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Wrong Love Right Love-Last chapter-Part 33-Complicated



Narrator’s POV

“How dare you propose to my wife?”, roared a commanding male voice. 

Wife! Wife! Wife!

The very word echoed to prick the sharpest arrow through Dhilip’s heart. He looked up and bulged his eyes at a very fair and handsome guy, in his late twenties. He breathed hard and gnashed his teeth as he continued frowning at Dhilip. He was tall and maintained a weight perfectly proportionate to his height. His long nose and wide, thick, and black eyebrows constituted the hero in him.

“Who are you, man? You moron!”, Viraj rebuked, pulling him to stand erect. He grabbed Dhilip’s collar and continued yelling while Rohini shook her head and continued sobbing at Dhilip. She looked away to wipe her tears. 

“Viraj, please! Please stop it”, she requested, releasing Dhilip’s collar from her husband’s palms. 

“Rohini, what was he just saying on the stage?”, asked Viraj, rolling his eyeballs at his wife.

“Viraj, he is the Dhilip I told you about, when we met six months ago”, clarified Rohini.

“Oh, I see. But, what does he have to do here in our lives now?...”

“Viraj, let me complete”, said Rohini, catching his hand and nodding. Tears rolled down Dhilip’s cheeks as he witnessed his true love holding another man’s hand. Rohini turned back to Dhilip. She pointed at Viraj, clarifying, “He is Dr.Viraj Singh, an onco-surgeon. We met at his hospital. Back then, both of us were hard-hit victims of unrequited love. He loved a girl who could never reciprocate his feelings. In turn, she mocked his proposal and boasted about her NRI boyfriend. I was…”

She trembled, continuing, “I was in his shoes. I loved you very much, Dhilip, but you never valued me, not even as a person. Didn’t you think how much it would hurt me before sharing your selfie with Priya on the pre-birthday celebrations back then? Whenever I told you how much I loved you despite your rejection, you never cared. You spoke more about your deep feelings for Priya, a wicked girl who lacks humanity.”

“Rohini, no, you’re mistaken…”, Dhilip cut her.

“Please!”, said Rohini, closing her eyes and hitting her palms to join them together. She continued, sobbing along, “Rejection itself is the biggest tragedy in one’s life but you mocked my true love with your so-called girlfriend, Priya. Did you even estimate how much it hurt me when you said it out loud that I would find a great guy?”

“Why didn’t you give me a chance, Dhilip? Why? Why? Why?”, cried Rohini, vibrating Dhilip’s collar.

“Sorry, Rohini. Sorry for having been hurting you. It took time for me to open my eyes. Also, I turned you down because I was in a relationship…”

“Wow! Got it! Great, Dhilip!”, sobbed Rohini, looking around and presenting a round of applause.

“Look at you, Dhilip!”, chuckled she, “I have always been an option to you. If not Priya, if not any beautiful and fair girl, for that matter, you would prefer me. Wow!”

“Rohini, no, stop! You are my life now…”, Dhilip interrupted her. Viraj slapped him again.

“Hey, stop it, man! Have you gone nuts? Are you the Ravan to love another man’s wife? She is Mrs. Rohini Viraj Singh, for your kind information.”

“Viraj, please, he was my friend. Let me speak out. Please leave him!”, requested Rohini, patting her husband to calm down. He frowned and looked away.

“So, Dhilip, to be precise, I don’t want to be someone’s option. I want to be someone’s priority. Viraj loved my nature. We grew emotionally connected with each other. He is a real man. He isn’t like you who runs behind pretty girls and claims the very act to be an eternal love. Viraj and I could connect with each others’ pains and fell in love over time.”

She displayed her palm when he was about to move his lips.

“Huh, Priya didn’t hurt me but you did. She is a third person. Fine! How can one expect such an ill-mannered lout like her to understand delicate emotions like love? But, you?! How could you mock your own true love? Viraj and I really can’t understand why one should laugh at someone loving them truly and deeply. True love is something that people fail to find in a lifetime but we could have had a wonderful life but you ruined it”, shouted Rohini.

She sobbed, hugging Viraj standing beside her. She drenched his suit with her tears. Viraj massaged her head.

“Hmm, look at the perfect game that Destiny has designed for Dhilip and Rohini. When she loved him, he was behind the wrong girl, as every typical guy does. And when he finally realized, she had already moved on”, said a middle-aged lady in an orange gown.

Her friend nodded. They offered Dhilip a wicked smile, as the buff-cut lady, in a black gown, concluded, “Of course, he deserved it. Indeed, every soul that laughs at such a painful one-sided true love deserves such a severe punishment. In fact, he and Priya must have pitied the poor Rohini but instead, urgh, look at their insanities.”

Dhilip looked down and sobbed. His eyes caught Rohini’s sobbing in return. 

“Hey, Rohini, please come with me. It's never late to love. I know that you still love me. Hey, please, leave him and come with me. We are made for each other-Dhilip for Rohini and Rohini for Dhilip. Our true love must stay united for years together now…”, pleaded Dhilip, patting Rohini’s shoulder.

