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Love Till Eternity - Part 3

"Rajeev none of this companies are best option for acquisition right now. Find some more companies which are loss-making and on verge of shutting down.", Vivaansh said while going through the file which Rajeev had given him another day.

"There is one company which might be best for acquiring right now.", Rajeev informed peeking Vivaansh's interest as he said, "Which company?"

Rajeev kept one file on table and Vivaansh started going through the file while waiting for Rajeev to elaborate the content inside.

"Maheshwari Chain of Companies.", Rajeev said and took a pause to look at Vivaansh who looked a bit satisfied with the content in the file before he continued saying more, "This company is comparatively small yet has prominent place in the market. It was established by Ratan Maheshwari in 1989 and now his son Virat Maheshwari is the owner of the company. There were already problems going on in the internal management of the company since last three years but today morning the share price suddenly dropped drastically and the company is currently in very bad position. Initially Maheshwari and Goenka companies were going to have merger under the covers of alliance of their children Meera Maheshwari and Rehan Goenka but--"

However something took Vivaansh's interest as he suddenly sat attentive and look towards Rajeev asking, "Who were going to get married?"

"Virat Maheshwari's daughter Meera Maheshwari and Dharamveer Goenka's son Rehan Goenka.", Rajeev said after checking into the file once again and Vivaansh frowned as he felt that he had heard of this name before.

~Hope to never see you again Mr. Rehan Goenka.~

Vivaansh remembered that he heard this name from that unknown girl he collided with when she was having an argument the other day in the restaurant.

"They were about to tie the knot next week but now i got the internal information that the marriage is called off. Though this news is not confirmed yet.", Rajeev informed when Vivaansh asked him to continue with the information.

"Who called off the marriage?", Vivaansh, even though he knew, asked to re-confirm and Rajeev immediately replied, "Goenkas withdraw saying that now the company is on verge of going bankrupt and there is no chance of merger of the two companies. So they withdraw and canceled the marriage."

Vivaansh nodded while pondering over something very deeply whereas Rajeev continued giving more information about the company.

"Rajeev, send the best deal we can offer to Virat Maheshwari and tell him that Malhotras want to acquire his company. I have gone through their statics and even though currently the company is loss-making, I am sure we can convert the loss into profit in coming few years.", Vivaansh ordered before going back to do his work and Rajeev nodded in affirmation to his command before walking out of the cabin.


"Meera, where were you? Where had you gone?", Radhika asked swiftly walking towards Meera as soon as she saw her daughter entering the house.

Meera looked at her mother for brief of seconds before she whispered in low voice, "I had gone to meet Rehan."

Radhika looked at her with wide eyes being shocked as she asked, "You already know?"

"I had heard you and papa by mistake in the morning when you were talking about the marriage being called off.", Meera replied casting her gaze still on her intertwined fingers and Radhika pursed her lips together to stop herself from crying at her daughter's destiny.

"I know how you might be feeling but I am sorry that I cannot do anything for you.", Radhika said as she caressed Meera's hair apologizing for whatever is happening.

"But this is good that all this happened before marriage and we came to know that he was not interested in you but only in our company. If something like this would have happened after marriage, then how much he would have bothered you.", Radhika said further to show positive side of the situation to Meera, trying to mend her broken heart.

"I know Mom and I am fine.", Meera said with a small smile before looking around as she asked, "Where is papa? Is he ok?"

"He was a little worried about all this happening right now but you don't worry. He will be fine very soon. He got a call regarding some business deal and he just went to meet those people.", Radhika said and Meera nodded before saying, "Mom, Kanhaji (lord Krishna) will make everything fine. You don't worry. Daadi (grandmother) always used to say that if we get something that we like, then it is good, and if not, then it is even better because may be God has planned something much better than that for us."

Radhika nodded with a smile amidst tears before hugging Meera who hugged back her mother with some tears in her eyes.

However much she did not wanted to marry under Rehan for some business deal but somewhere she had started developing little bit affection for Rehan. But she never knew that the things were going to end like these between them.


"Hello Mr. Maheshwari, I am Rajeev Sinha from Malhotra Group of Industries.", Rajeev greeted professionally after taking seat in front of Virat as they sit into one of the hotel under Malhotra's name for a meeting.

Since the media was eager to fetch even a small news about Maheshwari at this moment, Vivaansh asked Rajeev to take proper care about keeping this meeting as confidential as possible until the deal is finalized. And so he asked Rajeev to call Virat to one of the Malhotra's hotel for meeting to ensure confidentiality.

"Well, I am sorry to hear about whatever your company is going through right now. And so Mr. Vivaansh Malhotra, Owner and CEO of Malhotra Group of companies has a proposal for you." Rajeev informed and Virat sat attentive as he knew that he needed to grab all the chance he get at this moment to save his family business.

"Mr. Malhotra wants to acquire your business and he is ready to pay 30% more than market price for your business. Plus all the loss, investors payments, dues and debts will be bored by Malhotras'. Here is the file which has contract papers with all the other important terms and conditions included inside. You can take your time and give you response within one week.", Rajeev informed keeping a blue color file along with Malhotras' business card on the table in front of Virat who took the file and started going through the contract papers.

