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You're my favorite rhythm... - 28

Wanna become immortal?
Date a poet, have a passion filled toxic affair with a writer... then break their heart... You become immortal with every word he writes.


When Ananya comes downstairs she finds Anand and his mother having a good conversation. "Anand is good at convincing people" She thought.

Ananya smiled at them as they noticed her. Anand's mother waved at Ananya and went to the kitchen. Ananya cannot understand why Radha is doing like that.

"Are you angry with me too?, then tell me now, I will pacify you too." Anand said this with giggles.

Her heart : Who am I to be angry with you?

"What's in your bags, haven't let down since morning." Anand raised his eyebrows and pulled the bag from her.

"It was nothing like you might think, and actually I decided to leave.... It will be a big surprise for my father to see me today." Ananya forced a smile on her face.

"Oh... Can't you stay for one more day? I thought of celebrating your birthday here" His face became dark with disappointment.

Ananya didn't answer him and looked deeply into his eyes. Anand reaches out a hand and touches her arm and she feel a shiver run down her spine as his fingers brush her skin.

Ananya tries to speak but the piercing gaze he pins her with holds her captive, she completely lost within his exquisite night dark eyes...Anand took a step, close enough to her that she could hear his heartbeat.

"Let me..." Anand.

"When someone needs you, you can't leave them for others. Your need is high right here now" Ananya points to his mother and tries to leave with a smile.

Anand pulls her closer to his chest and hug her. At first she slightly loses her balance, then manages to stand and hugs him extra tightly and leans into his embrace, making the most of their last moments together. (She thought it was the last.)

"Gonna miss you" Anand whispered in her ear. For a moment she wonder what it would be like... to feel his strong arms holding her close everyday.

The scene was stomach burning for someone watching from the stairs.


"Do anyone want me to give you a ride?" A luxury car pulled up in front of Ananya.

"Bro... you?" After all Ananya doesn't want to be alone this time, So she had no reason to reject David's offer.

Riding through the streets of dreams, under nothing but the night sky, dim street lamps and heavy heart, Ananya now feels like everything in her life has turned upside down.

"Hey... Ananya... Are you okay? You seem to have a problem." David could tell this by looking at Ananya's face.

"I think... I need some air, that will help to clear my mind" Ananya lay back on her seat and tried to turn off her brain.

David is well aware of what is going on in Ananya and Anand's life and has all the information at his fingertips. No matter how important we are in someone's life, we cannot live their life, So David remained silent.

"I don't know what your problem is but listen to me... Don't blame yourself for being confident on the thing that you couldn't make happen... Did you know? I never blame myself, I'm so proud of how i handled all these years. I fought so many silent battles. I had to humble myself, wipe my own tears and pat myself on the back... We all just learn every single day from experienced, not to expect...! We have to keeping ourselves backup and moving forward, because whatever we're battling in the moment, it will pass... I realise that i am not always right and there's so many things could've handled better, so many situations where I could have been kinder..All I can really do is forgive myself...mistake make me a better person." David definitely diverted Ananya's attention to him.

"Have you ever felt like you lost your life?"

"Definitely not... What I have learned on this earth is, you must be comfortable with getting uncomfortable. Anand always used to say, what you walk in this world is always a path of thorns, but if there is someone who can love us even at our worst, then you don't need any other reasons to live." David stopped a bit to see what Ananya's reaction would be.

"Love? Love comes to you when you're not ready for it and leaves you when you need it most. I am very happy that the luck that is missing in my life is at least in Anand's life and he is going to get married to the girl of his choice." Ananya's whole heart aches as she said these lines.

"Really? Did he tell you who that girl was? Who is he going to marry? No matter how many times i asked, he refused to tell." David's performance is Oscar level.

"Really? You don't know her? Surely you know her, she is always around in Anand's house, But she by no means seems a good match for Anand" Ananya's words tinged with jealousy.

"I don't know who you mean... OMG..." David braked suddenly. "Did you mean Dhanushree? Are you crazy to call that bitch Dhanushree as Anand's love?"

David has been the one who solves all Ananya's confusion since the day she met him. But David's actions today confused Ananya in many ways. Ananya thought that going with David would ease her loneliness a bit but she never imagined that it would add to the confusion.

"I think you are very confused today." David laughed at Ananya's confused face.

Her brain: You're the one confusing me now.


David puts a cup of noodles in front of Ananya, he also busy eating those spicy noodles.

"Still can't believe what you're saying. Did he really say that?" Ananya questioned David again and again but He is too busy eating to bother with unnecessary words.

"Oh c'mon dear... I swear he said that. 'Since my childhood, I have always considered Shree as my younger sister, so how can i marry her?' This is what he said that day." David says this with a mouth full of noodles.

"But... But He told me he was in love with some girl."

"Of course he does. That day he also told us that, he definitely can't marry Shree because he is in love with another girl. But he refused to say who she was." David was really testing Ananya's patience. She starts making arts on noodles. Noticing this calmly, David sipped the juice in his hand.

"But I have a few guesses about that girl... Anand never admitted to me but I think she is the one." David waits for Ananya's reply.

"How did you know...??" In the present situation, it was more important for Ananya to know who Anand loved than to know if he loved her.

"That was a good question. He doesn't have many friends and I know all the friends he has.I know why he laughs and kicks his feet in the air when she's online. I know who is his wallpaper, I know whose name brings a smile to his face, I also know whose division made him cry, I know whose photo he always stares at and blush, Everyone said his temper was as hot as boiling water but nobody knew that he could melt like ice when was with her. He always calls her as his penguin."


"Yeah Penguin.... When a Penguin finds a mate they stay with them for the rest of the life. So he says she is the penguin of his life" David sees Ananya a sarcastic look.

"Stupid Ananya... Still don't get my point?" It's just David's mind voice.


To be continued...