“Hey, move!”, shouted Viraj, catching Dhilip’s hand and throwing it away. He gestured for him to leave. “This is their office party to which only the employee and their spouse are invited. Who are you?”

“Bro, please try to understand. Don’t you feel we must unite? You’ll find a great wife. You can get anyone you wish but at last, we ought to be together…”, continued Dhilip, joining his hands at Viraj bulging his eyes.

“Dhilip!”, yelled Rohini, slapping him hard on his cheek. They sobbed into each others’ eyes for the next couple of moments.

“The very day you shared your so-called cute selfie with Priya, I understood that my proposal held zero value in your life. You just wanted to use my true love to irritate me and entertain yourself with it. Priya transformed you into an evil person. You weren’t the Dhilip whom I loved. It was on that day that I opened my eyes and all my immense unrequited love towards you was shaped into immense hatred for having made fun of my feelings. There are many ways to seek entertainment but why only laugh at my true love? How could you do this to a girl, Dhilip? You were someone who cared for someone else’s feelings more than whatever you care for yourself”, trembled Rohini.

She sobbed, looking down and pointing at the door. Dhilip swallowed his tears at Rohini’s decision. 

Viraj, with tears in his eyes, whispered to her, “Rohini, don’t worry about me. I was mad at first but now I feel you must go with Dhilip. Why will he otherwise return to our life?”

“No way, Viraj! I won’t!”, argued Rohini, shaking her head at Dhilip. “Why should I when someone uses me like a backup cab? And how can I betray my husband? Even if you wanted to leave me, I won’t leave you, Viraj.” She hugged Viraj again and continued sobbing.

“Hey, don’t do this to me, medam. I love you. Finally, I realized it too! Some love stories are complicated…”, said Dhilip, holding her hands and shaking her.

“Dhilip, please don’t put me in a tough situation. Get out!”, yelled Rohini, sobbing and pointing at the door once again. “Out means out!”

“Security! Security! Throw this idiot out!”, yelled Viraj, hugging Rohini and massaging her hair. While two guards caught Dhilip’s hands and pulled him away, his eyes cried at Rohini’s face drenched with streams of tears. She shook her head at Dhilip. 

“How I wish I knew that you would reconsider me and return to me! I would have waited, Dhilip, even if it meant waiting for decades together. Why are the heavens unfair to us? I loved you but you loved someone else. Finally, when you love me today, I can’t love you for I’m someone else’s. Viraj has been with me during the hardest phase of my life dealing with my one-sided feelings for you, dealing with the pain you gifted me by joining hands with Priya and mocking me…he is my true love, not you, Dhilip. Not you!”, thought Rohini, closing her eyes and hugging Viraj to sob harder.

“Great heavens! Please don’t repeat this situation in anyone else’s life. It's the worst thing that can ever happen. Please! You’ve never wished for any of my prayers but at least listen to me, this one time. Please! How unlucky of me!”, thought Rohini, as Viraj pressed her head and spoke to calm her down.

The glass door closed as Viraj and Rohini held hands and walked together, heading toward the food counter. Rohini turned back and shook her head, with tears, at Dhilip whose eyes continued to focus just on her.

“I’m sorry. Viraj is my life now”, she thought, sobbing and running away, to avoid him. The guards threw him outside.


“Urgh!”, ailed Dhilip, kneeling in the middle of a lonely lawn, with thunderstorms striking the dark violet sky housing a quarter of the crescent moon. He looked up and yelled, “Why? Why did I miss you, Rohini? Why are we not destined together although we are supposed to be? Urgh!”

“I love you, Rohini! I love you!”, he yelled, beating his palm against the grass. He looked up and wept aloud. 

Scenes of Rohini jumping and hugging him, their google meet PD classes, and her smiling face as she sat in front of his bench, back during his reliving journey flashed in his mind, as he began riding the bike along the silent road. He continued sobbing with Rohini’s words claiming him to have been mocking her feelings, ringing in his heart.

“Ye! Nodkondo hoge le! (See and drive, man!)”, yelled a cyclist whom Dhilip was about to collide with.

“Rohini!”, cried Dhilip, as his bike stumbled upon the pothole and he fell down to hit his head again. The poor cyclist threw his mouth open. He parked his cycle carrying a metallic can. He rushed towards Dhilip, breathing hard and shutting his eyes as a pool of blood began drawing a pillow under his head.


“Doctor, how is Dhilip now?”, enquired the anxious Raakesh, getting up from the seat and hurrying towards the senior doctor coming out of the ICU ward.

“I’m sorry. We tried our best. Unfortunately, Dhilip slipped into a coma yet again”, he informed, walking away with the nurse discussing a report.

Raakesh peeped through the peephole and sobbed at his sad friend whose eyes were shut again as the oxygen masks embraced his face, like previously.

“Why are you unlucky, Dhilip? Neither was it Rohini’s fault. It was all your fault. You chose the wrong love and ruined your own life and life often denies a second chance”, thought Raakesh, sobbing and wiping his tears.


**************************THE END**************************


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