Virat went through the papers for few minutes before looking back at Rajeev as he said, "I am ready to sign this contract."

Rajeev frowned more in shock as he did not expected Virat to agree to the offer easily but then he nodded as he said, "Well then you can sign the papers and give them to me. I will get them signed by Mr. Malhotra and then will send you a copy of them before tomorrow evening. Do you some special condition which you want me to add to the clauses of contract?"

Virat closed the file as he nodded and said, "Yes I have one condition."

Rajeev who knew that no way Virat can agree to sign the contract had seen this coming and he nodded asking, "What condition?"

"I want to meet Mr. Malhotra.", Virat said and Rajeev looked a little shocked and then perplexed about what to do.

"Mr Maheshwari, you can tell me your conditions and I will convey them to Mr. Malhotra.", Rajeev tried to negotiate but Virat immediately nodded in negative saying, "Either you ask Mr. Malhotra to meet me or you forget about this contract."

Rajeev sighed before excusing himself as he went a little away while dialing Vivaansh's number who answered the call at last ring and Rajeev briefed him about the situation.

"Mr. Malhotra will be here in half-an-hour.", Rajeev informed Virat once he came back and sat in front of him after confirming with Vivaansh and Virat nodded while sitting there in anticipation.

Half an hour later, Virat saw a well-built man in his mid twenties, wearing a black colored three piece suit entering the private area where he and Rajeev were sitting waiting for Vivaansh.

The man took off his shades and glanced at Virat for brief seconds before turning to Rajeev as he said, "You can go. I will take it from here."

His aura screamed royalty and professionalism as he sat in front of Virat cross legged greeting him professionally, "I am Vivaansh Malhotra, CEO of Malhotra Group of Industries."

Virat nodded and smiled at him warmly before looking consciously at the waiters around them and Vivaansh waved at one of the waiter who immediately came to him before Vivaansh ordered him, "No one should enter this area until I permit."

Waiter nodded and went away from there vacating the whole place for Vivaansh and Virat to talk freely. Once the place was completely vacant without any third person there, Vivaansh turned to Virat as he said, "Now there is no one here except you and me. You can now talk freely about your conditions."

The way Vivaansh understand hos problems without him even voicing out them was the first think impressed Virat. Now he was sure of one thing that Vivaansh is a perfect businessman and upto his well known name in the national as well as international market of business.

"I am ready to sign this contract and hand over my company to you but I have only one condition.", Virat said without beating around the bush and took a pregnant pause to glance at the reaction of Vivaansh whereas Vivaansh patiently waited for Virat to put forward his condition.

Virat debated for a moment with himself before finally voicing out his condition, "You have to marry my daughter."

Virat glanced at Vivaansh who looked as calm as the sea and he could not make an exact impression of what Vivaansh will respond to his condition. Even after a moment when Vivaansh did not say anything, Virat asked, "Do you agree to this condition?"

However Vivaansh took his own time before he leaned forward and kept his adjoined palms on table as he sat relaxed and asked looking straight into Virat's eyes, "You need to give me a proper reason that why you want me to marry your daughter?"

Virat took off his glasses and kept them aside before sighing defeated as he answered Vivaansh's question, "I will be left with nothing after you acquire my business and my daughter's wedding which was supposed to be happen next week is also called off. I just want to secure her future as every other father. I want to ensure that she is wedded off into a good family before I have nothing with myself."

Five minutes passed and neither Vivaansh nor Virat said anything more. Virat even started loosing the hope that Vivaansh will accept his condition but still he was expecting a clear answer from Vivaansh.

"I can understand your silence --", Virat stated with a sad smile however Vivaansh did not let him complete his sentence as he asked again, "Do you have any other conditions except for this one?"

Virat immediately nodded in denial said with firmness and promise in his voice, "This is the only condition I have. If you agree to this condition, I am ready to sign the contract right here right now."

Vivaansh nodded and he took the pen kept on the file, opened the file and scribbled down his signature at the last page of the contract under the title of 'Party A' before forwarding the file towards Virat as he said, "I will add the clause about your condition and then have these papers send to you with Rajeev by tomorrow morning. You can check them and sign the contract."

Virat looked at Vivaansh shocked and perplexed, a bit confused about whether Vivaansh really agreed with his condition or not and he asked, "So you are agreeing to marry my daughter?"

"If this is your condition for selling your company to me, then, yes I am agreeing to marry your daughter.", Vivaansh replied and Virat frowned at how Vivaansh phrased the sentence but then he asked, "But you have not even seen my daughter. Are you sure you want to marry my daughter without meeting her?"

Vivaansh smiled before relaxing back as he replied, "If your daughter has no problem with this alliance then even I am okay with it."

Professionally shaking hands with Virat and ensuring him about the marriage thing, Vivaansh escort Virat till the gate before getting into his own car and driving away from there.

Virat kept looking at the car in which Vivaansh went away and even though he knew that Meera might not like this decision taken by him specially without her permission, but for her better future he is ready to bear her hatred, because he knew that may be this time his decision is not wrong.