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A Romantic Revenge - 3

The next class was practicals. Kuhu is already nervous but doesn't showing it , though July can feel it so she walked all the way to prac room from class comforting her.

"Juli thanks, but you don't have comfort me anymore because I realy doesn't feel hurt for these. What she said is true from head over hills ."

" No , actually there are so many peoples in this world and they all have different perspective to see and judge it's creations. Roma is also a telented but pitiful soul I know. She have struggled almost half of her life . That's why she is so sharp tongued ."

"Oh Juli , I realy have to say you are an amazing person . I almost cried. Thanks but where did you learned all these HOLY words".
" Oh , come on that nothing special. I go to church for prayers once in day ."

"I see, miss prist ."

Those girls headed to the class giggling among themselves . Kuhu entered into the prac room for the first time. It was a big room everyone is practicing in different parts. one girl is stretching , bending in the gym ball . Another girl is helping her with
Lifting her legs up. Many were busy practicing free style . Some girls were busy with the notes . Sometimes a little high and sometimes in a little low scale. Suddenly they started to making gestures with their cheeks and lips.
" Hey,July what they are doing? " Kuhu said in confusion.
"They are exercising mouth extension it will help you while singing ."
Kuhu never thought of this even in her

dream. A bunch senior kids came in , they are following the the lady in the middle. She have blonde hair ( artificially coloured) ,
brown eyes, she was wearing her gym clothes like Juli . She stepped in and put a gaze in Roma . It was like an end of an United march .
"Hei , Rom how is your ankle? Pretty well or again you have an excuse to run away from us?.

AHAAHAAAHAHA......The whole room is bursting in laughter. Kuhu almost forgot that Roma was here now she noticed her angry as well as ashamed face . Juli took the lead
" Oh , hi cheaters Roma's ankle is fine so you don't have to worry for her , instead worry about your butts which she will crush in this this year's annual showcase Ok."

Another round of laughter formed in 9 th batch. Boys in the sides are about start a fight . When madam Das came in .

"STOP IT girls , did you guys started again. Stop it and start your reharshal. "
" Yes mam , let's have a face off then .My ankle is fully recovered after the monthly evolution." Roma said .
"Seems like everyone is in mood. I have no problem as long as it helps your training."

The hole crowd parted in two teams. The air feels still , an explotion about happen. Kuhu feels like it is the silence before a storm. The audience already started cheering with their names . Juli is also stretching cause she will give company to Roma. Before she goes Kuhu asked one last thing who is she ?

"Lili , from 10th combine department, and our all time enemy in dance showcase."

The music is about to start. Some whisper hit her ears. " Man it's decades we have their face of right ." " If that sly foxes doesn't kick in Roma's ankle then I am sure we would be the highest in weekly evolution . Kuhu now understand a little bit of Roma's talk. The music has started. Demi Lovato's 'CONFIDENT' is playing. Our dancers started to take the beat .
"It's time for me to take it.
I'm a boss right now.not gonna fake it ....................so you better come to play."
Roma and Juli took the lead first ,they walked in a majestic way at the intro. Now they both maintained a sequence like -
Hands roll -legs crossed, hands high- leg down, punch with one hand - tickle the another feet , sometimes they change their positions cross vertically. Now Roma slipped in the backwards and Juli grabbed her when she tickled her palms and one leg. They finished their part with a last gun shot through their hands .
Now second half is our bolnd lady . She is nothing less compared to them she is taller than both so when she takes up her hands for hip she almost cover her stage presence. Her wave is like out of the world. When she move one of her hand and legs to make water wave it almost feels like she is boneless. She finished her part with one last kick in the air.
Now all three of them started facing off . Roma is a little short than Juli but her beat total control in body is like a hard but flexible illastrater. Julis feminine presence took its charm when she dance with waving her long hair . She is also looking more taller and magnificent to Kuhu . She thought how good their body is. She becames greedy for once.
On this note they jumped high in the air and the face off ends .
Everyone is screaming out of excitement. But the teacher remained silent.
" What , why are you all looking at me . Take your votes and judgement in the showcase this is not a place for judgement. I just wanted you guys to shake your body a little. Isn't is fun you guys enjoyed it . That's the most important thing in art. Go back to practice."

TO BE CONTINUED..............