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The Way Of The Images - 1

Sometimes we think that life is what we imagine it to be, how we picture ourselves in the future?

Does anyone know my story ....let me tell you about the story of a random girl, she who is best in everything since she was young and as the time passes in her life she gets distant from everyone and everything. Anyone will think that it happens ,its just the way of the life, but why is it like that is what she is thinking. She is keen to find out the answers for every thing that happen to her and why she is so incompetant to even realise that everything happens for a reason. This story is not of a girl who lost in love nor she lost in studies , she is just lost in herself. 

I am just someone a one in a million population ,who are walking towards their dreams. I am thinking one day that why am i like this, why am i not interested in a single thing, this thought is disturbing as always , but after some thinking i come to a conclusion that why in the world am i thinking such a stupid thing, live my life like always, i am like most people known as a inactive person .I dont wanna waste my atps on stupid thoughts and work.  If you are thinking i am just a slackey and what in the world i can achieve so let me tell you guys that i am a doctor, does anyone even belive it. This is what me in real life is, a very unpredictable person, so let me tell you how this unpredictable person live her life in my upcoming stories.this is the story of the most unpredictable person who lacks interest in doing any work but life pushes her to do it. Life is what makes her create the images that she never wanted but it occur in life plans.......

So as the opening of my story, I am from a well established family, a girl who became a doctor for her fathers wish. I dont know what am i thinking when i joined the college, all i know is it let me to somewhere but where i have no idea. When i entered my college life i saw the world in a different light. I met all kinds of weirdos. So when i am in school my teachers told me to just pass with good grades ,get yourself a college and then enjoy your life, and like most normal students i get on with this, i entered college thinking , yesss, lets now enjoy my life as i want it to be. But a major set back, come on , whyyyy, proffessor said that, study hard and enjoy your life while working as a doctor. What the heck i mean i need some me time come on life, you must be fair with me. I  am in such a shock ,a senior told me no need to think seriously just enjoy your time and i did that , exams must be easy only when you will not get a supplementary in your first year of college, so a much dedicated slackey lost in first innings only. 


To be continued............