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A Romantic Revenge - 4

After the fierce battle of dance Ms. Das moved on to singing lessons . "We actually practice vocal notes at this time but today we have a newbie joining our school. So I would like to ask , Kuhu right? From when have you started singing ?"
"From when I was five years old mam."
"Hmm, I see from what I know it is very difficult to pass the vocal round for Gurukul High. I would like to hear something from you ".
"Though I am not as good as my classmates, I will try to sing something mam."
"Go , ahead."
(Whispers in the student groups)
"Hey, what the hell? she actually passed auditions or she just showed off."
"She must have a close relation with the principal or else who will take such a pig to this prestigious school."
"Well, I heard her father is a big shot business man."
"That's why she is testing her. You don't know how badly she hates nepotism."
Kuhu started singing without care about those whispers. She started humming an Assame song closing her eyes.
The magic in her milky voice creates a heavenly environment in the room . It also sounds spicy in some specific 'Gamakas' . It's like a roller coaster of life which she experienced in the past years. There are happiness, moments of grief, sorrow etc. Her surely paid off every single hate she received in her life . For the whole time she was singing there was a pin drop silence. The song comes to an end and for the first time the whole crowd of students clapped for her genuinely. It was just a brief moment but her voice made their judgement mind to rest a bit and appreciate the true talent. Another group of Rocky kids were clapping outside of the glass walls of the room. No one knew when the basketball team came to sneak in the practice. They actually came to see the face off of the girls. A pair of brown eyes were also shining in appreciation for someone. Kuhu really doesn't notice all the time but now she knows her worth. "I knew I could do it , yes I can start everything fresh from here."
"Wow she really is something."
"Yes, do you think our school will be that absurd for money, she definitely had a talent man."
"Ya, what a shame. Even if she was a little bit slimmer with a voice like this, she can become a star overnight."
Ms. Das stepped forward to the podium and hugged her. "Wonderful my child, God may bless you. Welcome to Gurukul High. If you run into any problems just come to me without any hesitation, cause I respect true talent . I don't believe what they say about your body."
" Thank you miss." Kuhu said in a teary voice.
She doesn't notice then but gossips her performance was already spread throughout the whole school. Being unaware of all of this the rest of the day passed naturally for her. She was heading to her house when Lily reached her
"Today you were just amazing, those prickly bastards will now hide in their dens. See you tomorrow sweetie. "
"Ok, bye"(with laughter)
Kuhu 's driver picked her from the gate. Her home was not very far from the school,so she forbade her dad to send the driver but he was too worried to leave her alone on the first day of school. At least not after what happened in the previous school. She was enjoying the beautiful green serenity of the Assam nature , while traveling in the road when something came into her mind.
"Stop here, kaka. Drop me in the church , I will go on my own from there."
" But are you sure, you will be okay on your own. The master will kill me if I don't come back on time."
" It's okay . The church is pretty close to home , I will be there on time."
The driver dropped her in front of the church and headed home. St. Marry's Church was the shelter of mother for Kuhu . She has been coming here for a long time now . After paying regards to THE JESUS she headed to the garden where a little cat flung in her lap .
"Oi, kitty how have you been? It's been a long time since I have seen you."
The kitten keeps rubbing her head in kuhu's hands. She has black hair all over her body. Has an average growth and had an injury mark in her neck. But the exceptional part was her eyes , it was mysterious green and yet shady . The colour keeps changing according to the situation. Kuhu was thinking about the first time she met those sparkly eyes.