What are the best tips for positive thinking Part-1 books and stories free download online pdf in English

What are the best tips for positive thinking - 1

We all are well-aware of the power of positive thinking; how it brings us happiness, how it fills our life with confidence and optimism, how it helps stimulate people around us, and how it can even transform the whole world through its powerful vibrations.
But do you know, to develop this power, we need to win over the negative with the positive.

What do we do if we want to win over the negative with positive?
What do you do if you want to take out air from a bottle?...
Fill it with water.
So, just like the air automatically comes out of the bottle when filled with water; negativity will automatically leave from within you when filled with positivity – a simple tip for positive thinking!

Let’s try it out with a small exercise to build up the positive levels.

Close your eyes, look inward and try to introspect -how has your vision been through the day, today? In what instances did you maintain positive outlook and where all and for what reason did your vision become negative?

Say, you see in your introspection that someone gave you 2 bad words today and immediately negative thinking had arisen in your mind about that person.

You want to now replace this negative thinking by positive thinking...
So, just imagine you are put in a catch 22 position where you have only 2 options open to you: either someone will give you two bad words or will give you two tight slaps on your face. Which one would you choose?
2 bad words... Obviously.
And after those bad words are done with, think about it how relaxed you would feel... yes, relaxed now that you got released from your punishment.

It means there was no pain associated with the bad words said to you. It was only because of your incorrect perception that negativity arose inside you, which you can now change, and be happy.
How? When 2 bad words are said, you feel “Oh! So nice it finished with only 2 bad words, good he didn’t come and hit me.” - this is what we call a positive outlook! By following the negative path, the internal distance with the other person increases and nothing is achieved out of it. And when we choose to think positive, we can easily adjust with anyone and everyone and peace prevails within.

So, here’s one more tip for positive thinking. Let’s grab it!
In every situation, set your eyes on profit, not on loss; on what is remaining, not on what is gone.
Lord Mahavir taught his disciples that if people happen to hit them with a stick, they were to take it positively as, ‘It is only a stick; at least the hand is not broken.’ And if someone were to break one of their arm, they should be grateful that at least he did not break the other arm. If both their hands got cut off, they should say at least they have their legs fine. The Lord thus showed the way to be happy by seeing benefits even in adverse circumstances. The one who has positive thinking is able to find out happiness from amongst any kind of difficult or sorry situation that he may be put in.