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Alcatraz - 1

Today's story is about 4 thief who escaped from a jail.This story till date, all the incidents of criminals who have ran away from jail.stands out from all of them and that's why this story is extraordinary.Because breaking out of this prison was a kind of impossible thing.On the other hand, there are many mysteries too, whose answer has not been found till date.I'm talking about Alcatraz, the most dangerous prison in the world.This prison is in the middle of the sea built on an island of twenty two acres.This jail was made for those criminals who were absolutely dreaded.
And especially for those who had already broken out of jail several times.This prison is the most dangerous in the world because whoever tried to run away from the jail would either get caught or killed.The armed guards of that jail had direct orders that if anyone was found running away from the jail, they would shoot him straight. And even if someone escaped from these guards, it was of no use.Because there was water all around the jail.Jumping into that water was like taking one's own life. Because no one could survive in that water for more than twenty minutes. So it was about that prison. Now let's talk about the main characters of that prison. First Frank Morris. He was already a criminal minded. He was arrested for a bank robbery.and sent to louisiana jail for ten years.But he breaks out of the jail and runs away. But then only a year later .He was caught again. On January 20, 1960, Frank Morris was sent to Alcatraz Prison.Arriving at Alcatraz prison, he met with a sentence already in that prison.Allen West. Which is the second character in this story. Allen West was sent to Florida prison on charges of car theft.But he tried to escape from Florida prison.That's why he was sent to Alcatraz jail. He was brought there three years before Frank Morris.Frank morris already knew Allen because they had already met with each other in Florida prison.Then on 24 October 1960 John Anglin and two months after 10 January 1961 his Brother ClarenceAnglin arrives at Alcatraz prison. They are the third and fourth character in the story. Both brothers were also sent to Alcatraz prison for the crime of bank robbery and Atlanta prison break. Incidentally, these two brothers also knew Frank Morris and Allen West. As they had met in Florida prison during their sentence.
When you meet a person whom you already know, doesn't it becomes easy to spend time. But when all of them reached jail at different times.
Anglin brother's and Allen West their cell numbers were been alloted in B block.
But the cell number that Frank Morris got was in a different block. And for this reason, Frank Morris could get these three only when they met outside to eat food or do other work according to the time table of the jail.That is why in September 1961, Frank Morris asked the prison authority to change his cell and send him to B Block.And his appeal was also accepted. Now all these four come in the same block, so now all of this four used to talk with each other during the day time.Every day the prisoners were counted 13 times. The laws were strict here but still all the prisoners got every basic facilities.Those who were fond of painting used to paint, those who were fond of reading books for them books were provided and those who were fond of music had musical instruments to play.Apart from this, 1 to 1.5 hours of musical time was also given every night in that jail. In which all these prisoners used to play their favorite music. Frank Morris was also fond of music, that's why he also had a musical instrument.
Prisoners are made to do different work so that they do not get bored and can earn some money.Frank Morris got a job in the library, the Angelene brothers got a haircut job And Allen West got the job of painting cell walls and cleaning B block.On the morning of June 12, 1962, at 07:15 minutes, the alarm rings to wake up the prisoners as usual. And after that, according to the routine, the counting of all the prisoners starts.while counting the prisoners when the guard reach near Allen West cell. Allen West was standing in his cell. Then they go to Frank Morris's cell, Frank Morris is asleep. The guard asks Frank Morris to wake up, the guard calls Morris several times, still Morris does not get up. The guard gets very angry on this matter, so the guard puts his hand in Morris cell and hits him hard on the head.As he hits on the head. His head rolls down and falls.Seeing this, the guard goes back in fear.When he looks at her head carefully, he sees something wrong.He finds that the head was not real it was a dummy.After this, he whistles and calls out other officers. Then when they goes a little further, they find that two more prisoners are sleeping. When their heads were also shaken, it also turns out to be a fake head,It was John and Anglin brother's cell.Today was the first day in Alcatraz jail when the siren was heard,Because till today no one had escaped from this jail.Though many prisoners before this incident tried to escape from this jail but Some of them were got caught by the incharge,some of them were shot, some of them drowned in the river and two of them were sentenced to death in a gas chamber because they dried to kill two incharge.Present day when the Jailer got to knew about this incident.Even। The Jailer was shocked.After this the officers incharge searched their cells
They found that the bottom wall of their cell had been digged and there was long
Passage made.And the passage was so wide and big that anybody would have easily got out of it.After some time even other prisoners cells were searched
And when they investigated Allen West cell they found a similar passage in his cell.Without wasting any time.They introgated Allen.At first he refused to tell anything. But later when he was told that If he becomes a government witness, then his sentence will be waived. So Ellen also thought that he has been caught. Now that's right. Ellen put the whole story in front of him.The whole story was that two years ago.When Frank Morris arrived at Alcatraz prison in January 1960, He had wanted to escaped from here.when he met the other three of them. As he already knew them,he includes them in his plan.These people started planning to get out of this jail.As I had mentioned their duties earlier.Allen was alloted by cleaning job in the prison.Once when he was cleaning the B block cell roof
He founds a ventilation whole which was not sealed with cement and a net was placed on it.If the net was removed any how he would have easily escaped from the Jail.At earlier they were in different cells .But later by having a word with the authority they were shifted to B block cell.

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