One of the shareholder tried challenging Vivaansh’s decision but no one, I repeat No One has the right to challenge Mr. Vivaansh Malhotra and his decisions, and so one glare from Vivaansh and that person immediately realized his limits.

“First of all, you don’t talk to me in that tone ever, Mr. Khanna.”, Vivaansh said calmly and everyone knew that his calmness is the calmness before the storm.

“And about that branch, then it will continue to work not now but even after hundreds of years, till the time Malhotra Group of Industries stands firmly in the market. And I am not at all being emotional because everyone knows that I am anything but an emotional fool.”, Vivaansh said as he looked at each and every person present in the conference room before continuing, “But I am a businessman and businessman never overlook the efforts of his staff. That branch has thousands of workers whose family depends the salary that Malhotras’ are providing. And I cannot let thousands of workers and their families to suffer just for the sake of few figures of profit.”

Getting up and buttoning his suit he royally walked out of there, ignoring all those unpleasant comments behind him.

Vivaansh Malhotra had never and will never give heeds to anyone’s words!


Meera Maheshwari : A beautiful girl with innocent heart and sharp thoughts. She looks delicate but you hurt her once and you will pay for twice.

Trust is everything to her. If you don’t trust her, you don’t deserve her. Lets see what has destiny stored for her!

Sitting on the swing chair kept in the balcony of her room, Meera argued with her own traitor heart while staring at the white envelope in her hands now for an hour or more, about whether she should surrender in the hands of destiny or rather write one herself.

“Meera, beta try this lehenga (wedding dress) and let me know if there are any changes or alter need to be done.”, Radhika Maheshwari said while entering the huge bedroom and kept a heavy lehenga on the bed before walking towards the balcony where her daughter was sitting fighting with her own dilemma.

“Meera, what is this?”, Radhika asked while taking the envelope from Meera’s hand and Meera looked up at her mother but did not say anything.

“Offer letter?”, Radhika exclaimed frowning and looked at Meera who nodded before looking back at her fidgeting fingers in her lap.

“I have kept the lehenga there. Try it and tell me if you need any changes in there. And about this offer letter—“, Meera looked at her mother in anticipation if she will help her. However Radhika’s next words crushed all the hopes as she said, “Throw it away.”

“Mom!”, Meera exclaimed with hurt and Radhika’s heart pained looking at her daughter sad but she cannot do anything.

“It is your wedding next week, Meera”, Radhika reminded her and Meera sighed before looking away not wanting her mother to see her eyes getting misty.

Meera glanced at her mother going away and then looked at the envelope in her hand before tearing it into pieces.

Just like her dreams!


“Sir, this file has all the information you wanted about loss making companies in the market.”, Rajeev, Vivaansh’s P.A said keeping a blue file on the table and Vivaansh nodded while taking the file in his hands.

“And what about the merger with Love And Affection?”, Vivaansh asked while going through the information in the file Rajeev gave him.

“I got the mail about terms and conditions from Mr. Mark’s secretary. We can meet with all their conditions except one.”, Rajeev informed and Vivaansh looked up at him with frowns.

“Which one?”, Vivaansh asked and Rajeev gave him another file in the color of red as he showed him the condition at the end of second page.

“So, what is wrong with this condition? He wants a fashion designer to manage his store in India and we have thousands of fashion designer in our company. Just send him some best work of our company.”, Vivaansh said after going through the condition mentioned and Rajeev immediately replied informing, “I have already send him best works from some of the best designer in our company but Mr. Mark rejected all. He said none of the work made him feel ‘love and affection’ in their work.”

“What rubbish!? How one can feel love and all through simple drawing!?”, Vivaansh exclaimed calmly, finding the reason more childish and Rajeev nodded saying, “I know but this is the only condition we cannot fulfill. And he said that he won’t hand over the management of his branch in India without this condition being fulfilled.”

“You try to find some new designers with best works in the industry. I want this merger to happen anyhow.”, Vivaansh ordered and Rajeev nodded before going out of there.


Standing leaning to the patio door of the balcony, Meera had her eyes still on her heena filled hands as they shined beautifully under the moonlight falling straight on her.

“But this is unfair. This is so wrong.”, Meera turned around and smiled sadly at her best friend Anishka who was enraged after knowing that Meera tore the appointment letter from the best international fashion designing firm.

“No Anishka, I already knew that as soon as my graduation is over, Papa will fix the date for mine and Rehan's marriage. But still because of my stubbornness, I gave this interview even though I knew that papa will never agree for this job.”, Meera said suppressing the ache in her heart.

This was her dream job. But her dreams got crushed under the weights of her responsibility towards her family.

“you know, people always says that my life is a dream life for others. But what is the meaning of such a luxurious life that even snatch away your dreams. The flight of freedom is much sweeter than a beautiful cage of gold.”, Meera said looking up in the sky, with tears making their way out of her beautiful pearl eyes.

“why don’t you talk to Rehan!? May be he can help you. He can talk to his family for this thing and probably they give you the permission to work as fashion designer in this firm.”, Anishka suggested and Meera smiled sadly before looking back to her palms where Rehan’s name was hidden beautifully.

“He already informed me in the first meeting that his family does not like their daughter-in-law working outside till late in the evenings.”, Meera said and Anishka sighed frustrated.

“Why did you even agree for this marriage, Meera! I mean wee are already in 21st century and still so many restrictions!”, Anishka exclaimed infuriated with and Meera sighed not knowing how to explain all this things to Anishka.

“Marriages are always a compromise in business world. And I should never forget this fact that even mine and Rehan’s marriage is also a business deal.”, Meera said trying to make her accept the fact and more tears pour out of her eyes as Anishka hugged her tightly making her sigh at the agony.

“But I know that somewhere you have started liking him, right?”, Anishka teased her to lighten her mood and Meera gave a small blushed smile before turning back again to gaze at the beautiful moon as she said, “May be!”